Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 25 – Operation

Chapter 025 Operation

The Xuan Beasts’ body of the Third level and above will automatically form a special crystal. This crystal is known as ‘Xuan Core’. The Seventh level Xuan Beasts special ability involves the ability to absorb the condensed Xuan energies from other life forms. This ability would increase their rate of growth!

It was also due to this that the cubs of the Seventh level Xuan Beasts were so rare. Even if one were to become available, the price on it would be astronomical! As for the Eighth level Xuan Beast’s cub? Those would be priceless! They were simply the stuff of legends…

In the recent decades, there have been no news of anyone possessing an Eighth level Xuan Beast cub.

High-levelled Xuan Beasts’ main area of occupation is deep within the Cursed Forest, a dangerous place where not even Supreme Divine experts dared to enter! The surface area of the Cursed Forest was vast, a boundless realm; it practically accounted for a quarter of the continent’s land area. The ones found at the peripheral area were mostly low-levelled Xuan Beasts and some normal animals. As one enters deeper into the forest, the risk soared to new heights. In addition, should a high-levelled Xuan Beast find itself outmatched, it would simply shake its ass and run away. The Cursed Forest was the paradise of high-levelled Xuan Beasts, making it impossible for anyone to chase after them. If one’s strength was insufficient, they may not even have any hope of coming out of the forest alive.

In order to obtain the cub of an Eighth level Xuan Beast, a minimum of three Sky Xuan experts or above were needed. This number was the absolute minimum in order to defeat at least two adult Xuan Beasts of the Eighth level, but this was easier said than done. Moreover, the defensive capabilities of Xuan Beasts were more powerful in comparison to the average Sky Xuan expert! Also, if they were to bump into a group of Eighth levelled Xuan Beasts instead of two… Should that happen, then even a Supreme Divine expert will end up being buried there and then!

For an expert to attain the Sky Xuan rank, which one of them were not powerful heroes or characters with precious identities? Things like great wealth was assured for them. So, why would they participate in this highly absurd deal?

That was also why Grandpa Jun could only bitterly smile at this proposal.

“Let’s head to the library building and watch what this brat is doing there!” Grandpa Jun felt as though something strange was going on with his grandson for the past few days. The both of them then headed onwards towards the library building.

After arriving at the library building however, they found it to be empty.

“The Young Master left the library building two hours ago. I do not know where he went to,” The bodyguard assigned to watch over the library building reported.

Both of them looked at one another.

“Let’s just go back to my study room,” Grandpa Jun felt tired, having walked so far, his heart was feeling melancholic. While walking back, he said: “Bring over all the books that he had read to my place.”

While Grandpa Jun had been worried about his dear grandson, Tang Yuan’s grandfather, Tang Wanli was leading his group of men towards the Li and Meng Families to seek justice…

Within the courtyard of the Li Family Residence, Li Youran who was dressed in spotless white robes stood elegantly under a peony tree. Etched on his near perfect, handsome face was the hint of a shallow smile. His eyes gazed passionately at the distant dark skies for a long time without issuing a word.

A warm and harmonious breeze blew, lifting Li Youran’s robes, causing them to flutter in the air and his entire being becoming similar to a precious jade tree. This sight would cause others to feel admiration welling up in their hearts. This manner of bearing was truly rare, a rare sight to behold!

Li Feng and his two brothers stood before Li Youran, their faces full of sweat even though it was the most pleasant period of the autumn season. However, they did not dare wipe off the sweat, allowing it to fall down, drop after drop. It dropped down their nose, down onto their eyebrows, into their eyes, causing them terrible discomfort; and yet none of them dared to blink it off.

“Whatever you say now would contribute towards nothing at all towards this matter, so we shall put an end to it. Let us just consider it as Jun Moxie’s lucky day. But as for you…” Hearing Li Youran saying this, the three of them trembled. Although they were of the same generation, the fear they have towards this gentle looking youngster had permeated deep into their bones. No one had ever seen this youngster lose his temper, but every time the three brothers saw him, they would feel an atmosphere of danger resounding from the very depths of their bones…

“Each of you will go receive forty disciplinary beatings, and also have your total expense deducted by half a year’s worth,” Li Youran smiled gently, his demeanour remained elegant as he gazed into the distance. He continued in a soft voice, much like the waves of spring water. “Tomorrow, you must still do the things that you were supposed to do. Do you understand?”

Under forty disciplinary beatings, even if their ribs were not broken and their muscles not snapped, they would at the very least end up with a layer of skin torn off, revealing their red flesh. In addition, them having to continue doing what they were supposed to do tomorrow… this punishment was extremely harsh, absolutely devoid of consideration. Especially since these three were Li Youran’s close cousins! However, Li Youran calmly stated their punishment with an indifferent tone of voice, his eyes also exuding a calm aura. It seemed as though he was not dealing with his close cousins, or humans in general; his actions resembled the way people deal against three disposable dogs…

However, Li Feng and his brothers reacted as though they had been granted amnesty, uttering their thanks again and again. From their actions, it seemed as though the punishment was one filled with kindness, a light punishment.

“Umm, Jun Moxie… hehe…” Li Youran smiled gently and said in a light tone. “You can leave.” It was only after hearing these words did the three brothers dared to move. They were unusually well behaved as they meekly walked away, an expression of having found great fortune etched on their faces!

“Come,” Li Youran lightly clapped his hands. In an instant, two black clothed figures quietly appeared by his side. They bowed down, awaiting orders.

“Well, go investigate in detail why Jun Moxie was able to win this time. Also, investigate why the psychedelic drugs did not work. In addition, confirm whether the appearance of Dugu Xiaoyi was truly a coincidence… Even if Dugu Xiaoyi had appeared, Jun Moxie should not have had any chances of winning… Once you have clearly investigated those matters, report the results to me immediately,” He spoke with the same indifferent voice, as though he did not want to spend too much energy even when talking.

“Affirmative!” The two black clothed figures saluted respectfully. Before they could turn around, they saw a green clothed person who was out of breath ran in. As this person entered within ten paces before Li Youran, he slowed down and controlled his breath, but his face remained red; only after having controlled his breaths did he went before Li Youran. “Reporting to Young Master, the Tang Family Duke, Tang Wanli is bringing the Young Master Tang and hundreds worth of troops towards our Li Family. Their manner of movements looks threatening.”

“Oh? They want to give us troubles?” Li Youran’s eyebrows gently moved upwards. Softly, he continued. “How unexpected, even Tang Yuan would have this level of craftiness. It seems some adjustments are needed for our plans… hehe… Very well, go inform Li Zhen and his brothers. When Grandfather Tang asks them about it, they should… this…answer. Also, execute the disciplinary punishment immediately! Only after the punishment is halfway done should you bring Grandfather Tang to go question them.” One of the black clothed figures nodded and rushed off.

Li Youran’s mouth curled into a smile as he suddenly turned around and asked. “Among those that Grandfather Tang had brought with him this time, are there any that we had been keeping an eye on?”

“Yes!” The green clothed man replied without the slightest hesitation. “There were three of them.”

“Three… that is enough,” A mysterious smile flitted upon Li Youran’s face. He raised his head to gaze upon the billowing clouds upon the sky. The originally warm autumn wind was now mixed with a slight cool air. Li Youran whispered in an inaudible tone. “It is about to rain. Now that the Tang Family’s elites have moved out… this is probably a good opportunity.” In his eyes, a trace of cautiousness and hurry appeared as he spoke. “Immediately notify Qin Hu to take this opportunity. Now that the Tang Family forces have been emptied, he must obtain the item that I had mentioned before from the Tang Residence. He can only succeed, failure is not allowed. This is the only opportunity!” Raising his head upwards again, he continued. “Tell him that he has the whole afternoon for this operation!”

“Also inform him to use those that have never appeared before. Regardless of success or failure, they must not leave the slightest trace!”

“Affirmative!” The other black clothed figure flew off.

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