Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1071 - Why should she cooperate with you

Chapter 1071: Why should she cooperate with you

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“Nonsense!” Ye Mufan turned to Liang Shihan and snorted. “You think we’ll let you search just because you said so? Why don’t you go and stand shoulder to shoulder with the sun?”

Ye Mufan suspected they must’ve planted the ring on Ye Wanwan first. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have caused such a large disturbance today. If they weren’t certain the ring was with Ye Wanwan and they couldn’t find the ring on her, then Ye Yiyi would be the humiliated one. It was almost impossible Ye Yiyi would do something like that on a day like today.

Ye Mufan decided he wouldn’t allow anyone to search Ye Wanwan’s bag no matter what.

Currently, every guest was watching them and whispering amongst themselves.

“If she didn’t take it, why won’t she let people search it…”

“That’s right. A simple search won’t cause any harm and would prove her innocence. If they can’t find it, it’s Ye Yiyi who’ll be humiliated…”

“Heh, what is there to be unsure about? Everyone else handed their bags over of their own accord and allowed them to be searched. Only that Second Miss of the eldest branch is unwilling. Isn’t it clear that there’s something fishy going on? She must’ve stolen the ring! I’m sure the ring is inside her handbag!”

Huang Mingkun stepped forward and looked at Ye Wanwan. “Miss Wanwan, I’m sorry. But today’s a very special day, so I hope Miss Wanwan will cooperate with us…”

“Why should she cooperate with you? Try and search her, I dare you!” Ye Mufan stood in front of his sister.

“Steward Huang, Wanwan definitely wouldn’t take it…” Ye Yiyi spoke up to save her.

Steward Huang shook his head and sighed. “Miss Yiyi, we’ve searched the other guests already. It’s very disrespectful to the other guests if we don’t search Miss Wanwan as well. Moreover, we’re merely trying to clear Miss Wanwan’s name. We aren’t trying to make things difficult for Miss Wanwan.”

“Well…” Ye Yiyi looked hesitant.

“Yiyi, you’re simply too naive. Everyone allowed themselves to be searched except for Ye Wanwan alone. I bet the ring was stolen by her. Why do you keep protecting her in spite of how she treated you!” Liang Meixuan sneered.

“Mom… don’t talk about Wanwan like that,” Ye Yiyi said with a frown.

“What am I saying? If she really didn’t steal it, she probably would’ve handed her bag over a long time ago to clear her suspicion! From the looks of it, I’m 90% certain she’s the thief!” Liang Meixuan snorted. “The Ye family has truly raised a thankless wretch! How could she commit a burglary like this?!”

The heiresses who took the initiative to hand over their handbags all looked at Ye Wanwan with disgust and distanced themselves from her. They acted as though being in Ye Wanwan’s presence was an insult to them.

Liang Wanjun and Ye Shaoting both looked at Ye Wanwan with shock. They believed their daughter wouldn’t commit theft, but they didn’t understand why Ye Wanwan was unwilling to relinquish her handbag.

“Miss Wanwan, I hope you won’t keep wasting the guests’ valuable time…” Huang Mingkun looked at Ye Wanwan.

“Why do I have to let you search?” Ye Wanwan snorted while looking at Huang Mingkun.

“Because Miss Wanwan is under suspicion of stealing the ring, so please cooperate to clear your name, Miss Wanwan,” Huang Mingkun replied.

However, Ye Wanwan didn’t care at all. “The suspicion was determined by you, not me. I myself know whether I should be under any suspicion. So, whether we’re talking about logic or the law, I don’t have any obligation to cooperate with you.”

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