Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1053 - Wasn't it you who wanted me to give you pointers?

Chapter 1053: Wasn’t it you who wanted me to give you pointers?

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A cold glint radiated from Sun Xuezhen’s eyes, and she leaped up, jumping onto the stage.

Ye Wanwan ascended the stairs again and returned to the stage.

Everyone’s eyes instantly focused on them.

Sun Xuezhen snorted. “Miss Ye, my apologies, but I really don’t believe you’re truly as strong as what we saw.”

She was heaven’s blessed daughter—the eldest miss of the Sun family. She was born in a martial arts patrician family and had gone through training that no normal person could endure since she was young. Even the equally talented Qin Ruoxi was defeated by her, so how could she let this weak woman steal her limelight?!

Furthermore, Sun Xuezhen suspected Ye Wanwan and Yamamoto Tsubasa collaborated beforehand. She probably bribed Yamamoto Tsubasa to come and challenge the Sun family. Then she would defeat him and boost the Si family’s reputation!

The Si family was absolutely capable of bribing Yamamoto Tsubasa, so this was a very likely possibility!

Sun Xuezhen firmly believed in her hypothesis. She was going to personally shatter this woman’s pretentious mask and let everyone see that this woman was a piece of trash through and through!

“Please instruct me!” Sun Xuezhen’s eyes revealed her disdain and loathing as she stared at Ye Wanwan.

Without waiting for Ye Wanwan to respond, Sun Xuezhen stepped forward and appeared in front of Ye Wanwan in the blink of an eye. She twisted her wrist and reached for Ye Wanwan.

However, Ye Wanwan stayed rooted to her spot with an indifferent expression.


Sun Xuezhen’s right palm landed and a sound reverberated around them.

In a fraction of second, Ye Wanwan dodged by bending slightly to the left with her arms behind her back.

Boom! Sun Xuezhen missed.

“Impossible!” Sun Xuezhen’s expression drastically changed. In disbelief, she continued to direct attack after attack at Ye Wanwan, her fists flying toward Ye Wanwan like raindrops.

Under everyone’s stunned gazes, Ye Wanwan kept her feet glued to the ground and merely moved her waist, shifting left and right occasionally. Soon enough, she had breezily dodged 10 or so attacks from Sun Xuezhen.

“Your speed is too slow, and you are too weak,” Ye Wanwan glibly commented with a faint smile.

When everyone heard Ye Wanwan’s words, they were in disbelief. She was dodging while also telling Sun Xuezhen about her weaknesses?!

“You’re dead!” Sun Xuezhen’s face was dark, and her attacks became fiercer.

“Although your palm’s speed is decent, your strength is still too mediocre,” Ye Wanwan coolly said while slightly shifting her upper body.

“This punch has too many weaknesses.”

“The angle of this kick isn’t right!”

Everyone was stupefied.


When Sun Xuezhen’s final palm was about to strike her, Ye Wanwan raised her right arm and lightly grasped Sun Xuezhen’s right hand.

“I don’t even have the desire to dodge this hit,” Ye Wanwan said while looking at Sun Xuezhen.

“What did you say?!” Sun Xuezhen flew into a rage.

“Wasn’t it you who wanted me to give you pointers?” Ye Wanwan chuckled before releasing Sun Xuezhen’s hand.

Then, without waiting for Sun Xuezhen to reply, Ye Wanwan copied Sun Xuezhen and twisted her wrist, attacking Sun Xuezhen.

Ye Wanwan’s palm position was completely identical to Sun Xuezhen’s palm earlier, and the speed, strength, and angle were all perfect.


Before anyone could react, Sun Xuezhen’s body crashed to the ground below the stage like a snipped kite after Ye Wanwan’s palm hit her in the abdomen.

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