Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1070 - An unreasonable accusation

Chapter 1070: An unreasonable accusation

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“Ye Wanwan still hasn’t been checked! She went upstairs with us earlier!” Liang Shihan immediately reminded them.

Everyone’s eyes shot toward Ye Wanwan when they heard Liang Shihan.

When the guests learned about the events that transpired, they started discussing it…

“They didn’t find it anywhere and it disappeared after those girls stopped by, so it’s very possible it’s one of them who took it!”

“But those girls… Liang Shihan, Huang Yi, Liu Nannan… which one of them isn’t an heiress? Why would they do such a shifty thing?! Do any of their families lack money, huh? There’s only one person…”

“Are you referring to that Second Miss from the eldest branch of the Ye family, Ye Wanwan?” their companion immediately finished in understanding.

“Who else would steal here aside from her?”

“It probably is her! I heard that the girl has been fooling around outside after being exiled from the family! Although she looks decent right now, her nature couldn’t possibly change so easily! Who knows what kinds of things she would do?!”

“Ye Wanwan, hand your bag over for Steward Huang to check already!” Liang Shihan ordered her imperiously with excitement brimming in her eyes. She was certain Ye Wanwan took it.

Ye Wanwan smiled nonchalantly. “Why do I have to let him check it?”

“All our bags have been checked except for yours! What right do you have to opt out?! Could it be that you took the ring, so you’re guilty?”

It was at this time that Ye Yiyi and Gu Yueze walked over.

“Steward Huang, have you found the ring?” Ye Yiyi pressed in distress.

Huang Mingkun had a troubled expression. “I’m sorry, Miss Yiyi. I’m still looking.”

“What’s going on? You still haven’t found the ring yet?” Ye Hongwei, Tan Yi Lan, and the others also came over.

Liang Shihan instantly tattled on Ye Wanwan. “We can now confirm that one of the people who went to Sister Yiyi’s room took it! We allowed Steward Huang to check all our bags just now, but only Ye Wanwan is refusing to allow Steward Huang to check her bag!”

Her words implied it was Ye Wanwan who took it.

Ye Hongwei’s face grew dark. “Shihan, you can’t carelessly say something like that without proof.”

Ye Shaoting stepped forward immediately and protected Ye Wanwan behind her. “Dad, Wanwan absolutely wouldn’t do that!”

The hard-to-anger Liang Wanjun also angrily said, “Dad, Mom, please believe in Wanwan! These accusations are truly over-the-top!”

Ye Mufan balled his fists up with an upset expression.

Something didn’t seem right about this matter…

There was no way Huang Mingkun would purposely seek trouble from Wanwan in this type of setting. Like Wanwan said earlier, they would pretend to be more polite and courteous the more people there were.

Unless… they were absolutely certain they could drag Wanwan down!

Could it be that the bastard, Huang Mingkun, secretly stuck the ring into Wanwan’s bag?

No way! He absolutely couldn’t allow them to search Wanwan’s bag!

Ye Mufan’s expression turned darker. He immediately said, “Does Wanwan have to agree to be searched just because everyone else agreed to be searched? Which law dictates that people have the right to conduct private searches on someone without just cause?”

Liang Shihan was certain it was Ye Wanwan who took the ring, so how could she let this matter go? “You all keep saying Ye Wanwan didn’t take it, but you won’t make Ye Wanwan hand her bag over to be searched. What is this if it’s not guilt? Wouldn’t we find out whether she took it or not with a simple search?”

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