Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1018 - I merely changed gender

Chapter 1018: I merely changed gender

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“You… you…”

It was possible for someone else to know the words spoken by Ye Bai in the conference room that day, but only Ye Bai and Han Xianyu himself knew the second answer.

Hence, the girl in front of him really was…

Han Xianyu involuntarily started recollecting everything that happened since he met Ye Bai.

Although Ye Bai was so good-looking, there was nothing feminine about his behavior and speech, so no one suspected he was a woman.

On the contrary, many girls liked him. One time, he even heard Gong Xu accidentally mentioning that Shen Manzhu pursued Ye Bai before…

How could someone like that be a woman?

However, when he carefully thought about it, there were clues and signs…

For example, her interactions with Mr. Si.

From the first time they met Mr. Si and he kissed Ye Bai to declare his ownership, Ye Bai nearly exposed himself a few times…

However, he never considered that Ye Bai was a woman and merely believed Ye Bai was homosexual.

But now, thinking back, it explained everything…

However, no matter what, finding out that your good brother was actually a woman was still too big of a shock.

Faced with this beautiful and mesmerizing girl wearing a gorgeous gown in front of him, Han Xianyu was suddenly at a loss for what to do and kept sputtering “you” without a clue about how to continue…

Ye Wanwan quickly comforted him. “Well, relax, relax. I’m still me! I merely changed gender! It’s no big deal!”

Han Xianyu: “…”

It’s… no big deal?

Han Xianyu was both exasperated and amused, but the girl’s familiar voice did make him relax a lot.

“You… why did you present yourself as a man?” Han Xianyu asked.

Ye Wanwan sighed. “Well, I should talk it out with you to explain things to you properly. After all, we’ve known each other for so long, but I kept deceiving you as your friend, so I was in the wrong.”

Han Xianyu interjected, “It’s no big deal really… Everyone has their way of living, so it can’t be considered deceit. Whether you’re male or female doesn’t affect our relationship at all…”

Upon hearing this, Ye Wanwan was incredibly moved!

As expected, little angel Xianyu was understanding and reasonable. If this was Gong Xu instead, he would make a fuss about it for at least three whole days…

Ye Wanwan continued, “Anyway, I chose to dress as a man back then partially to make conducting business easier. As you know, girls are at a disadvantage in this industry, and everything is more troublesome.”

Han Xianyu absentmindedly looked at Ye Wanwan’s appearance in female clothes and understood.

It was truly inconvenient to conduct business for girls, especially pretty girls.

“As for the other reason…” Ye Wanwan paused briefly before saying, “To tell you the truth, my partner gets jealous easily, so he vehemently disapproved of me picking this as my career. I had to wring my mind dry to come up with this solution…”

Han Xianyu: “…”

In his opinion, being able to brew up this solution did require very unique thinking…

Han Xianyu thought about it and asked, “Does anyone else in the company know you’re… female?”

Ye Wanwan nodded. “Yes, Felix knows.”

“Felix?” Upon hearing this, Han Xianyu was surprised.

He would’ve thought Luo Chen knew. After all, Ye Bai had known Luo Chen the longest, whereas Felix was someone she poached to Dazzling Media.

Ye Wanwan explained, “That’s right. Because… Felix is my brother, my biological older brother.”

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