Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven

Chapter 5: Undefeated Myth (Part II)

Chapter 5: Undefeated Myth (Part II)

“Those power having more than million players didn’t even dare to provoke him? Isn’t this somewhat too exaggerate?” Dou La B Meng said with some hesitation. Surely those who were hearing this for the first time will think it’s unimaginable. All along at VR game world, all players’ starting point is alike to make it fair. In addition they are situated at same world and even the equips given are same rank at first to make no difference in all players starting point. Still from where did this this kind of gap appeared? This VR game world is not any fantasy novel where a single person can match ten thousands.

“I simply know you will speak this way. If I was in your toes then I would have also react in same way. But the name Undefeated Evil Emperor is nothing to ridicule at………I will tell you some of his causal achievement……….”

“Each player is fond of playing VR game in their own way and eventually choose their own vocation which suits them. Even if VR game was changed, the vocation is usually not changed, especially since experts seek actual peak strength so they forever choose the vocation that would suit them……still Tian Mo Xie is exceptional, this also is one of his evil nature. 3 years ago, at that VR game named , he selected assassin vocation and in the midst of , his reputation greatly shocked the entire world. At he had done countless things, among them, once he happened to have a conflict with the leader of the ‘Blood Wolf’ alliance and he killed him in less than 5 seconds of time. If the alliance leader was sensible then this event would have concluded at this point, but that alliance leader however held a grudge and after some days he dispatched several 100 expert alliance member to jointly attack Tian Mo Xie………ultimately that several 100 players could not do a thing to Tian Mo Xie, instead more than half of them were dead, and after that day, that alliance leader was assassinated all together 72 times. No matter where he flee and however many guard he had were all meaningless as long as he was online he would be assassinated. In less than a month, the level of that alliance leader was dropped down below 10 and system forcefully sent him back to beginner village. Still everything was not over, as long as that alliance leader take a step out from beginner village he was immediately killed by Tian Mo Xie. Afterwards that leader never appeared in and Blood Wolf alliance was dissolved.”

“2 years ago, was explosively popular in the whole world, and in this VR game he selected guardian vocation. Most guardian are tanks who are defense oriented but his attack and defense ability however were similarly powerful. The mobility of guardian was suppose to be very weak but what should be feared was, his mobility was undoubtedly comparable to assassin if not higher which was by many times more than other guardian players. Powerful attack, defense and agile speed, entirely concentrated until the limit this was why the other players had already thought Tian Mo Xie as a BUG in . Roughly after half a year after started, there were 10 big alliances of which ‘red autumnal leaves alliance’ and ‘war soul hall’ were having a warfare, this was a large scale seize war. In this war ‘red autumnal leaves alliance’ which was in defense was clearly in inferior position. At that time, Tian Mo Xie by coincidence was just passing by………only was passing by but he raise his sword and a single shield and joined the defense troop of the wall. His mixed suddenly changed the direction of war and gradually their inferior position change into superior position and finally ‘war soul hall’ retreated in defeat. Tian Mo Xie alone by himself completely change the tide of such large scale war where at least 20000 players had participated. After the event, the alliance leader asked the reason why Tian Mo Xie supported his alliance, the answer to the question was that he simply felt Red autumnal leaves name pleasing to eye nothing else.”

“‘War soul hall’ was very intelligent as even after this they didn’t look for Tian Mo Xie for trouble. The temper of Tian Mo Xie was strangely irregular, never needed a reason to do something. He helped ‘red autumnal leaves’ didn’t meant they had any friendship between them and also absolutely trying to pick a fight with ‘war soul hall’. Next day he would completely forget about this. And if ‘war soul hall’ go to provoke Tian Mo Xie then that would cause enmity between them and that enmity may perhaps cause their life……..hick suffer from living nightmare.”

“And in VR game, he had another vocation———ranger. 6 months ago, big horde of monsters named ‘mist’ attacked single small town, there Tian Mo Xie alone defended the entire eastern side of that small town only with a single bow. Not a single monster was able to step into that small town from his side. 3 months ago, in the northern dazzling forest appeared an only overlord (领主: any better suggestion) class BOSS. 300 of same guild players bravely fought a difficult battle. But unfortunately encountered Tian Mo Xie who was also at that place. It is rumored that, he still stand at side and watch them for a long while. Afterwards he raised his bow and in front of several hundred players he kill stole the BOSS and when those players were dumbstruck he picked all dropped equips and swaggered off. At that BOSS fight, a single player had recorded the complete video which attract the attention of many for a long period of time and cause a huge sensation. The swift ability of judgment of location and timing of the arrow of Tian Mo Xie caused many people to let out a big breath. Overlord Boss didn’t even once touched Tian Mo Xie, and that several hundred players couldn’t even ward off his incomparably accurate and calculated attack and they just became meat shield for BOSS attack……”

“His all kinds of tales are too numerous to mention individually, still like Xue Yao Yue, in the end till this date no one knows what type of persons they are in real world. Many power wanted to gather their information but even they couldn’t gather much information.” Duo La B Meng was stupefied hearing Duo La A Meng narration. He felt as if he was hearing a myth.



10 o’clock.

He opened a big can of canned fruit and directly eat the fruit. After emptying the can, Ye Tian Xie randomly threw it, the empty can flew out in not so beautiful arc towards the distance, “crash….” and dropped on the ground. And in the surrounding other all kinds of empty bottles and cans also started to fall. Because of this the air also started to smell bad.

This is precisely the pattern of eating lunch of Ye Tian Xie. His room was very messy, all the things were piled up here and there like a garbage dump. No one could ever think that within such a luxurious villa there is such a garbage dump. Ye Tian Xie was already accustomed to everything here, whether or not it is dirty and messy………… this was merely a place to stay.

With a remote control he opened a television. If he didn’t misremember, before an hour of opening, Tianwai Corporation will be having a final news conference which he didn’t wish to miss.

On the screen of the television, appeared well known aged face with white and gray hair. He looked like he was already above 80 in age, his expression was gentle and pleasing to eyes. He was precisely the director of Tianwai Corporation, ‘Pu Luo Si’, also owner and researcher of ……….as well as what was the most surprising thing about was there were only 2 researcher for this. To be precise, another research participant named ‘Alpha’ and him was main researcher and remainder only helped in making gaming console, their transport and distribution nothing more.

And even more astonishing fact was that ‘Alpha’ was space alien, genuine space alien. All the countries in the world firmly testified and believed in his identity. This is also one of the reason for to cause huge sensation. This VR game shows the vast difference between our and space alien science and technology. But whatever method ‘Pu Luo Si’ used, this VR game influence had already expand to a terrifying level… of 10 biggest banks of the world, 7 biggest VR game company of the world all declared to change profession, all the government of countries around the world gave priority to this VR game and spare no effort in distributing and implementing this game, no other previous VR game got this special honor.

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