Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 798 - Enmity and Hatred Resolved

Chapter 798: Enmity and Hatred Resolved

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Following the sound of a voice, everyone looked up.

Far away, a youth in black walked slowly over with his hands clasped behind his back. His face was wreathed in a warm smile, and his expression was leisurely and casual, as though he was walking through his own garden. The thousands of people on the battlefield parted like the red sea, forming a passage for him through the carnage. It was as if an immortal had come to visit from the heavens.

The ground was filled with thick, sticky fresh blood that covered one’s soles completely. However, the powdered soles of the youth’s shoes were not stained at all.

He walked over casually, neither fast not slow. Looking at the sword wielding soldiers around him and at the river of blood under his feet, he raised his voice and lamented. “Since ancient times, the path of kings is an emotionless one. So what if its kin murdering their own blood? While gazing upon fortresses and mountains picturesque as a painting, their feet are filled with white bones!”

As he spoke, he had already walked and reached less than 10 zhang away from Tian Xiang’s Yang Huai Yu. His black pupils carried an evil gleam as he tilted his head and looked at this emperor at the end of his path. Smiling lightly, he said, “Your Majesty is truly in a good mood! To think that you’re capable of lecturing your failure of a son in such a righteous manner right in the midst of a raging battle where blood and tears rain through the sky… What a loving father, how touching and admirable…”

He shook his head lightly as a lonely expression came over his face. Sighing heavily, he continued. “It’s a pity… I cannot even see my father anymore… or hear him lecture me! As a son, how can my heart not ache? The tree craves stillness, but the wind will not abate. The son wants to serve his parents in their old age, but they are no more! Your Majesty… this feeling is truly hard to describe with words ah. Tell me, isn’t it so? You’ve lost two sons in quick succession, and the last one is attempting to kill you and wrest the throne away. Your Majesty can probably clearly understand the pains of this commoner?”

The Emperor’s eyes flashed with pain, as well as a deeply hidden fear. Furrowing his eyebrows tightly, he snorted. “Jun Mo Xie, this matter is ultimately an internal problem of my Imperial Family. What are you here for? Who are you representing today, unless… your Jun Family hasn’t made enough trouble yet?”

Jun Mo Xie chuckled lightly. “Your Majesty jokes. How could that be? Since when has our Jun Family created any troubles? Ever since that incident at Tian Guan Lin 10 years ago, our Jun Mo Xie no longer dares to create any trouble…

He rolled his eyes and suddenly, a sharp gleam shot out from his pupils. His tone turned from gentle to exceptionally dominating and pressuring. “Your Majesty, do you perhaps… still remember Jun Wu Hui of that year?”

The Tian Xiang Emperor’s face twitched, and his expression grew dark. “Do not speak falsehoods in the face of a sincere man. What do you want to say? Go ahead and say it directly!”

The moment Jun Mo Xie appeared, the kingly pressure that the Emperor had built up with great difficulty actually disappeared in an instant! Facing Jun Mo Xie, he even seemed a little… frightened… and guilty.

Jun Mo Xie smiled lightly, completely unfazed. “Your Majesty, why are you losing your temper already? That imposing demeanor of yours nearly scared this commoner to death! Your Majesty asked what this commoner was trying to say? It’s actually really nothing much. This one only wishes to ask Your Majesty; how does it feel like to watch your eldest son get killed under your own eyes inside the sparkly palace with a blade through the heart, at the place where your authority is the highest?”

He continued smiling warmly, but his eyes gleamed like a pair of swords. “Anyways, the deceased has already departed. The dead is dead, and if Your Majesty does not wish to talk about it, so be it. But the murderer of your first son is your own second son. He became a traitor because he killed his own royal kin. What are your thoughts on that? And today, your third son was also chopped into minced meat by the same culprit. I’m sure the feeling of watching this must be very enjoyable? It’s probably something that none of us outsiders can comprehend…

“As for right now, the last surviving son is raising his sword against his own father. Murdering his father and his sovereign, accomplishing his own ambition. Does your heart hurt? But this kind of feeling, should be quite unforgettable right?

“Or maybe, Your Majesty can look forward to it a little. The kingdom that you’ve reigned over is finally about to be like a chrysanthemum on the morrow, withering to a thing of the past. You yourself will be forsaken by friends and allies, rebelled against by the masses, turning into an isolated creature. Does it bring you a bit more comprehensions on life?”

The Emperor suddenly trembled with rage as he stared at Jun Mo Xie with wide, hate-filled eyes/ “Jun Mo Xie, could it be that all this was because of you schemed behind my back? How vicious!”

“Oh I wouldn’t dare to claim that honor. Compared to Your Majesty, I’m at most only considered a small sorcerer in the presence of a great one. This series of events is simply nothing more than people being driven crazy by power. I only played a tiny part in this whole thing; truly! This commoner would never dare to deceive Your Majesty the Emperor!”

Jun Mo Xie smiled lightly, as if he were talking about an extremely insignificant matter. Shaking his head, he looked over with a ridiculing look. “Do you feel like the matters of the world are somewhat inconstant? What was once the sea has now changed into mulberry fields. Do you feel any lamentation about the evanescence of worldly affairs, and how time brings great changes to the world? Hahaha…”

“Jun Mo Xie, you’ve gone too far!” The Emperor clenched his teeth and roared. Both his eyes had already turned completely blood red!

“Is it too much? I don’t think so! Your Majesty, when you directed the Blood Sword Hall to collaborate with the Blizzard Silver City’s Xiao Family back then to harm my father and my second uncle, did you feel that it was too much? Surely not?”

Jun Mo Xie laughed coldly and smiled. “When my two brothers died horrible deaths because of your schemes, did you feel that it might have been too much? No, right? How can you pluck out the weeds without getting rid of the roots? All these years, the Jun Family was beaten to a point where we couldn’t even catch a breath, but did you think that you went too far? The life of the Emperor is greater than the heavens, while the subjects are less than ants. As long as any ant grew too big and posed any possibility of being a threat to your throne, even if it was just a mere possibility, they had to be removed at all costs?! Our Jun Family should in fact still thank Your Majesty for being merciful and not wiping us out completely?!”

Jun Mo Xie raised his head and laughed aloud, his ice cold eyes staring straight at the Emperor. “Cause and effect, the circle of karma. How is it, now that the same thing has happened to Your Majesty? Do you feel like it’s too overboard? HAHA, how funny! Is it really too overboard? This lowly commoner does not think so! From what this commoner has seen, this is actually far from being enough. How many people have you lost so far—how many brave heroes have lost their lives from your lowly schemes? Countless valiant men who fought and bled for their Tian Xiang kingdom survived the blades of their enemies, only to be killed by the ruler they had declared their loyalty to. Do they think that it’s too overboard?”

Jun Mo Xie walked forward step by step, his aura abnormally heavy. The air itself seemed to have stopped flowing, and everyone felt an extremely suffocative pressure.

“You thought all this was too excessive? The real dish is still following! Yang Huai Yu, today, you will definitely taste it!”

Jun Mo Xie’s handsome face suddenly turned incomparably sinister as he raised his voice. “Yang Dan! What are you waiting for? Kill this old bastard before you, and you’ll be able to ascend to the throne of the Emperor! As long as you finish this old codgey, the throne will be yours! I promise it!”

The second prince Yang Dan raised his head as though he had been awoken by this shout. He turned his head to look at his Royal Father as greed and ambition filled his eyes. A dark smile spread across his face as he stuck his tongue out and lightly licking his lips. His eyes grew redder and redder and with a sudden roar, he shouted, “Many thanks to Third Young Master Jun for your good graces! Royal Father! Please do not blame this son for being unfilial, it was actually you… who pushed me too far! Since you’re already at the end of the road, just take it as a fulfilling of your son’s wishes and a favor to me!”

Bending his waist, he picked up the sword that fell on the ground and took two large steps forward. His face was filled with conflict and hesitation. Their father and son relationship over all these years and the immense ambition in his heart were undergoing a huge internal struggle at this moment, causing his face to be lined with sweat!

But in the end, it was still his crazy desire for power that came out on top. The temptation that came from being the ruler of all under the heavens, his fame spreading past the four seas, and being feared by all his subjects was simply too great! Yang Dan roared loudly, raised his treasured sword, and closed his eyes as he slashed down madly!


A spurt of fresh blood splattered onto the second prince’s face. He opened his eyes again, seeing his Royal Father look at him with a heartbroken, despairing expression. His sword was lodged deeply in his Royal Father’s shoulder…

In that instant, Yang Dan’s entire body trembled…

No matter how he thought of his ending, the Emperor would never have imagined that he would be witnessing his three sons slaughtering each other, and then himself being killed by the only remaining son!

In that moment, the pain in his heart had reached an extreme level!

When he looked at the sword slashing down towards him, he actually did not have any thoughts of dodging at all… he simply looked at that conflicted face before him, his eyes filled with complete and utter hopelessness!

This is my son, my own flesh and blood!

And for the sake of power—for the sake of the throne—he wants to kill me!

He’s murdering his own father!

Fresh blood spurted out!

The second prince increased his strength, forcibly pulling the sword out again. His entire body trembled with shock, and suddenly, a crazed expression came over his face as he roared madly. “You old undying thing! Why aren’t you dead yet? Why won’t you die?! Hurry up and die for me! Go to hell! AHHH!”

Like a madman, he shouted in an intoxicated manner as he raised the sword and slashed down again. Repeatedly roaring, repeatedly hacking. His face was filled with madness and fanaticism. Blood flowed unceasingly off his face, and bits of flesh could be found on his clothes. However, he did not seem to care. In that moment, he only had the single desire to cut down this person before him, the final obstacle that blocked his ascension to the throne…

The Emperor’s current appearance was too wretched to look at. He had already ceased breathing a long time ago, save for that pair of empty eyes that stared listlessly and painfully at the entire scene…

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