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Chapter 28: Loli’s lollipop

Chapter 28: Loli’s lollipop

“Young miss! Young Miss!”

Sounds of footsteps in a hurry came from not far, five middle aged men wearing black suits came running over. Seeing the black van and the four people lying on the ground, their faces all revealed shock as they quickly asked, “Young Miss, are you alright? They are….”

“Alright, alright….it’d be strange if I was alright!” The young miss angrily stomped her foot, her angry voice made the five black suited men simultaneously lower their head, “Don’t you know that I was almost kidnapped! If it wasn’t for someone saving me, I would have…..would have…..humph!”

“Sor...Sorry young miss, this is all our fault. Before boss Feng was the one protecting young miss, but this time boss Feng wasn’t here, we encountered a situation we had to deal with and forgot the young miss be herself, when we get back please punish us young miss…..Young miss, they are……”

A person squatting down was checking of the breath of the four black clothed people, after not that long, he stood up and shook his head, “They are all dead.”

Not only were they dead, but he had also closely checked their bodies. He could not find a single bloodstain or any wounded areas. Moreover their expressions when they died was one filled with terror.


“Ah? Dead!?” The young girl subconsciously step back a step and covered her mouth with her hands. Thinking of the how he blocked the bullet and how he killed them all…. Perhaps he’s the Power User that her dad told her to never provoke?

“There definitely is a traitor that leaked news of young miss going out, once we go back we have to properly investigate. Young miss, let’s go back, I’ve already called the boss, he already...”

“There is no need for you guys to help me, I can walk by myself!” The young girl waved her hand around, and angrily took the lead, “What use do you guys have! I want to go out twice today, the first time was…..”

The five people behind the young girl was ashamed and unable to refute. Today she went out twice, the first time was to go pick up the «Destiny» gaming device, because the «Destiny» service used DNA binding for the equipment one had to go personally retrieve it. But no one would have thought that after being insulted on the street, they would not even be able to find the shadow of the person. The second time, she was almost kidnapped. If not for an unknown person saving her, just thinking about the consequences made the five people break out in a cold sweat.

But the angry voice of the young miss stopped and she stopped moving. The person from this morning that bumped into her, the two forms running away slowly melded together, the colour of his clothes, shoes, and style…..”Ah!!” The young miss suddenly pointed in front of her and sent out a scream, “He was the person that was rude to me this morning!!”


“.....Lei Feng, you dropped your lollipop.”

Coming home and closing the door, remembering this sentence, Ye Tian Xie wanted to kill himself.

“Oh la la, Master has come home. Lollipop, did you bring back a lollipop?” Seeing Ye Tian Xie come back, flying around each corner of Ye Tian Xie’s house, Guo Guo came over excitedly shouting.

Lollipop…..Ye Tian Xie’s face filled with dark lines, with a “puff” he sat down on the couch and weakly said, “I don’t have it…. From now on you are not allowed to mention lollipops!”

Guo Guo’s excited face vanished as she blinked, a heavy sad expression filled her face, “Huuu….. Master promised me….. Promised to buy lollipops for Guo Guo…… Master can’t just say things without meaning it…… How could Master lie to the cute and obedient Guo Guo…..”

Little Guo Guo’s expression was too pitiful, her pale cheeks glowing red, both hands rubbing her skirt, her eyes were in tears. It was as if the white clouds in the sky suddenly began to drizzle. Her mouth was mumbling and seemed as if she would burst into tears at any minute, like she had just been wronged.

Guo Guo’s pitiful state could destroy all kinds of defenses, or at least directly destroy Ye Tian Xie’s defenses. He quickly took out a lollipop from his pocket and put it in front of Guo Guo, “Relax, I was just playing a joke. See...I brought a lollipop back for you.”

Guo Guo’s quick facial changes could be considered earth shattering, the minute the lollipop came out, Guo Guo devastated appearance instantly disappeared and it was replaced with shining face full of excitement. Her fluttering body grasped the giant lollipop in her hands and she let out a scream of joy, “Wow! Is this a lollipop? How beautiful!”

“......Right.” Ye Tian Xie really regretted now getting a watermelon and telling her that it was a lollipop.

"Wow…..Oh la la! Master is good, Master is the beast, oh la!” Guo Guo was excitedly flying around holding the lollipop, using her two small hands to firmly hold onto it. After a little while, she figured out how to unwrap the plastic packaging around and sniffed an exploratory sniff with her little nose and smelled a sweet fragrant fruity smell that made her close her eyes, showing an adorable expression. The she stuck out her small pink tongue and gently licked it.

“Wow! How sweet. It is really delicious!” Guo Guo’s eyes became brighter as her mouth continued to spout all kinds of happy calls and laughter. With both hands holding the lollipop and a small pink tongue licking all over painted a picture that put Ye Tian Xie into a daze.

After randomly eating something for dinner, the time was already 9:30. Ye Tian Xie’s three meal a day didn’t have any regulations, he just ate to fill his stomach. Most of the time he didn’t know what he ate and he didn’t even taste any flavours.

But Guo Guo’s dinner….. If she needed to dinner, then it was the lollipop she was holding. Not long had passed and she had already licked half the lollipop. Ye Tian Xie got up and said, “Guo Guo, I’m going to take a bath, you just quietly sit there, watch tv and eat your candy, you can’t go running around.”

“I got it Master, Guo Guo is the most obedient.” Little Guo Guo was whole heartedly eating the lollipop in her hand and her sparkling eyes were excitedly staring at the tv.

In the bathroom, sitting down in the tub of water, Ye Tian Xie could finally think about what happened in «Destiny» today. The appearance of Moment of Destiny, the appearance of Guo Guo in and out of the game, this kind of illusion was hard for him to wrap his head around. He lowered his head and held the black necklace called Eternal Moment of Destiny. Then he closed his eyes and his brain conjured a dream, the never changing and never disappearing fairy appearance. This thing was the only thing she left behind, from then on he never took it off, even when he was bathing.

Perhaps, he could slowly get the answer from the strange Guo Guo. But he would need to slowly bribe her, perhaps being candy for her could be the first step. Thinking of the image of Guo Guo holding the lollipop, Ye Tian Xie couldn’t help the smile coming to his face.

The cool water helped reduce his body temperature, and scattering the effects of the hot and dry summer night. Ye Tian Xie let out a long sigh and stopped thinking, he closed his eyes to enjoy the cool feel of the water which was so soothing he almost fell asleep.

“Yi ya! Master was taking a bath…….Oh la la! I love taking baths, I want to take a bath too!”

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