Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 24 – Grandpa Jun’s Dilemma

Chapter 024 Grandpa Jun’s Dilemma

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It was only then did Little Ke realized that the master of the house was standing at the doorway. She was momentarily shocked, then she quickly kneeled in salute before replying: “These treasures were won by the Young Master when he went out to gamble earlier.”

“He won? He really won?” Jun Zhan Tian’s voice became low, his mind filled with delight and surprise. If there were no one around, he would probably have shouted out. However, above the feelings of delight and surprise, there was suspicion within Grandpa Jun’s mind. When did this brat begin to learn to win money? From what I remember, he had never won anything since the day he learnt how to gamble… If it was not for Grandpa Jun limiting his pocket money, by now the entire Jun Residence would probably have been gambled away by Jun Moxie. But now, not only did he won, he actually won these kinds of high-grade stuff…

“It is true, these treasures were won by the Young Master. No matter how much gall this maid have, I would never dare to lie to House Master. In addition, the Young Master also brought back three million liangs in silver bills,” Little Ke answered without hesitation. “From what I’ve heard, these were all won from Young Master Li and Young Master Meng. When the Young Master returned, he placed the treasure here for me to arrange before going to the library building to read books.”

Little Ke was filled with pride, because the Young Master had never won anything before. But this time, Jun Xie had actually won so much. In the little girl’s heart, her young master had suddenly become more capable. Even though she still feared the Young Master, she felt that the Young Master of today was different. At the very least, he was no longer that detestable!

“That brat went to the library building again?” At this moment, Grandpa Jun’s feelings of joy exceeded that of his surprise. Not having to worry about how to clean up his grandson’s mess was one thing, hearing Little Ke saying where his grandson had gone to was another. He stared ahead blankly, looking as though he was unable to handle this incoming emotion. With trembling hands, he reached up to his forehead to ensure that he was not having a fever. After that, he checked his sense of hearing to ensure that he did not hear anything wrong. It was only after that did he recover himself.

“Oh, when he return later, tell him to come find me,” After saying that, Grandpa Jun brought the housekeeper Pang out together, leaving the little Lolita counting over and over again, her eyes gleaming with silver. “These three accompaniment jades can be sold for at least one hundred thousand liangs, that bead and gemstone can be sold for at least a hundred and fifty thousand liangs… and that… at least… added with these silver bills… wow…”

“Old Pang, what do you think?” Jun Zhan Tian who was walking back was unable to figure it out. The actions of his grandson for the past month had completely baffled him. What was he planning? What was he doing?

“This old servant do not know. However, the Young Master’s current actions are definitely good,” Old Pang also seemed confused. Nonetheless, not having to help clean up Jun Moxie’s mess can definitely be considered a good thing.

“If he is really interested in reading, what do you think about me sending him to Wenxing Institute of Knowledge?” Grandpa Jun asked on a whim, a fantasy like yearning on his face. Wenxing Institute of Knowledge is Tianxiang Kingdom’s leading place of learning for all scholars. Within it, the number of teachers and students combined are less than a thousand. This number is simply too small compared to the several hundred millions of Tianxiang Kingdom’s population. This meant that only those who were of worth, who possessed a high level of talent, would have the possibility and qualifications to enter this place to learn. As long as these students graduate, the kingdom would often employ them! However, even those infamous geniuses would be forced to undergo a very difficult phase of learning in order to graduate from this place!

It could be said that Wenxing Institute of Knowledge is the golden road for scholars!

Regardless of who or what your background may be, not even a prince or princess can be allowed to enter Wenxing Institute of Knowledge if they do not possess genuine talent!

For Grandpa Jun to actually consider sending Jun Xie to Wenxing Institute of Knowledge, it seemed that he had already believed that Jun Xie had turned over a new leaf.

“…it would probably be very difficult,” Based on Jun Moxie’s abilities, how was he someone that can enter Wenxing Institute of Knowledge? All those that have been accepted were those that had laboriously studied for tens of years. They who were qualified were the most illustrious and infamous amongst geniuses. How can that grandson of yours who had remained ignorant for sixteen years and had only started reading for a month be qualified?

Naturally, Old Pang was unable to be straightforward regarding this matter. He subtly continued: “Wenxing Institute of Knowledge is much too pedantic for this old man. But if Senior Master were to personally go and end up suffering a setback… Sigh! I humbly believe… I humbly believe that we should take this slowly. Let’s observe… observe for a while longer.”

“Alas! How unfortunate that this brat’s level of Xuan Qi cultivation is simply too mediocre. It would be for the best if he could enter the Divine Xuan Institute of War. For generations, our Jun Family had always become generals, fighting through the battlefield! If our family were to actually produce a pedantic man, then our family will really become unremarkable,” Jun Zhan Tian himself realized that this matter was not easy to handle. Back when the Second Prince was entering the Wenxing Institute of Knowledge, the Emperor himself had to endure Grandpa Jun’s anger before sending the prince in. Grandpa Jun had always been at odds with the scholars, making this even harder.

Not to mention, Moxie’s personality…

“Old Pang, what do you think? What kind of arrangement should I make for Moxie?” Grandpa Jun sighed continuously. “Sending him to study? This brat is certainly not made of that material. Sending him into the military? This bastard does not have even the slightest talent. He cannot endure pain, and cannot endure training. Send him to do business? … … I fear that he would lose money to the point where he cannot even pay for my coffin! … Do I really have to just leave him as a useless freeloader waiting for death’s call?”

Speaking of this subject, Old Pang became frustrated and tried to comfort Grandpa Jun, “The Young Master has started maturing lately. He may very well be trying hard to reach the top himself, turning over a new leaf… ah, the Young Master is still very young, I believe that it is still not too late…”

“This type of hypocritical comfort is what I hate the most! You actually learned to do this as well!” Jun Zhan Tian frowned, and rebuked in a vexed manner. “Old Pang, this is not like you at all! Look at you! Where is the Pang Lie who had fought singlehandedly against tens of thousands of enemies on the battlefield back then?”

Old Pang smiled bitterly: It is not as if I wanted to say that. But, what else can I say other than that? Am I supposed to say, each grandson brings with them a blessing. But you can forget about your grandson. Everyone knows that your grandson is a smear on the wall that cannot be developed in any way at all. No matter how much you worry, no matter how much you prepare a path for him, would he not end up ruining everything by himself? Was I really supposed to say that? I might as well tell you to decapitate me!

“There is one method that can protect the Young Master. That way, Senior Master will not need to worry about the Young Master,” Old Pang said as he suddenly recalled something.

“What method? Quick, tell me!” Jun Zhan Tian was surprised; he had only thought of blowing off some steam today. He did not expect Old Pang to actually have a way!

“This method is actually somewhat difficult to implement,” Old Pang was about to say it, but then began to hesitate: “The method is for us to buy a young Xuan Beast that is at least of the Eighth level or above. After that, we can train it at all cost…”

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” Jun Zhan Tian forcefully interrupted Old Pang’s words. “Old Pang, are you sleep talking now? Do you actually think this kind of method is possible?”

Old Pang thought about it with his eyes staring forward, then sadly replied: “Impossible.”

“Since you know it is impossible, then why are you talking about it?!” Jun Zhan Tian gave out a muffled sigh.

Xuan Beasts, they are a special life form in the Xuan Xuan Continent. Any one of the high-levelled Xuan Beast will possess extremely powerful strength. It is said that any Eighth level Xuan Beast could fight evenly with a Sky Xuan expert! As for the Ninth level Xuan Beast, they are no less powerful compared to the Supreme God Xuan expert!

However, even the Xuan Beasts have their own form of hierarchy, much like the humans. Their ranks are even more stringent in comparison to humans. For human experts who grasped certain special skills, it was possible for them to challenge and defeat opponents whose Xuan Qi cultivation was higher than them. But this was not possible when fighting against Xuan Beasts!

Xuan Beasts of the fourth level and below can only be considered the same as wild animals. At best, they may perhaps have slightly more destructive power when compared to normal animals. Only from the fifth level onwards will the Xuan Beasts possess some special ability. However, the Xuan Beasts of the sixth and seventh level are of not much use, even more so when they are young. Additionally, once the Xuan Beast reaches adulthood, it can no longer be tamed. Some Xuan Beasts require several decades to reach adulthood, others up to a hundred years! Waiting so long for a cub to mature, what was the point? Not to mention, the strength of the sixth level Xuan Beast can at best only be on par with the Silver level Xuan Qi expert. Therefore, the price for this level of Xuan Beast is not high, and is relatively easy to find.

However, from the seventh level onwards, the situation becomes different! Xuan Beasts of the seventh level onwards possesses the intrinsic ability to breakthrough. These Xuan Beasts could be said to rival humans in terms of wisdom. Besides having innate skills, they also have a special ability. It is also due to this ability that the development process of these cubs becomes exceptionally difficult!

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