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Chapter 515 - Chapter 515: Heavy Losses

Chapter 515: Heavy Losses

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100 HP was lost every second. There were three types of health potions—basic, intermediate, and advanced. Each had a cooldown of five seconds and could recover 100, 200, and 300 HP respectively.

In other words, they could recover 600 HP every five seconds and only lose 500 HP in five seconds. Their HP was sufficient.


Who was to say that they would only lose 100 HP?

What if the farther they went, the more HP they lost?

In theory, that should be the case.


At least it was not that exaggerated.

Killer God retreated.

“Just now, 1 lost 100 HP every second. I’ll probably lose even more inside. So, no matter what, the faster 1 pass through this place, the safer it’ll be.”

Killer God muttered to himself.

It was not a big problem for him.

However, no one knew if there were other unknown things inside.

It could only be said that the challenge posed by the lightning zone so far was still acceptable.

“Brothers, who has more health potions? Can anyone lend me some?”

“That’s right. Whoever has more, lend me a few. I’ll pay you back double.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s basic, intermediate, or advanced.”

For a moment, the surrounding players began to ask for a large number of health potions.

However, was there anyone who would give or sell them at this moment?

No one was willing to!

This was because no one knew how big this lightning zone was. Their own health potions might not be enough.

For a vast majority, their methods of recovering were only health potions.

They had already experienced several dangers, and they had constantly lost HP from the ice cave just now.

In fact, many of them did not have many health potions left.

Moreover, many players did not have the habit of carrying a large number of health potions.

After all, even if their backpacks were expanded, the space was only so small. They could not carry many things at all!

However, this was a ruin after all, so before they came, they basically guaranteed that they had enough health potions and mana potions!

It was just that they had consumed too many!

Now, it was impossible for anyone to lend others a health potion unless they were asking for death!

No one knew how big the lightning zone was.

No one was willing to give their potions away.

“F*ck! We’re done for!”

Many of the players were in despair!

If they lost 100 HP per second, even if they had 5,000 HP, they could only last for 50 seconds!

It was less than a minute!

They could only charge forward with all their might!

Chu Bai, on the other hand, was more at ease.

He still had a lot of HP, and he also had the Source of Recovery.

Feng Ling looked at the number of health potions he had.

There were still a lot of them.

He should have more than 90% of the players here.

“Let’s go.”

Chu Bai muttered to himself and stepped into the lightning zone.


A damage value appeared above Chu Bai’s head.

+ 50!

Then, the Source of Recovery helped Chu Bai recover his HP.

With his 31,600 HP, he could definitely tank the attacks more than any other player here.

As Chu Bai entered, the others also hurriedly entered.

“Let’s go in. There’s no turning back.”

“If we don’t go in, we can only wait for death here.”

“Charge! Charge! Charge!”

A large number of people entered the lightning zone!

The NPCs could only enter as well.

When the large number of people poured in, nothing special happened, and no lightning struck down.

Chu Bai quickened his pace, and so did everyone else.


The damage value started increasing!

“Hmm? We’re losing even more HP!”

“F*ck, I have to hurry. I’m going to die!”

“Hurry, hurry!”

Then, they quickened their pace again.



This time, something seemed to be wrong.

“F*ck! F*ck, this is crazy!”

“What’s going on? If 1 walk faster, 1 lose more FIP. If 1 walk normally, I lose 100 HP.”

“Does this mean that the damage here is related to speed? The faster the speed, the higher the damage? What the f*ck?”

“Isn’t this asking us to die? Who can handle this?”

“It’s over! How far away is it? I can only hold on for 30 seconds.”

“I can still resurrect. If 1 die, can I revive from the other side?”

Everyone was in despair.

Chu Bai had also discovered something.

If he walked normally, he would only lose 100 HP. If he quickened his pace, he would lose even more HP.

As for the NPCs…

They lost even more HP!

The players were relatively okay!

In fact, there were even NPCs who had fallen beside them and could no longer get up.

One by one, the NPCs fell.


The players were in despair!

“How did this happen?”

Should they go back?

What would they do when they went back?

If they went back, their deaths would only be prolonged for a while.

They could not go offline either.

They had already reached this place, so they could only move forward.


There was still no end in sight!

“I can’t, I can’t!”

Some players had already lost half of their HP. There was still a long way to go!

If they continued walking, they would be courting death!

Even if they went back, they could only wait for death. They did not want to die like this.

A large number of players and some NPCs turned around.

“How terrifying!”

Feng Ling’s pupils contracted slightly.

However, there was no turning back for him.

If Feng Ling could not make it, then 90% of the players here would definitely die.

Some of them continued to heal as they walked forward.

“Go to hell!”

Suddenly, a player attacked another player in front of him.

He instantly killed him, then quickly picked up the health potion that fell from his body and continued walking forward!

Seeing this scene, many people seemed to have sensed a chance to survive.

“Go to hell!”


“Die, you f*cker!”

For a moment, many players started fighting.

As for Chu Bai, he was at the front. Even if a player wanted to kill another player, they would not choose Chu Bai.

Just like that, time slowly passed.

In front of Chu Bai, light finally appeared.

That was the end.

Chu Bai turned around.

The originally densely packed crowd was now almost empty.

Of course, there were still a large number of people out of sight. After all, the field of vision here was not wide.

Soon, Chu Bai walked out.

This place was not dangerous for a person like him who still had the Source of Recovery.

However, for many other players, it was a nightmare!

“Cough cough—”

Many NPCs also walked out.

They quickly sat down to recover from their injuries.

Chu Bai was also recovering his health.

“How terrifying. 1 can feel my heart palpitate under the lightning.”

A divine emperor expert sighed.

“This time, I’m afraid many people will die.”

They looked back as they spoke.

Then, everyone stopped to rest..

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