Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1054 - Absolutely a man-eating flower

Chapter 1054: Absolutely a man-eating flower

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A commotion erupted in the training grounds the moment Sun Xuezhen was launched off the stage.

“D*mn! This is too insane, isn’t it?!”

“This woman not only sees through other people’s weakness but can also replicate their moves in such a short amount of time…”

“That move just now was our miss’ trump card!”

When Qin Ruoxi saw that Sun Xuezhen lost and instead allowed Ye Wanwan a chance to shine brightly again, the calmness on her face finally crumbled little by little until darkness completely eclipsed her face.

She originally completely disregarded Ye Wanwan, but things kept escaping from her plan and control again and again…

“Xuezhen, are you alright?” Qin Ruoxi wiped the darkness from her face and hurriedly went to help Sun Xuezhen up.

“D*mn… how…” Sun Xuezhen slammed her fist to the ground.

She never would’ve imagined that she would be defeated by a barbie. To top it off, the barbie defeated her with her own move.

There wasn’t a defeat more humiliating than this!

Some distance away, Senny had admiration on his face and couldn’t help but sigh. “It turns out this is the true strength of Chinese martial arts. My trip to China this time was worth it!”

In contrast to Sun Xuezhen’s chaotic moves, Ye Wanwan’s moves were very simple and vicious but she had a perfect grasp of strength and speed. Her explosive strength per inch was especially stunning.

After this match, no one below the stage expressed any further doubts about Ye Wanwan’s strength.

The Si family was a business patrician family and sent five people to fill the numbers for this martial arts conference to be a good host to Mr. Mu. They naturally didn’t care about winning or losing.

Yet, they had viewed this girl with a bias and kept mistreating her. Their behavior was a true disgrace to patrician etiquette.

What made them more ashamed was that they had so many people, including a supposed martial arts patrician family and military patrician family, but they couldn’t even compare to a girl who was self-taught…

Ye Wanwan calmly looked at the fallen Sun Xuezhen. “I am truly not some orthodox practitioner. However, to me, as long as I can win, who cares?”

When Mu Suifeng heard this, a glint flitted through his eyes. He agreed excitedly, “That’s right! Shapeless and formless, simplicity is the way! Miss Ye’s understanding of martial arts is truly superior!”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Please, I was spouting nonsense. How did he fill in the blanks to this extent?

“Xuezhen, come back! Miss Ye’s strength is incontestable,” Sun Lizhong told his daughter before walking toward Ye Wanwan. “Miss Ye, if my daughter offended you in any way, please pardon her.”

No matter what, as a practitioner of martial arts, he still held respect for truly formidable experts.

“Mr. Sun, you’re too polite! If there’s nothing else, then I’ll bid farewell now!”

After saying that, Ye Wanwan said to Mu Suifeng, “Mr. Mu, goodbye!”

“Zhou Hen, go see our guest off!” Sun Lizhong told his most satisfactory disciple.

“Yes!” Zhou Hen went up and politely guided Ye Wanwan and her group outside.

In contrast to their earlier humiliating situation, the five Si family guards felt proud and elated. Reverence brimmed from their eyes as they looked at Ye Wanwan.

They never would’ve expected Miss Ye to be so strong…

Suddenly, a guard quietly muttered behind Ye Wanwan, “Ninth Master’s preferences truly can’t be understood by us mortals…”

“*Cough*, why does my heart suddenly ache for our patriarch? Can our patriarch… digest this?”

She wasn’t a delicate and dainty flower at all! She was absolutely a man-eating flower!

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