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Chapter 39: Dark man eating flower pollen

Chapter 39: Dark man eating flower pollen

12 two star levelled small bosses, green stems and above the leaves were jet black flower buds moving around restlessly, giving off a desire to bite. Although there was only a colour difference, these dark man eating flowers was much more frightening than the man eating flower from before. Ye Tian Xie did not pause, he immediately charged in. The same positions, the same skills, which meant the same attack range and defensive reactions. Although the attack was stronger and had a poison attribute attached to it, as long as it did not hit it would not make a difference, it was no different than the man eating flowers from before.

It was the exact same fighting pattern without any changes, the 12 dark man eating flowers fell down, they launched a total of 6 attacks and never once did they touch Ye Tian Xie’s body…...Actually, if they had hit him even once, then Ye Tian Xie’s trial would have been over. The wild man eating flowers and dark man eating flowers being unable to hit him was no accident. But Ye Tian Xie’s precise judgement let him casually dismiss each and every one of those life threatening attacks and follow up with an attack of his own each time, perfectly hitting all 12 of the man eating flowers.

These originally promoted man eating flowers that increased the difficulty were placed in front of Ye Tian Xie, he could actually take care of them this easily with his incredible judgement.

The dark man eating flower corpses were piled together, Ye Tian Xie searched through the bodies for his loot. This time, the 12 dark man eating flowers gave him 2 piece of Bronze Equipment, 2 pieces of Steel Equipment, some potions, and some silver coins.

A star small boss’ respawn rate was very low, a two star boss’ rate was even lower, but that just meant each one of them had a higher drop rate. Usually rare bosses in the Abyss Level Trial came in groups, but that also meant rare to obtain equipments also came in groups…..But the requirement was that you had to defeat them first.

“Ding…...You’ve harvested ‘Dark Man Eating Flower Pollen’ from the corpse of the Dark Man Eating Flower.”

“Ding…...You’ve harvested ‘Dark Man Eating Flower Pollen’ from the corpse of the Dark Man Eating Flower.”


Dark Man Eating Flower Pollen: Dark coloured pollen obtained from a dark man eating flower, it is terrifyingly toxic.

The 12 dark man eating flower corpses gave 12 dark man eating flower pollen. Earnestly looking at the stats of the dark man eating flower pollen, Ye Tian Xie thought for a bit and then he put them into his inventory. He pushed open the stone door and entered into the next stage.

From starting the first stage to the end of the second stage, altogether only 2 minutes had passed…...If other people knew about this, they would definitely scoff…..Because there would be no way they would believe it.

Almost every player that reached level 10 were tempted by the rewards so they formed teams to challenge the Abyss Level Trial. But most of the teams were eliminated in the first stage, those that could pass the first stage were teams of elite players and those that could pass the second stage…...were elites among elites. Regardless of ability, stats, equipment, or coordination, ordinary players could not match them. The Chinese server has over tens of millions of players, but only three teams have ever passed the second stage of the Abyss Level Trial…..And these three teams only retained 50% of their members…..And the remaining members were all miserably killed in the third stage. The third stage destroyed their hopes and made them give up on retrying. Five consecutive stages, the difficulty of the third stage already made them feel despair, what did it take for them to pass through all of them!?

These three teams, one belonged to the God Realm Guild, one belonged to the Wings of Shrouded Heaven, the last one no one knew the identity.

The time it took them to pass both stages was not less than an hour and each team had a full 12 members.

But Ye Tian Xie by himself only took two minutes to pass these two stages…...Even if this was known, it would only be treated as a joke.

The third stage of Abyss Level Trial, it was the true beginning of the abyss.

After the stone door opened, a couple of large well built cows appeared in his sight, there were still 12 of them. The minute Ye Tian Xie appeared, the cows slowly looked at him, after seeing him, like they had just encountered their mortal enemy, they rushed right at him.

Beside the names above their head, there were three small gold stars.

Wild Vicious Bulls: Level 10 three star elites.

HP: 2500

Originally they were ordinary cows, but after being fed too much melamine and clenbuterol a terrifying variation was formed, their disposition became violent, their builds became large, their bodies became strong, they’ve obtained an abnormal strength. They will savagely dash at anything foreign near them.

Skills: Barbaric Dash: Gathers strength in the forehead to launch dash at a target, deals a large amount of damage, a high probability of causing knockback, and will stun for 2-3 seconds. After each use 1 second backlash stun will affect self.

Special effect: Kidney Stone Outbreak: In the process of charging there is 5% chance that any touch will damage the kidney stone. 5 damage per second, lasts for 3 minutes.

12 three star elites, this was a rare sight to see and even if one did meet this kind of situation one could only turn around and bring back a large group of people to siege them. With the limit of only 12 people, these 12 three star elites were a large gap to pass…...At the same time, these 12 three star elites could not be dealt with one at a time because the minute Ye Tian Xie entered, all the vicious bulls shot at him, this meant that the aggro range covered the entire map of the third trial. Only if the target died would they stop attacking, they would not give any breathing space or any opportunities to think.

Facing a single three star elite, even with 5 well equipped Red Leaves Guild members, they still could not win. Moreover 12 people facing 12 three star elites, there were no hopes of winning. You didn’t even have to think about what would happen with one person.

But, this person was someone who had never lost and would never lose kind of person!

When the closest three vicious bulls dashed in front of him, he had already accurately calculated the move speed of the vicious bulls: Between 78-82! It was less than ordinary players’ initial 100 move speed.

“Heng….” Ye Tian Xie’s eyebrow fell, his eyes were still locked on the fiery vicious bulls in front of him. An ordinary player could duel an 1 star elite, but it was hard to challenge 2 star elites, and it was impossible to duel 3 star elites. A full team was necessary to win against 3 star elites…...One member with a defense job, one member with support job to provide buffs and heals, and one member to quickly output damame, if you were facing it alone……..For example the most powerful Mage job, you could at most get in three attacks before you were killed.

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