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Chapter 1025 - Most enthusiastic for fighting

Chapter 1025: Most enthusiastic for fighting

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Senny was publicly recognized as the most talented champion of Muay Thai by Chinese wrestling fans and was a role model for many wrestling enthusiasts. Many Chinese people had been hoping for him to come to China to hold a Chinese-Thai battle and compete with practitioners of traditional Chinese martial arts.

“Senny is a top example of a Muay Thai fighter indeed, and Mr. Sun is also a master of martial arts in China, so I’ve always wanted to see a competition between top-notch Muay Thai and our traditional Chinese martial arts!” Mu Suifeng said with excitement in his voice, evidently thrilled by Qin Ruoxi’s suggestion.

Upon hearing his expected response, Qin Ruoxi revealed a confident expression and looked at Si Yehan. She gently said, “Chairman Si, since Mr. Mu is also interested, how about the Qin family, Sun family, and Si family each choose a representative who will lead five experts and hold the martial arts conference?”

Mu Suifeng immediately clapped and said, “That’s a great idea!”

Si Yehan saw that Mu Suifeng was very interested, so he naturally wouldn’t reject it in order to show how much he valued his guest. “We can. I’ll send someone to arrange it.”

Qin Ruoxi swept her eyes over Ye Wanwan before saying, “I’ll be the representative of the Qin family myself and choose five experts. As for the Si family, how about you have Miss Ye be the representative, Chairman Si?”

When Ye Wanwan, who had been obediently standing next to Si Yehan, was named, she subconsciously raised her eyebrows. Would Qin Ruoxi actually be so nice to give her a chance to be in the limelight?

It couldn’t be that simple, right…

Tut tut, there would be advanced-level experts at the conference…

She really wanted to go and have fun!!!

Ye Wanwan instantly lit up like a lightbulb and shot toward Si Yehan, radiating her desire. “Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!”

When Mu Suifeng heard this, he glanced at Ye Wanwan with surprise. “Oh? Could it be that Miss Ye also knows martial arts and wrestling?”

Hm… I really can’t see it…

Qin Ruoxi replied with a smile, “Miss Ye is very skilled. I personally witnessed a lot of the formidable guards of the Si family being defeated by her!”

She was naturally praising Ye Wanwan to such heights on purpose so that she had to go even if she didn’t want to go…

“Then I’m really looking forward to it!” Mu Suifeng stated with a chuckle. However, there obviously wasn’t sincerity in his words, and he was merely being polite.

“Chairman Si, what do you think?” Qin Ruoxi asked.

As though she was afraid Si Yehan would decline to protect Ye Wanwan, Qin Ruoxi added, “The representative doesn’t need to fight. She merely needs to lead the team and give some pointers, so she won’t be in any danger. Don’t worry, Chairman Si.”

If they proceeded with the conference, not only would she win Mr. Mu’s favor, but the Sun family would also owe her a favor. More importantly, she could make Ye Wanwan make a big fool of herself and demolish the reputation she had just built up…

Qin Ruoxi suppressed her emotions and waited for Si Yehan’s answer.

Currently, half of Si Yehan was nearly set on fire by Ye Wanwan’s fervid gaze…

The corners of Si Yehan’s lips twitched imperceptibly, and he looked at Ye Wanwan. “You want to go?”

Ye Wanwan was naturally more than happy to go and bobbed her head frantically. “Yes!”

Si Yehan: “…”

She was so enthusiastic as soon as she heard there was going to be fighting involved…

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