Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven

Chapter 37: Wild man eating flowers

Chapter 37: Wild man eating flowers

Using the remaining 13 gold coins left in his inventory, Ye Tian Xie took out 10 gold coins to buy 100 high level recovery potions (restores 400 HP, 5 second cooldown, each potion cost 1 silver coin, restrictions: Level 10 or higher…..Of course for regular players, they did not have the gold to buy it or meet the level requirement.) He also bought 6 steamed buns with the 3 gold coins he had left. He shot a look at glaring “0” as he left Yuan Que’s pharmacy with an empty feeling…..This time, his becoming bankrupt was truly do or die. And this was the only opportunity he had to clear the Abyss Level Trial. If he couldn’t clear it with this kind of preparation, then it was simply impossible.

Coming back to the village head. The village head nodded his head and said, “you face tells me you’ve got quite the harvest, then brave young man, are you ready? I will send you to the location of the trial, it’s a place I personally don’t dare to go. It is a brutal trial. Once I send you there, you can only leave if you die or complete the trial. If you try to leave by this world forcefully (log out), you’ll receive the same penalty as dying…….You, are you prepared?”

Ye Tian Xie thought for a bit and then suddenly said, “Wait a minute…...Village head, can you give me a minute.”

The village head nodded his head, he laughed as he said, “No problem, making proper preparations is the right thing to do. I’ll be here waiting for you.”

Ye Tian Xie logged out from his spot, returning back to the real world. He stood up from the sofa and walked into his bedroom, walking up to the gaming capsule he used for «Murder God» and carefully removed the life maintenance equipment from it.

With the growing popularity of virtual games, in order to allow players to achieve the 24 hours no logging out lifestyle, life support equipment emerged. The development became more convenient and compact and it became more powerful. The current life support equipment was a box around the size of a shoe box with two straps hanging off it. Ye Tian Xie tied the two straps to his arm, and re-entered into the virtual world. When the human body felt hunger, the life support equipment would automatically inject life nourishing cream into the body. Although it was only around the size of a small child shoe box, but one refill was enough to sustain someone for a whole month.

Although the life sustaining equipment could sustain the physiological needs of a person and had no side effects. But numerous experts have repeatedly claimed, life support equipments could not replace an actual diet and prolonged use would decrease normal bodily functions. Moreover not moving your body for prolonged periods will cause nerve and muscle atrophy, so it was suggested that people plan out their game time and eat meals normally.

“Village head, I’m back. Now you can send me.” Appearing in front of the village head, Ye Tian Xie politely said.

Once I send you on your way, you can only come back if you die or finish the trial. If you try to leave this world by force, you will receive the same penalty as dying….Are you really prepared?” The village head seriously reminded.

“Un, I’m all prepared.”

“He, he, good, I truly hope you can create a miracle….Go!”

A talisman appeared in the hand of the village head and he began to chant, the talisman began to glow and Ye Tian Xie’s surroundings became hazy.

When his vision cleared, his surroundings had changed into a new world.

There was a gentle breeze in the spring day mountain valley. Ye Tian Xie was intoxicated by the fresh air, then he focused and scanned his surroundings.

Around 10 meters behind him was a high mountain wall, completely blocking him off from escaping. In front of him, not far away was another mountain wall, but this one was only 10 meters high. In the face of the mountain was the clear shape of a door carved out, on the door were four big words written in crooked letters - The Gate of Trial!

Ye Tian Xie gathered himself, he stood still silently taking in the surroundings and after feeling nothing wrong with his body he walked over to the gate. He was a very cautious person, you could even say he was cautious by nature. Although there seemed to be no danger, but the trial would start once he opened the gate, so he could not let down his guard. Because assumptions are not always right and a single accident could be fatal.

Standing in front of the stone door, he reached out his hand. The moment his hand touched the door, right in front of him a “rumbling” sound was heard as the door slowly opened revealing a whole new world. Ye Tian Xie was standing in front of the door and walked in with a single step.

“Rumbling…….” The minute he walked in, the door immediately closed behind him. Abyss Level Trial, since he was all by himself…...Once he walked in, it was like walking into an abyss devoid of any light and hope.

The ground was still a natural green colour, but the air had become cloudy and cold. Ye Tian Xie called out Moment of Destiny as he walked forward…...Not far in front of him was another identical stone door, but in front of this door was 12 shaking plants…..

Wild man eating flowers!

Wild man eating flowers: Level 10 one star elite

HP: 1000

Under the influence of demonic qi, a variation of the man eating flower emerged. Although it is immobile, it will attack if it senses life approaching it.。

Skills: Fatal Devour: opens the mouth to bite a target, deals 70 points of damage, 3% chance of completely swallowing the target.

One star elite, the first stage of the trial unexpectedly was guarded by a one star elite small boss and there 12 of them. At the same time, these 12 wild man eating flowers were equivalent to small boos leaders, with their 70 damage inflicting ability, even with his 18 defense, vitality increasing ring and his 470 HP, he still could not handle many hits. What was more frightening was…..the wild man eating flower’s 3% chance of completely swallowing a target. It meant that once it hit, it would completely swallow someone into the stomach of the wild man eating flower…...That was simply death!

Moreover, these wild man eating plants had a terrible distribution, not a dispersed arrangement, not a vertical or horizontal or a mix, they were arranged in an arc like configuration, they were arranged in a semicircle. In this kind of formation, not matter how Ye Tian Xie approaches, he would come under attack by multiple wild man eating flowers. The immobility of the wild man eating flowers was on the attributes that drove people crazy…...because now it was impossible to take them down one by one.

The Abyss Level Trial, it truly was terrifying.

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