Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven

Chapter 31: “!@#¥%&……”

Chapter 31: “!@#¥%&……”

What the Nuclei of Destiny were, he could already guess most of them.

But where they were, he had no idea.

But at least he saw a goal, a goal that let his heart beat in excitement, making him eager to achieve it….Maybe, this goal had already existed for a long time, when she left, it already existed in his heart, he just couldn’t find a way to achieve it.

He had to solve the puzzle behind Moment of Destiny, like that, perhaps he could find out why she left at that time, and maybe where she went….Maybe this was just his wishful thinking, but if there was a chance to find her, he would accomplish it no matter what.

Nucleus of Destiny….A sudden hope filled him, if he could find the seven Nuclei of Destiny and rebuild the true Eternal Moment of Destiny, perhaps he could find the answer he had been looking for.

But right now, this wasn’t what was the most important!!

“Guo Guo!” Ye Tian Xie strongly shook his head, he had never doubted himself before, but he could not believe his eyes in this moment. Moreover last time, at the same time it was because of Guo Guo, because of Moment of Destiny, because of «Destiny», “Where did you get that lollipop from?”

Turning his head to look at Guo Guo, he suddenly saw something that shouldn’t exist in this world…...The lollipop that Guo Guo was holding in her hand!

The necklace appearing in the Destiny world, he was already shocked, Guo Guo appearing in real life, his instincts were that he was dreaming. But this time, what he saw shocked him completely….That lollipop clearly was the one he bought for Guo Guo yesterday! It was something from the real world, it should not be here!

“Heng!” A stick was sticking out of Guo Guo’s little mouth, she was a bit discontent and a bit satisfied as she said, “Master is so bad, clearly buying so many lollipops yesterday, but only giving me one…..So when Master was sleeping, I secretly took them, even if Master is angry it’s still no use, ha, ha, ha.”

Secretly stealing it while I was asleep…..A black line appeared on Ye Tian Xie’s head…..That wasn’t the important point! Ye Tian Xie seriously said, “Guo Guo, you can bring things from the real world to this world?”

“Huh? Bringing something from the real world to this world? Master is saying…..Ah!!” Guo Guo had only said half and then cried in alarm, both her hands covered her mouth in surprise and the lollipop in her hand fell to the ground.。

Ye Tian Xie walked forward a step, picking up the fallen lollipop, it was clearly the lollipop Ye Tian Xie bought for Guo Guo yesterday, the wrapping paper lying nearby was cold hard proof. The lollipop was clearly just taken out by Guo Guo, the top was still covered with a silver layer of spit, even though there was no change with the size.

Lollipop: Candy that kids love to eat.

Effect: Decreases hunger by 5 upon consumption.

There were actually attributes…...Ye Tian Xie had the impulse to viciously beat his head. His knowledge had been viciously destroyed once again.

“Hu...Over, it’s over, I didn’t notice I brought it over…..I accidently brought it out to eat…...Hu, hu, Master found out…...What do I do, what do I do, big sis said I couldn’t let him notice this early, hu, hu…...What do I do.......” Guo Guo covered her mouth and stared at Ye Tian Xie, her eyes filled with tears like diamonds, thinking she had said it in a small voice, but Ye Tian Xie had clearly heard it.

Clearly this little thing had a lot of things she was suppose to slowly reveal. Like how she could appear in the real world, or the fact that she could bring things from the real world to this world…..But in only two days time, she having less brain than most people, obediently revealed many things on her own, if Ye Tian Xie hadn’t reminded her, she wouldn’t even have noticed.

Ye Tian Xie shook his head, as his emotions returned to normal, “Guo Guo, it seems like you can bring things from the real world to this world, who exactly are you.”

Guo Guo looked pitiful and quietly said, “Master…...Hu…….I can’t tell you.”

“Why can’t you tell me.”

“Because if Master hasn’t found the seven Nuclei of Destiny, you aren’t qualified to know. Otherwise….If master knows…..he will die…..”

Ye Tian Xie: “!?”

“In short, I can’t tell master, Master is not allowed to ask, not allowed to ask, not allowed to ask!!” Guo Guo puffed up her cheeks while shouting, then all of a sudden turning into a white light, she disappeared in front of Ye Tian Xie. Ye Tian Xie was speechless, lost in thought.

Unexpectedly, the white light appeared again and Guo Guo who had disappeared appeared again. Without waiting for Ye Tian Xie to say anything, she quickly flew by. While Ye Tian Xie wasn’t paying attention she snatched the lollipop from in his hand and then quickly disappeared again.

Looking at his empty left hand, Ye Tian Xie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Guo Guo seemed to have a strange fixation with lollipops he could not understand.

The Destiny world, was really just a game world…...

Thinking of Pu Luo Si’s cryptic words during that press conference from before, remembering his sudden death and last words, then thinking about what happened in the past two days. He firmly shook his head, “No!”

Then, what was the answer…….

He lifted the Moment of Destiny and shot towards the wolves in the distance. Truth, only the strong had the qualification to know, destiny, was forever in the hand of the strong. Regardless of which world it was, this principle never changed. He wouldn’t force the answer out of Guo Guo, it was impossible to learn anything from this little blabber mouth anyway, he only thought about using his own strength to find out what he wanted to know. Moreover this was the principle he adhered to.

Noon, under the crooked dry tree. Ye Tian Xie expressionlessly handed the thousand wolf eyes to the old lady. These days, he kept using his harvesting skill and the experience of his basic harvest skill had increased a lot, if he kept going at this daily rate of harvesting, in a single month he would reach the intermediate level harvest.

“Ding…...You’ve completed the quest ‘The sealed elder’s request’.”

Quest Reward obtained: 1000 experience points, 10 gold coins.

Thank you young man, these wolf eyes are a great help to me. Young man, seeing as you are kind hearted and brave, would you be willing to help me gather 10000 more wolf eyes?

Ye Tian Xie: “!@#¥%&……”

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