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Chapter 514 - Chapter 514: The Level That Drops Blood

Chapter 514: The Level That Drops Blood

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Chu Bai walked toward the thundercloud.

Basically, all the players followed him!

First, they had a general understanding of the situation ahead. It was a huge lightning zone filled with thunderclouds. The other NPCs probably could not help them, so they did not have to wait for the NPCs to finish their recuperation.

Secondly, even if there was danger, they could just stay outside and observe for a while.

Thirdly, Bai Ye had already gone over, so there was no problem for them to follow him. Although Bai Ye was no match for those NPCs here, he was still an expert!

He had been behind the NPCs the entire time. Now that he suddenly wanted to walk forward, there must be some reason, right?

Moreover, the beautiful NPC had also gone over.

“People of the Breeze Pavilion, follow me!”

Zhao Feng shouted and brought a few players to follow.

“Brothers of the Bai Feng Alliance, let’s go!”

Feng Ling also gave the order.

The players all went over!

Hundreds of thousands of players marched over. How could the weaker NPCs stand this?

Normally, if there were only a few people walking forward, they would just be anxious. Now that hundreds of thousands of people were walking forward, they could not continue to stay where they were!

Even if these experts were recuperating, they would definitely have to go over!

There were hundreds of thousands of people. With so many people around, so what if it was dangerous?

Therefore, a large number of NPCs headed to the lightning zone.

Jian Sanfeng, Supreme Nan Hai, and the other experts opened their eyes.

Seeing so many people heading toward the lightning zone, they were anxious for a moment.

Then, they stood up one after another.

“Let’s go.”

With their injuries, they forcefully walked forward while recovering.

They had to go!

There were too many people. Even though it was dangerous, with so many people taking the lead, they were also worried that some good things would be taken by these people!

Moreover, the Water God Pearl was still in that woman’s hands!

The woman was walking straight ahead. She seemed to know a lot.

These experts felt that it would be better to follow her!

They could even keep an eye on the Water God Pearl!

Moreover, even if everyone else died and she was the only one alive, she would definitely be able to find better treasures with her ability and knowledge.

They were not willing to miss out on this!

Most importantly, the fourth main hall had a legendary treasure like the Water God Pearl. What else could be inside the other three main halls? Could there be something more exaggerated?

Theoretically, there would be.

In that case, they definitely could not let this opportunity pass.

“F*ck! Those experts are all here.”

“Hehehe! God Bai Ye is quite powerful. He knew what these experts were thinking. If we, who are as weak as ants in their eyes, go over, they’ll still panic. Then, they can only drag their injuries and walk forward.”

“That’s right. Moreover, that very powerful beautiful NPC has also walked forward. They’re even more panicked. Everyone is here for treasures. They’re worried that if they’re a step late, the good stuff will be taken away by others!” “If it weren’t for God Bai Ye leading the way, we would have wasted a few hours there. Damn it, are we spoiling them?”

Soon, they arrived outside the lightning zone.


The scene in front of them made everyone gulp.

The sky above them was bright and sunny, and there were no clouds in the sky!

In front of them, a dark cloud covered the sky. Under the cloud, everything seemed so dark.

The dense thunderclouds in the sky were constantly entangled with lightning, looking very terrifying.

The thunderclouds were simply too thick. When they looked up, they felt that they were very low, just right above their heads.

Obviously, what they had to do next was to pass through the thunderclouds.

“F*ck! This pressure is too strong.”

“What’s this? Will we be attacked by lightning if we walk over?”

“I don’t know. In fact, other than the clouds in the sky that are wrapped in lightning, I don’t think I saw any lightning falling from the sky.”

Everyone frowned and stared ahead.

To be honest, no one dared to take this first step!

They were afraid. It seemed quite calm under the thunderclouds now. There were no lightning bolts. However, if they walked in and a bolt of lightning struck them, would they not die?

In any case, the players’ thoughts were very simple. They just wanted to follow these NPCs and hide behind them. Only then could they go farther.

Moreover, there were quite a number of NPCs and expert NPCs here. They should send someone to go first, right?

Chu Bai frowned.

He did not know what was going on. Would he be struck by lightning if he walked in?

Even the previous divine emperor NPC was killed directly. Chu Bai did not want to take the risk.

Should he release invincibility?

Shura’s Dispatch could be released.

He would test the waters first.

When the injured NPC powerhouses who were walking over saw this scene, they heaved a sigh of relief.

How should they put it?

They were currently injured and did not know what was going on ahead. However, this scene should make these people afraid to continue moving forward, right?

Then could then continue to recuperate.

God Killer took a step forward.

To be honest, the players did not want to waste their time in such a place. Since he knew what these people were thinking, he would test the waters.

If it was possible, then everyone would definitely move forward.

Then, God Killer released his invincibility skill and walked directly under the thunderclouds.

Almost everyone’s attention fell on God Killer.

Chu Bai saw that he was walking forward, so he stopped.

The moment God Killer stepped into the lightning zone…

-0, -0, -0!

Damage numbers of zero appeared above his head.

The NPCs could not see this scene, but the players could.

“There’s damage.”

They frowned!

It was -0 was because God Killer had cast invincibility.

This was something that players could easily understand.


How much was the damage?

Feng Ling frowned.

“It seems that the effect of this lightning zone is similar to that of the ice cave. It’ll reduce HP every second. I wonder if there’s a paralysis effect, but how much damage is this?”

They were not sure.

They could only see the amount of HP God Killer would lose after the invincibility effect ended.

The NPCs frowned.

“Is there any danger?”

They muttered to themselves.


There would definitely be danger!

They would wait and see, then.


Suddenly, a damage value appeared above God Killer’s head.


This scene stunned the players.

How should they put it?

This damage was neither high nor low.

It was within their acceptable range..

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