Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 47 - Chapter 47: Reason

Chapter 47: Reason

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Madam Liu was also a little stunned at this moment. She did not expect her son to give her such a big shock.

Yes, it was a shock.

Her initial surprise slowly turned into worry after she thought about it.

The reason was very simple. One could tell from the reactions of the two daughters-in-law.

If her own family wanted to get a ranking so much, then the other girls in the clan would definitely want to get a ranking too.

She thought about it, and there were seven or eight people in the clan who were of the right age.

If these people wanted to compete for this ranking, then they would have to start learning needlework, tea art, paper-cutting, and cooking.

Their needlework and cooking skills were still acceptable.

Basically, every family would teach their daughters these two things, but their abilities differed.

As for paper cutting and tea making, she was the only one in the entire Chu family who knew them.

After the clan leader learned of this news, he would definitely let her come and teach the girls in the clan.

Madam Liu felt that she had been tricked by her third son.

How would she have free time in the future?

Madam Liu’s eyes were filled with resentment as she looked at Chu Heng. “Third Brother, you can’t spread the news. I’ve never seen a county magistrate do such a thing in the past few decades.”

In the past few decades, there were not many awards.

After all, the county magistrate would not care about the talents of the girls in the county. He only needed to take care of the entire county. There were so many official duties, so he should not care about the girls.

Chu Heng felt his mother’s resentful gaze and thought that since he would be an official sooner or later, it was not a bad thing to let his mother get used to such a big scene first.

Therefore, he was unmoved and remained calm. “This was spread from Jing


“In February of this year in Jing City, Princess Wen Yi held a Hundred Flower Banquet in the capital to test and teach the girls their talents. Those who won the rankings would be rewarded by the princess.”

“And the emperor knows the news. He also gave the winning lady a reward.” “As a result, many marriages were formed in Jing City in early spring.”

“The emperor was happy and praised Princess Wen Yi in the throne room, saying that women with high skills are beautiful.”

“Since the emperor has already said so, it was easy for those young ladies to get married.”

When Chu Heng talked about the emperor, he was also very indifferent, but the others in the room were so engrossed in listening that they did not notice.

What he did not say was that the emperor was happy not only for the happy event of marriage but also because the more married couples there were, the more offspring there would be.

The number of commoners was the highest embodiment of a country’s prosperity. Whether it was joining the army or being an official, there was no need to worry about not having enough people. There were more choices.

This was especially true for soldiers. The more people there were, the stronger the military force. This was a meritorious deed.

“After this matter spread in Jing City, the officials below competed to imitate it. Not only our county, I believe that other counties will also hold this competition. ”

“However, the content of the competition will change according to the local characteristics.”

“Our county is rich in tea leaves, so tea art has become one of the contents of the competition.”

“Our county already has the custom of paper-cutting, and paper-cutting is also popular in other places, becoming a specialty of Nanchang County. Therefore, for the sake of future paper-cutting inheritance and survival skills, the county magistrate decided on this project.”

“As for cooking…”

Ye Muyu noticed that Chu Heng paused suspiciously and even glanced at her subconsciously.

She was confused.

She thought to herself, What is this man trying to do to me again?’

Chu Heng continued, “The emperor’s son-in-law once said that if you want to capture a man’s heart, you must first capture a man’s stomach..”

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