Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1057 - Completely unexpected “dog food”!

Chapter 1057: Completely unexpected “dog food”!

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Xu Yi: “…”

He should’ve known.

How could it have been possible for Miss Wanwan to abstain from fighting in that type of setting?

Xu Yi was about to speak up to prevent the five guards from saying anything more, but Si Yehan raised his hand and stopped Xu Yi.

Xu Yi had no choice but to silently retreat to the side. The duo was standing behind the rose bushes, so the five guards didn’t notice them.

The five guards continued to discuss heatedly…

“Say, it was kind of weird though, wasn’t it?”

“Weird how?”

“Wasn’t it weird? At first, Miss Ye was completely uninterested in fighting! The first time those people make the representatives go on stage, Miss Ye declined. The second time they requested Miss Ye to go on stage to compete again, Miss Ye went on the stage to obey the rules but still didn’t plan on fighting at all. She forfeited as soon as she went on stage.”

“That’s right!” another guard nodded and agreed. “Even after the martial arts conference ended and Yamamoto Tsubasa came to challenge everyone, Miss Ye didn’t plan on fighting and wanted to take us and leave!”

“However, it’s understandable. That type of trash is on a completely different level from Miss Ye, so it’s natural if Miss Ye thought fighting them was beneath her. Moreover, the conference ended at that point and it was the Sun family’s private business, so it was unnecessary for Miss Ye to take action.”

“Well… why did Miss Ye act so suddenly then?” another guard asked.

From all of this, Xu Yi could guess what happened.

It appeared Miss Wanwan really hadn’t planned on fighting in the beginning?

Si Yehan’s expression remained expressionless as he listened to the guards.

One of the guards suggested, “Miss Ye probably decided to fight because of that Yamamoto Tsubasa’s provocations and insults, right?”

The lead guard recalled the events and said, “In truth, I could sense Miss Ye really didn’t want to fight. Even when he called her trash and claimed he would beat her to death, her face didn’t change at all… It wasn’t until…”

The other four people remembered as well and said simultaneously, “Until Yamamoto Tsubasa said something like she was an invalid’s lover…”

“That’s right, that’s right! Now that you mention it, I remember it too. I was closest to Miss Ye then, and it wasn’t until Miss Ye heard this sentence that her expression changed! Her expression was frightening! I got goosebumps from it!”

“Hm, well, that’s unsurprising. A woman does care more about things like this. She definitely wasn’t happy about being called a lover! Miss Ye has it hard too!”

“Eh? Why do I think differently? That’s not the important part, right! Some gossipy people also called her that before, but Miss Ye didn’t seem to care? She maintained her calm the whole time, but why did she explode when Yamamoto Tsubasa said it?”

As the guards conversed, Ye Wanwan walked down from upstairs.

“Miss Ye!” the five people greeted her in unison.

Upon seeing that they were still there, Ye Wanwan offhandedly asked, “Your patriarch isn’t back yet?”

“Yes,” one of them answered. Then he probed, “Um… Miss Ye, can I ask you a question?”

“Hm, what question? Ask away.”

The lead guard said, “It seemed like you didn’t plan on fighting during this martial arts conference all along, but why… why did you suddenly fight in the end… and also beat up Yamamoto Tsubasa so badly?”

“Was it because Yamamoto Tsubasa humiliated you and us Chinese martial artists?” one of the younger guards asked with starry eyes.

Ye Wanwan blinked before saying earnestly, “Nonsense! Of course I beat him! Who told him to call Ah-Jiu an invalid?!”

The guards: “…”

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