Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 199 - Chapter 199: Envy

Chapter 199: Envy

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Seeing that her son was well-prepared, Madam Liu was happy and satisfied.

She nodded. “I understand. You don’t have to send me off. It’s just a short journey.”

Chu Heng did not insist.

When Madam Liu returned home, the sky had just turned dark. She had not had dinner at home yet. She could only hear Madam Zhang herding the chickens and ducks into the nest.

“Mother? You’re back? Have you had dinner?” Madam Zhang closed the wooden door and patted the apron in front of her. She curiously came over and asked. As for whether she had eaten, it was just a casual question.

Madam Zhang was very envious of tomorrow’s banquet. She had already tried to tell Chu Lin something two days ago, but Chu Lin only said that it was not suitable. He also said that he was the eldest son and had to be down-to-earth. If he did this, outsiders would only say that he was fooling around. Moreover, his third brother was a scholar, so doing this would be a good thing.

This was the difference in status. Even if they did the same thing, it would have a different meaning.

No matter how unwilling Madam Zhang was, there was nothing she could do. She did not want to be laughed at, and she knew that her parents would not agree.

Madam Zhang understood it in her heart, but when she heard the women in the village say that they were envious of Madam Ye, she could not help but compare herself to Madam Ye in her heart.

“I’m done. Old Third’s family ate early today.” Madam Liu’s voice was filled with joy.

Madam Zhang noticed it and even saw the clothes in Madam Liu’s hands. She widened her eyes in surprise. “Mother, these clothes…”

“It was Old Third who said that he would buy it for your father and me to wear when we worship our ancestors tomorrow.” The reason why Madam Zhang was surprised was because the clothes were brocade. Ever since she married her daughter to the Song family, she valued these foreign things more and more.

Usually, she was a regular customer of the county’s clothing and jewelry shop.

Thus, she could tell at a glance that this piece of clothing cost at least one tael of silver.

Usually, she would look at it and was reluctant to buy it.

“Mother, Third Brother is thoughtful.” Madam Zhang forced a smile. She was holding back her anger. In the past, Madam Ye was stupid and often made a fool of herself. Although Madam Zhang would not bully her, she had to say that she was also happy in her heart.

That was because Chu Heng was already stronger than her husband. Why could the Madam Ye be the wife of a scholar?

She had never thought of it this way before because she could tell that the more chaos Madam Ye made, the less Chu Heng would like her. This sister-in-law’s life was probably only good on the surface.

Therefore, they were originally the same.

Now, in just two months, everything had changed. Not only was Madam Ye not stupid anymore, but she could also read. Even Third Brother seemed to value her more and more.

Madam Zhang knew that her mentality was not right at this moment.

However, she had to admit that she was envious of Madam Ye.

“Mm, tomorrow morning, you should put on better clothes. After all, we’ll be worshipping our ancestors. Chu Lin also has to enter the ancestral hall,” Madam Liu reminded.

Madam Zhang quickly corrected her attitude. “Mmhm, I understand, Mother.”

There were silk clothes at home, but they were the only ones she had prepared for her daughter’s wedding. After all, Song Lu was a scholar.

With her stubborn personality, how could she be willing to lose face in front of everyone?

At this moment, she could not help but rejoice. If she did not have this dress, she might have made a fool of herself tomorrow.

The next morning, Ye Muyu got up and changed into dark red clothes.

She began to dress up.

Chu Heng called for Lu Chuan and Zhang Shu. He arranged for ten servants to be in charge of the banquet.

The chef and Madam Hu were already cooking in the kitchen.

At daybreak, someone came to the door very quickly. The Chu family was the first to arrive. Old Woman Ye and Ye Zhao also arrived before noon. This time, not only did Chu Yun come, but he also brought a son and a daughter..

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