Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1017 - How to prove

Chapter 1017: How to prove

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When Han Xianyu heard that familiar voice coming out of the girl’s mouth again, his mind turned blank.

“What… did you say…”

The girl in front of him was using Ye Bai’s voice and claiming… she was Ye Bai?

Ye Wanwan pinched the space between her brows, and she used her female voice to explain: “I’m very sorry, Xianyu. I’ve been hiding my identity from you all this time, as well as… my sex. I’m not Ye Bai or a man, I’m… a woman…”

Han Xianyu intently stared at the girl across from him. After an infinite amount of time passed, he finally regained his voice. “Miss… what in the world… are you saying?”

Ye Wanwan continued with a serious expression. “I know this is hard to believe, but it’s the truth. Ninth Si didn’t cheat on me or two-time. The person he likes has been me the whole time.”

“I’m Ye Bai. The girl who you saw at the theater last time was also me. That time, he kissed me to cover for me since I was afraid you would recognize me after seeing me…”

“You… are Ye Bai…” Han Xianyu clutched his head, which was in a state of utter chaos. “Impossible… how could this be possible…”

When a person was suddenly told the beautiful girl in front of him was his good brother, he couldn’t immediately accept it no matter how strong he was mentally.

Ye Wanwan naturally understood this.

When your brother suddenly turned into a girl, any sane person would be dumbfounded.

Ye Wanwan thought for a moment and took out a picture from her purse.

She pushed the picture toward Han Xianyu. “This is your signed photo. I took it for you just this morning and didn’t have a chance to give it to my friend yet. This is your personal signature; you should recognize it.”

Han Xianyu took the signed photo. It was indeed the photo Ye Bai took for him that morning…

“On top of this, I can prove to you I’m Ye Bai however you want me to,” Ye Wanwan added.

Han Xianyu’s mind was a mess. He was unable to think…

How to prove she’s Ye Bai?

A moment later, Han Xianyu finally calmed down and looked at the girl across from him. “Alright… then I’ll ask you a few questions…”

Ye Wanwan nodded. “Okay.”

Han Xianyu pondered over his words before saying, “The first time… the first time we met… Ye Bai intruded on the board member meeting of Worldwide Entertainment without permission… Back then, no one believed me and all the top executives were ready to give me up, but he finally showed up… What did he promise?”

Ye Wanwan’s expression didn’t change at all. “I promised I would get you justice within seven days.”

The moment her words fell, shock flashed in Han Xianyu’s eyes.

Even now, only the top executives at Worldwide knew about this matter…

Han Xianyu’s expression shifted a few times, and he continued, “After the meeting ended, in the lobby of Worldwide Entertainment, I told you regardless of your objective or reason for helping me, thank you for believing me. What did you say to me…”

Han Xianyu himself didn’t realize that he shifted how he addressed this girl from “he” to “you” already.

Ye Wanwan naturally remembered the incident, so she replied, “I said, ‘You’re welcome. My friend is your fan and really likes you, me as well’.”

Han Xianyu distinctly remembered every single word spoken by Ye Bai that day.

And the words spoken by this girl in front of him were identical to the words spoken by Ye Bai that day…

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