Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven

Chapter 43: War Tiger Roar

Chapter 43: War Tiger Roar

The jet black pollen was scattered on the Amethyst War Tiger’s body and it integrated right into the body. Along with it, a faint black smog invisible to the naked eye appeared on the purple body of the Amethyst War Tiger, a small -5 appeared above his head…...the sleeping war tiger finally awoke and his uncomfortable body made him let out a low woo sound, then exploded out with a huge deafening roar.

Bang! Bang!

-150, -150.

A lit two shot firecracker flew from the distance, accurately hitting the face of the Amethyst War Tiger, two cracks sounded out together, two identical red damage numbers appeared above its head, thoroughly enraging it. It instantaneously discovered its target, this was its territory, there was only one intruding life form. With a roaring sound, it leapt up, trying to bite at Ye Tian Xie.

-5, -5, -5…....

Continuous damage numbers floated above the Amethyst War Tiger’s head, once every second. These numbers allowed Ye Tian Xie to see a glimpse of hope. He focused his mind, a calm aura, eyes sharp as a knife, silently calculating the time in his mind, at the same time the Amethyst War Tiger jumped and was hit once again with another two shot firecracker.

He could not let a single two shot firecracker miss! That was his own……lowest requirement!

It was impossible for the Amethyst War Tiger in the air to avoid, it was directly hit, dealing another 300 damage. The attack from the firecracker did not hinder its jump path, when the giant shadow was right over his head, Ye Tian Xie’s body suddenly bent back and went parallel with the ground, the large shadow in the sky whistle right past.

The third two shot firecracker was taken out by Ye Tian Xie, quickly lighting it, he once again threw it at the Amethyst War Tiger that just landed. But the Amethyst War Tiger moved in way beyond his expectation, the minute the two shot firecracker hit, it also folded its body the moment it landed, as it shot itself right at Ye Tian Xie who had just thrown the firecracker…..

The purple tiger form grew larger in front of his eyes, when the cold flash of the tiger claw was at its largest in his pupils, Ye Tian Xie’s brain instantly calculated its move speed value…….

Move speed - 150!

After throwing the two shot firecracker his body was stuck in straight position, the Amethyst War Tiger extreme speed and fast counterattack and his miscalculation of its abilities…….he stiffly stepped half a step to the side, but still he was hit by the tiger claw, a slight pain was transmitted from the side of his body.


Ye Tian Xie’s life bar in an instant almost became empty, from 470 he instantly dropped to 2. Looking at this tiny sliver of HP, even with Ye Tian Xie’s nerves of steel, he still could not help but break out in a cold sweat.

If he did not have the life ring adding on an extra 200 HP, he would have been insta-killed.

Ye Tian Xie quickly fell back, as he filled up his HP to max with a high level recovery potion and a special unnamed recovery potion. But a cold wind closely chased after him. With his 100 move speed, how could he possibly escape the Amethyst War Tiger’s 150 move speed! The Amethyst War Tiger was not like the group of vicious bulls with only 80 move speed and not enough intelligence to not know how to turn.

In the face of the fatal blow, Ye Tian Xie’s body instantly reacted, dangerously turning his body to escape with a roll, taking advantage of the inertia, in the corner of his eye, he was looking at the stone platform the Amethyst War Tiger had been sleeping on and his mind instantly made a judgement. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he ran full speed at the three meter in diameter stone platform.


The Amethyst War Tiger seeing that he missed let out an angry roar and shot out to follow after Ye Tian Xie. Ye Tian Xie jumped onto the stone platform and turned around to run, looking at Amethyst War Tiger running right at the stone platform, his body was almost touching the Amethyst War Tiger before his running body suddenly disappeared…….

It wasn’t truly disappearing, but rather he jumped off the stone platform while squatting against the edge, disappearing for the line of sight of the Amethyst War Tiger.

The height of the stone platform was less than one meter, so Ye Tian Xie could directly jump on with his jump values, then he could jump off from the side. The body of the Amethyst War Tiger was huge, it was unable to stick to corners like Ye Tian Xie could. As Ye Tian Xie expected, once he jumped of the side of the stone platform while squatting against the edge, the large shadow of the Amethyst War Tiger flew right over…..He quickly took out a two shot firecracker and lit it, he accurately calculated its landing position and threw it right at its point of descent, without looking to see if it had hit, he jumped back onto the stone platform, running to the edge, he provoked the Amethyst War Tiger who was screaming after being hit by the two shot firecracker.

-5, -5, -5…...

Although the decreasing amount was small, it did not stop going. The Amethyst War Tiger had an angry aura as it jumped back on the stone platform, he shot after Ye Tian Xie again, but like before, Ye Tian Xie jumped off the side of the stone platform and squatted his body against the edge, the Amethyst War Tiger flew over once again, the minute he landed, he once again ate another two shot firecracker, losing another 300 HP.

Once, twice, thrice…...Again and again. Ye Tian Xie kept repeating the same action on the stone platform and each time the Amethyst War Tiger kept throwing itself at him, outsmarted time after time and time after time he kept being hit for 300 HP.

Knowing how to use favourable factors to win…’s items, the surroundings, climate and even the opponent’s body. This was the characteristic of a powerhouse. A short period passed, again and again the Amethyst War Tiger kept coming up empty handed, it had lost around 2000 HP, each of the two shot firecrackers Ye Tian Xie threw did not miss.

If the Amethyst War Tiger was like the Wild Vicious Bull from before, then it would be thoughtless as it was led around the nose by Ye Tian Xie, but he wasn’t like that…...When Ye Tian Xie jumped on the stone platform again, it turned its body but it did not jump, it angrily glared up, widely opening up its mouth, it let out a deafening huge roar.


The huge roar had a pressure like a large boulder, Ye Tian Xie suddenly felt as if his world had been shocked, his running body staggered and he fell onto the floor. His consciousness was shaken and he felt a bit of dizziness that made his eyes go blank, through the fuzziness he also felt the approaching purple presence.

War Tiger Roar, wide range terrifying technique, a large probability of inducing stun and fear conditions for 3 seconds.

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