Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 799 - Kill Him? Or Keep Him?

Chapter 799: Kill Him? Or Keep Him?

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It was after a long while before the second prince’s hands finally came to a halt as he panted heavily over the mangled corpse of Yang Huai Yu. Catching his breath, he tossed the blood stained sword fall onto the ground with a ‘clang’. The entire place was silent. Everyone looked in disbelief and shock at this prince maniacally chopped his own father up…..

The second prince’s body suddenly jerked, his pupils slowly becoming focused. He suddenly spread his arms out and hollered crazily. “Hahahaha…. He’s dead! This old thing is finally dead…. Did you all see it? Did you guys see it? From today onwards, I am the Emperor! I am the Emperor! I am finally the Emperor hahahaha!!…..”

This crazy, hysterical laughter echoed around.

“That’s right, you are the Emperor now. I deliver what I promise! Come, let me bring you to sit upon that chair that you have dreamed of for a long time.” Jun Mo Xie looked at him sarcastically.

“Ah? Yes! Good good good, hahaha, it is right here!” The second prince laughed maniacally, suddenly running off towards the Emperor’s carriage. There was a dragon chair inside. That was what the Emperor had sat on when he came.

The second prince ran over, out of breath. Clambering up into the carriage, he shouted. “Get lost! Get lost! Didn’t you guys see it? I am the Emperor! I am the Emperor! I am the sovereign Emperor! Hahahaha!…”

He finally managed to climb his way up, plopping right onto that seat. Touching and looking around, mouth full of praises. Clapping the armrests of the seat, his face was full of content and insanity.

“How is it? That feeling of sitting on the throne… it’s rather gratifying, isn’t it?” A cynical voice asked.

“Gratifying! Ah! Hahaha… how could it not be gratifying! Of course it is gratifying! It is too damn satisfying! It’s so good I could die! I dreamt for thirty years for this seat….. Emperor! The royal throne! I am finally the Emperor…..” The second prince cackled crazily, extremely overjoyed.

“Since you’ve already been gratified, then come down.” Jun Mo Xie suddenly appeared before him. “I have already fulfilled my promise. You have already sat on this throne for real!”

“No! I am the Emperor! I want to sit on it forever! I will not get off! Over my dead body!” The second prince roared hysterically, his eyes turning red.

“But I only promised to let you sit on it once, not allow you to sit on it forever!” Jun Mo Xie looked at him as if he were looking down at a corpse. “Get down!”

At this moment, a bugle horn went off in the distance. An unusually masculine voice rang out. “Prince Equivalent and his son have come forth with their troops to aid the Emperor to settle the rebellion! Everyone is to put down their weapons! Those who surrender shall be spared!”

“Grand Preceptor Li brings his troops forth to aid Emperor Yang Huai Yu! To aid Prince Equivalent to restore peace! Everyone put down your weapons! Those who surrender shall be spared from death….”

The drums banged and bugle horns blared, and like a tsunami, the clops of the horses of the troops could be heard coming from all directions…..

“Prince Equivalent? What is he doing here? Could it be that he also wants to become Emperor? No! This throne is mine! It is mine and mine alone! Whoever fights me for it shall die! Kill him! Kill him!!”

“Emperor? You’re not even worthy!” While the second prince was still screeching away arrogantly, Jun Mo Xie had already caught him by his neck and lifted him off the ground. With a casual toss of his hand, the second prince flew a few hundred meters away, landing heavily on the ground and causing the puddle of blood on the ground to splash about, fresh blood flowing from the corner of his lips.

The second prince had always been lacking in his Qi and blood due to his lascivious ways. His physical strength was even worse than any regular young man. He was really lucky to not have died after being tossed like this by Young Master Jun, but it seemed like it was completely impossible for him to pick himself back up again anymore….

“Men! Capture this lawless rebel and traitor who killed his brothers and his father, the Emperor! Present him to Prince Equivalent; everyone else put down your weapons! If anyone defies this order they shall be executed accordingly for the same crime!”

The person who hollered this sentence gave everyone an even greater shock.

This person was Young Master Li—Li You Ran!

The person who assisted the second prince to accomplishing his goals, instigating the second prince to kill the first prince. The person would have gotten the greatest benefit out of this snatching of the throne….

What exactly was going on?

The change in situation was so peculiar that it was incomprehensible!

Prince Equivalent’s troops came rushing over from all directions like a looming mountain…..

The troops of both sides present had no fighting powers and no desire to fight, so they gave way at once….

The conclusion was set in an instant!

The son of Prince Equivalent, little devil Yang Mo, sat upon his steed and looked at Jun Mo Xie who stood in the center of the rebellion troops. His eyes were full of emotions and gratitude. All this was impossible to have occurred naturally!

But because of this Brother Mo Xie, who, with a turn of his palms, commanded the clouds and rain and completely overturned the Tian Xiang Empire that was under the rule of Yang Huai Yu! And more unexpectedly, this fulfilled the wishes of father and me!

Jun Mo Xie grinned and winked at him. But it was not a good time for the two of them to catch up right now.

Li You Ran, donned in his white robes, had already come down from his high chair and walked over to Jun Mo Xie in an unhurried manner.

Jun Mo Xie grinned and walked forward to meet him midway.

Revenge was over; it was time to leave.

The entire place was in a state of chaos. No one saw, or perhaps even noticed, when Jun Mo Xie and Li You Ran had already disappeared without a trace….

Aristocratic Hall.

Chief Auctioneer Tang Yuan looked on, completely stupefied, at the two people he never thought he would ever see walking together.

Jun Mo Xie, Li You Ran!

In Tang Yuan’s mind, as long as these two people met, they’d either be mocking and ridiculing each other, or engaging in a fight. Now they were walking in together, shoulder to shoulder, like good buddies. How could Fatty Tang not be in shock?

Tang Yuan looked at them blankly, raising his head up to look at the sky, trying to check if the sun had risen from the west side today…. Then, he rubbed his eyes aggressively and let out a weird cry. Sucking in a breath of air that made his belly tremble, he spoke with great difficulty. “I really am not dreaming…. When did the two of you get together?….”

Jun Mo Xie couldn’t hold back his laughter. “Why? Is it weird?”

Fatty Tang’s mouth hung open, and he seemed like he was on the verge of going mad. “Is it not weird? How did you the two of you….”

Li You Ran also laughed. “Tang Yuan, some things may not be as real as you see it. Just like today, I am able to walk into this Aristocratic Hall with Third Young Master Jun, but do you know that I do not have any confidence that I am capable of stepping out alive?”

Tang Yuan widened his eyes and heaved a sigh of relief. “Then that’s good, that’s good.”

With all his self-restraint and upbringing, even Li You Ran couldn’t help but roll his eyes when he heard this sentence. This fatso is too unreserved. Is hearing that my life is in danger something worth you getting so happy over?

Jun Mo Xie looked at Li You Ran with a smile on his face. “Fatty, come along too.”

He headed upstairs first.

Tang Yuan agreed and followed right after. Li You Ran was the last. His face was completely filled by the sight of that round, fat bum that occupied almost two-thirds of the space of the stairs. The boards of the steps were squeaking beneath their feet. He couldn’t help but feel worried that these stairs might just crumble under the weight of Fatty Tang….

Actually, Tang Yuan had really lost a great deal of weight. After Jun Mo Xie helped him with his weight loss, Tang Yuan’s managed to maintain his new weight for a couple of days. Then, he slowly gained it again, but finally came to stabilize and kept it at almost three hundred jin . Had he not lost any weight, how could he only occupy two-thirds of the space? It’d definitely be completely filled up…..

Of course, Tang Yuan was already extremely pleased and satisfied with an end result like this.

Um, Sun Xiao Mei was also very satisfied….

Sitting down on a chair in a daze, Tang Yuan looked at Jun Mo Xie, who sat on the main seat. Then, he looked over at Li You Ran, who was opposite him. He rubbed his head in bewilderment and asked, “Boss, is there a matter?”

Jun Mo Xie sighed. “You scoundrel, you’ve completely fallen into warm bed sheets and don’t want to come out anymore….. You’ve already taken down Sun Xiao Mei, haven’t you?”

Tang Yuan’s face beamed with radiance, youthfulness tinting his round face. Grinning he said, “Third Young Master Jun knows me best. But we’re already each other’s fiancees, so those things… isn’t it natural to do? Is it weird!?”

Jun Mo Xie coughed and said, “Then you better get around to doing serious business. If a little fellow pops out before your marriage… then it’d be bad. I can foresee that your father-in-law will definitely not spare you….”

“Of course! It’ll be within the next couple of months! We have already set the date….” Tang Yuan rolled his eyes. “But I know my limits; there will be no such issues. I thank Boss for your concern. Right, your gift cannot be too cheap. Don’t listen to all those rumours of me being the God of Wealth of Tian Xiang, compared to you, I am only of small wealth….”

All three of them burst out into laughter.

Li You Ran smiled and looked at Jun Mo Xie. “You…. are leaving? You’ve made your decision?”

Jun Mo Xie had yet to answer when Tang Yuan got anxious. He stood up. “Leave? Where are you going? What are you going to do? What are you leaving? When are you coming back? You wouldn’t possibly miss my big affair, would you?”

“Sit down, Fatty. Am I not talking to you about this matter now?” Jun Mo Xie grinned and replied Li You Ran. “That’s right, I’m in the midst of preparations.”

“So you are worrying! You’re so contradicting!” Li You Ran smiled cunningly, his finger tapping the surface of the table gently. “You’re wondering… if it is better to kill me? Or keep me? If you keep me, then will your little Emperor Yang Mo be able to reign over me?”

“That’s right!” Jun Mo Xie laughed in awe. “I am thinking about this matter. It is indeed very contradicting!”

Li You Ran turned silent before slowly standing up. He walked over to the window and said indifferently, “When you suddenly disappeared a couple of days ago, I figured that you had gone to seek your revenge. Because if you didn’t manage to come back, then naturally everything was all over. But if you made it back…. then that meant that the remaining six Saints all died in your hands…. But when such a situation occurred, the Jun Family would have no choice but to leave!”

Li You Ran looked out of the window and spoke with a sigh in his tone. “I don’t know what sort of methods you used to kill off the remaining six Saints, but you managed to do it successfully. But precisely because of this, the road before you has become a lot narrower. You’re left with Tian Fa Forest as your only option! If you don’t go, you’re bound to be dead!

“But if you go, you will definitely not want to leave with regrets! And you would not be willing to allow all your prior efforts and arrangements to go into waste. So this matter involving the rebellion of the second prince was done an entire month ahead of my original plans! Take it as my gift to you before you leave!”

“So, from the way you see it, what should I do to you?” Jun Mo Xie asked finally, after remaining silent for a while.

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