Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 48 - Chapter 48: Superstition

Chapter 48: Superstition

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Ye Muyu’s eyes widened. This sentence was quite modern…

Chu Heng saw her reaction. Chu Heng pondered. Indeed, Madam Ye must have heard this and deliberately learned cooking to capture his heart. How despicable.

Ye Muyu did not know what Chu Heng was thinking. Her attention was focused on what Chu Heng had just said.

The emperor’s son-in-law?

These words should have come from the words of Zhang Ailing in modern times. There were no records of them in ancient times.

However, it was also possible that there were people who said this in ancient times. They really did not know who this person was. Was he a fellow countryman from the future…

Or was the other party just making things up?

Ye Muyu was curious, but she also knew that he was usually in Jing City while she was in Nanchang County. They were far away from each other, so it was impossible for her to find out.

She could only suppress this matter in his heart.

However, in the future, she had to do things without revealing any traces. At the very least, she could not let other transmigrators know that she had transmigrated too.

Just by thinking about it, if an ancient transmigrator appeared in the future and was known by others, although it would not be as bad as what was said on the Internet, they would definitely be secretly monitored.

In the more superstitious ancient times, those in power would probably regard such people as gods and ghosts and cut them down.

In order to save her life, Ye Muyu felt that keeping a low profile was the best way to survive.

Madam Wang and Madam Zhang looked at each other. They felt that although Third Brother’s words were too direct, they were also true.

“Third Brother, since this news is true, we should inform the clan and make preparations early. I wonder when the competition will be?” Chu Zhiwen asked.

“The county hasn’t issued an official document yet. I only heard about this matter in advance. I reckon that it won’t be long before an official document will be issued. At that time, Father, you can ask the young men in the clan to go to the official document board outside the county government office to take a look. ”

Chu Zhiwen did not ask further.

Chu Zhiwen stood up and said, “This news should be told to the clan as soon as possible. Third Brother, come with me to see the clan leader.”

“Madam Liu, discuss the details of your future studies with our eldest son and the others.”

Madam Liu nodded and watched the two of them leave.

“Since Third Brother said so, I’m sure it’s true.”

“Then Qingyu and Ziluo will come to the old mansion to learn the art of paper-cutting and tea from me, ” Madam Liu said.

Madam Wang did not object this time. “Mother, I’ll have to trouble you.” “Mother, I’ll come to the old mansion often in the future,” Ye Muyu also said. “If there’s anything, just tell me.” Ye Muya was doing this for Chu Ziluo. As her mother, she could not be stingy. She should repay Madam Liu with the same sincerity.

Madam Liu nodded with satisfaction.

“It’s just that the old mansion can’t accommodate so many children. Madam

Wang, Qingyu will come to study during the day and go home to rest at night.”

However, both Madam Zhang and Madam Wang knew that this was Chu Heng’s request. As sisters-in-law, they naturally could not say anything. After all, even Madam Ye did not say anything.

“Then go back and do your own things.” Madam Liu also had to prepare some tea leaves and teacups.

Madam Wang stood up with Chu Qingyu. “Mother, we’ll go back first. We’ll come back on time tomorrow.”

“Yes.” Madam Liu did not want to bother her.

Madam Wang and Chu Cai still had work to do, so they did not stay any longer. They turned around and left.

Ye Muyu stood up as well. Chu Ziluo saw her action and quickly stood up as well. She obediently followed beside her. Although Chu Jin was a little slower, he slid down from the stool and stood up straight..

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