Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1026 - Great White brand nanny!

Chapter 1026: Great White brand nanny!

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Since Ye Wanwan agreed as well, the matter was settled.

“Considering how skilled you are, you wouldn’t encounter any problems even if you fought, Miss Ye!” Qin Ruoxi said with a dignified and graceful smile. “Since everyone is fine with it, I will contact Uncle Sun!”

Mu Suifeng answered, “Great! Then I’ll wait for your news, Miss Qin!”

After the end of the banquet, on the way home:

Ye Wanwan was afraid of Si Yehan going back on his word, so she solemnly guaranteed, “My dear, the representative is only in charge of leading the team and guiding them and doesn’t need to fight! I’m only going to take a look and see the world! I promise!”

Wolf King Senny and the Sun family alone were enough to pique her interest.

She also heard that the daughter of the Sun family, Sun Xuezhen, was also very formidable, so she wanted to meet her too…

Si Yehan glanced at her and resigned himself to fate regarding her vow, treating it like empty words.

“Eleven and Feng Xuanyi are both on missions and are abroad right now. Xu Yi will pick other people out for you,” Si Yehan said.

Xu Yi, who was driving in the front, promptly answered, “We recently recruited a new group of people who are quite decent. I’ll pick a few people out tomorrow.”

Ye Wanwan: “Thanks for the trouble, Steward Xu!”

Si Yehan glanced at her with worry. “I don’t care about winning or losing as long as you don’t cause trouble.”

This martial arts conference was merely being held to allow Ye Wanwan to watch and have fun, as well as to curry Mu Suifeng’s favor while they were at it.

Ye Wanwan pouted and grumbled, “I know, I know! Ah-Jiu, I feel like you have a deep misunderstanding about me. That’s no good! I’m obviously so obedient, and I’m also very cowardly, alright? I won’t recklessly cause trouble…”

Si Yehan: “…”

Xu Yi: “…”

No one has a misunderstanding about you, okay?

Cowardly… You’re only cowardly in front of one person, alright…

Little House of Rose:

“Tangtang baby, Mommy’s home!”

Ye Wanwan kicked off her high heels and swiftly dashed inside the living room.

As soon as she entered the room, she spotted an enormous furry figure lying on the rug in front of the sofa with a fair and delicate child sleeping soundly, cuddling against him.

Great White’s tail flicked every now and then, gently patting the little fella like he was soothing him to sleep…

When Ye Wanwan saw this, she quickly lowered her volume and entered gently. “Great White, thank you for taking care of Tangtang! I love you the most!”

Great White lazily opened his eyes when he heard her footsteps before quickly closing them again.

His light blue eyes clearly revealed a trace of contempt, as though they were saying, “You went out to have fun for so long, only coming back now, making a tiger watch your kid for you! What kind of parent are you?”

When Si Yehan stepped inside and saw the child laying on the giant white tiger, his expression abruptly softened.

Ye Wanwan carefully walked to Tangtang and picked him up, placing a kiss on his little cheeks. “Baby, let’s go sleep on the bed!”

The child opened a sliver of his sleepy, misty eyes, which resembled the Milky Way and reflected Ye Wanwan’s gentle face.


“Yes, Mommy’s back!” Ye Wanwan lightly said.

The child foggily looked up at her face and mumbled in his sleep, “Mommy… so pretty…”

Ye Wanwan was instantly shot and clutched her chest. “Ah! What should I do! How can my son be so adorable even when he’s talking in his sleep!”

Si Yehan watching nearby: “…”

My son…?

She’s really saying it with more and more ease…

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