Peasant Woman's Decreed Life as a Wife

Chapter 198 - Chapter 198: Are You A Fool To Not Earn Money?

Chapter 198: Are You A Fool To Not Earn Money?

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“And the Xie family has many restaurants. Whether we sell them to others in the prefecture or sell them in the Xia family’s shops, we will need a lot of them.”

“So you don’t have to worry about not being able to sell the pickled cabbages in the early stages.”

“Moreover, pickled cabbages are the same as other pickled vegetables. They can be preserved for a long time.”

“Mother, are you willing to just watch and not earn the money?” Not only did Ye Muyu feel that the old residence was short of manpower, but she also did not want outsiders to say that Chu Heng was unfilial. She had to admit that

Chu Heng treated her very well. She had always been clear about gratitude and resentment, so she subconsciously wanted to repay him.

“That won’t do. If I don’t earn money, I’m either stupid or crazy. Now that you’ve said that, I really think it’s necessary to buy someone back.”

“Is it expensive to buy a person?” Madam Liu could not help but ask.

“Mother, my husband and I have discussed this before. Since we have new servants now, the old residence should have servants too.”

“Now that Mother has agreed, then my husband will go and pick a person. We can choose a woman to help Mother feed the pigs and ducks. You can also free your hands to make pickled cabbages.”

“This pickled cabbage is easy to preserve and can add flavor to it in winter. Therefore, I can transport the pickled cabbage to a faraway place to sell in winter, so I can make as much as I can,” Ye Muyu reminded.

Hearing this, Madam Liu nodded her head. She had long been tempted when she heard that a small jar could be sold for 200 copper coins.

According to Madam Ye, the cost of a jar was about 30 copper coins. If they sold one jar, they could earn 170 copper coins. If they sold ten jars, it would be more than a string of coins.

This jar was small, so three or four cabbages would be enough.

In this way, she could casually make a hundred jars, which would be more than ten.

If they could do it for a long time, the money they earned would be the money that their family would only earn by selling grain for five years in the past.

Madam Liu was clear about the income, so how could she let go of such a good opportunity to earn money?

“Wouldn’t it be a waste to hire an old woman?” Madam Liu instinctively wanted to save.

“Mother, don’t worry,” Ye Muyu said. “When you feel that you don’t need them anymore, you can send them here. It’s easy to sell them or keep them.”

“That’s true. If you can buy it, you can sell it. It’s cheaper than hiring a part-time worker.” After Madam Liu thought it through, she no longer refused, “Alright, I’ll go back and discuss this with your father.”

“Let’s not talk about it anymore. I’m going back to watch the food.” Madam Liu turned around and headed to the kitchen.

Ye Muyu did not stop her and went to the east wing to ask Ziluo to come out for lunch.

Lunch was very sumptuous. There was basically soup, which was all for the body. There were also some nourishing herbs in it.

Ye Muyu knew that Chu Heng had bought it. She always drank a bowl of soup before eating. She couldn’t waste their good intentions.

In the afternoon, Ye Muyu was teaching Madam Liu and Madam Hu how to cook herbal tea in the kitchen.

Chu Heng brought Zhang Shu and Lu Chuan to the clan and neighbors to borrow a table.

He borrowed more than ten tables.

There were many guests coming tomorrow. Besides the people from the clan, there were also Ye Muyu’s family, Madam Liu’s family, and even the married girls of the Chu family.

In this way, there were naturally quite a number of people.

Other than that, there was also the village chief and others. There were also people who had good relationships in the village.

Even ten tables were considered a small number.

In the afternoon, he prepared the dishes and prepared the eight bowls of dishes that he needed for tomorrow.

Chu Heng went straight to the village and invited the best chef to his house. He started preparing in the afternoon.

They had dinner before the sky turned dark.

Chu Heng took out Madam Liu and Chu Zhiwen’s clothes.

“Mom, this is what you and Dad will wear tomorrow. Be careful on the road,” Chu Heng said..

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