Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1056 - Truly too strong

Chapter 1056: Truly too strong

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“So the Martial Arts Union is basically a superior version of an ordinary martial arts association and is the gathering place for the top hidden experts?” Ye Wanwan asked.

Mu Suifeng said with a smile, “That’s a good interpretation of it.”

“Mr. Mu, are you a member of the Martial Arts Union?” Ye Wanwan asked reflexively.

Otherwise, why was Mu Suifeng so knowledgeable about things unknown to normal people?

Mu Suifeng sighed lightly. “The Martial Arts Union has many branches all over the world. Many years ago, I held a post in the Harbor City branch of the Martial Arts Union, but the branch disbanded, so I also left.”

“So it’s like that…” Upon seeing the grief on Mu Suifeng’s face, Ye Wanwan couldn’t help but ask, “Why did it disband? Did… something happen?”

Mu Suifeng muttered, “Well, the chain of events back then was very sudden. There wasn’t any news from the headquarters and I was merely a manager, so I don’t know what happened. After I left, I became a businessman.”

Ye Wanwan shook her head. “Hm…”

When Mu Suifeng extracted himself from his memories, he apologetically said, “My bad, I accidentally dumped this on you without any regard for you.”

Ye Wanwan said with a smile. “Not a problem. I’m pretty interested in what you said! I never knew there was a place like this!”

Experts overrunning the streets—the mere thought of it sent chills down her back.

Mu Suifeng watched Ye Wanwan for a moment. The suspicion in his mind was dispelled when he saw the girl’s naive and guileless appearance.

Mu Suifeng: “If Miss Ye is interested, we can have a meal together when you have time, and we can sit down for a long talk. I can answer any questions you have.”

Ye Wanwan: “Alright! Thank you, Mr. Mu!”

Mu Suifeng: “You’re welcome, Miss Ye!”

After Ye Wanwan bid farewell to Mu Suifeng, Ye Wanwan brought the five guards back to the Little House of Rose.

Since Si Yehan hadn’t returned yet, Ye Wanwan went upstairs to find Tangtang.

Downstairs, the five guards waited for Xu Yi to return to report to him.

After Ye Wanwan left, the five people engaged in enthusiastic discussion amongst themselves.

“A person can’t truly be judged by their looks! Miss Ye is too strong!”

“How can a girl be so fearsome? I suddenly feel like a loser!”

“I’ve actually previously heard several bodyguards talking about Miss Ye before. They said Miss Ye taught Captain Eleven and Head Captain Feng and was their master. I didn’t believe it at all back then and thought it was nonsense! Turns out it’s true!”

“Say, who do you think is more awesome between Miss Ye and Miss Qin?”

The five of them were talking so excitedly that they didn’t notice Si Yehan and Xu Yi had returned and were standing behind them.

Xu Yi felt something was amiss as he listened to their conversation.

What did those guards mean by ‘Miss Ye is too strong’?”

Miss Wanwan didn’t fight, right?

He remembered his master forbade Miss Wanwan from fighting…

Before Xu Yi could think further, he heard one of the guards zealously say, “D*mn! Isn’t it obvious? Even that trash, Yamamoto Tsubasa, was tyrannically thrashed by our Miss Ye!”

Xu Yi’s expression shifted. By the time he wanted to stop them, it was too late…

The other guard quickly added, “And that Sun Xuezhen! She actually dared to provoke our Miss Ye! Didn’t Miss Ye end up teaching her a lesson instead?!”

Si Yehan: “…”

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