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Chapter 26: Buying sweets, Kidnapping

Chapter 26: Buying sweets, Kidnapping

Summer night, a cool breeze blowing.

Ye Tian Xie had inserted both of his hands inside the pocket of his trousers, and was walking alone on the streets full of various lights. Even the frequently passing peoples and vehicles didn’t drew his attention in the slightest. He kept on thinking about the appearance of Guo Guo in this world inside his brain.

Every answer should be inside this destiny of moment. He caught the black pendant which was hanging near his chest…………‘no matter if it is the destiny world, or the real world, Guo Guo had appeared from inside this pendant , and this pendant can actually exist in the destiny world and the real world…………..why?’

What exactly did she left inside of this?

Who…………is she?

His footsteps suddenly stopped, he had forgotten about this many years ago, the question he had evaded for many years suddenly hit him in his heart. He released a heavy sigh, and continued to move forward.

After crossing 3 whole streets, Ye Tian Xie finally arrived before the nearest vending machine. At his residence neighborhood, there was still 5-6 big and small shops opened but……………if he, a grown man, went to a shop in the middle of night to buy a bunch of lollipops…………it was no different than throwing away his face. Just think about the strange gaze of the shopkeeper, it would be enough to kill him.

He glanced around for a few times, after making sure that no one was around, he took out a 100 dollars bill and stuffed the money into the opening, after that, he bought 20 lollipops.

Hualala, 20 different flavors lollipops gushed out one by one. Again, he looked around his surroundings, seeing no one around him, he calmly put all 20 lollipops inside his pocket and sealed his pocket tightly. He was about to leave, but hesitated and turned around. After that, he again took out another 100 dollars bill and bought various types of chocolates and stuffed another pocket.

Mission accomplished! Ye Tian Xie released a small sigh of relief, and quickly started to walk. He had never, even in a dream, thought that he would come to buy chocolates…………….but the pure, innocent and the anxious eyes of Guo Guo forced him.

The sky was already completely black, the clouds were blocking the incomplete moon, which shined a pale light on the earth. There were many lights in the city that were illuminating this downtown, but this light couldn’t illuminate that countless evil hidden in the dark.

Ye Tian Xie always regarded himself as a man who was not part of this world, and in reality, he was sometimes aloof, and sometimes he makes a bold move which some ordinary peoples do not dare. What he wants is …… even he himself is also quietly looking for that answer. Watching the reality of the world with cold eyes, and silently watching the corner ordinary people can’t see, the more he thinks, the more he and the world part.

Blue, however you are the sky,

White, however you are a cloud.

Ye Tian Xie looked towards the black sky and depicts the cloud’s shape. And he started to sing the poem he had learned from his elementary teacher.

A cold gust of wind blew in his ear, he slightly raised his head and was quite enjoying the cool and refreshing indifferente foul flavor of this city. But his steps paused, and he looked towards the direction of that far away dim corner.

“Oh………..Oh………………Let go of me……………………save”

A sneer appeared in his face, he withdrew his vision, no longer looking at that direction, and continued to walk forward. This place is the most bustling capital city of china and here you could see every kind of dirt. He had already seen too much, initially, he used to be angry but gradually became familiar to these sights and became insensitive towards them. Perhaps this is part of another rule of reality, so long ago, he had already stopped to meddle in another person business any longer.

100 meters of distance, it was clear that no ordinary person could hear the shout of that female, and no one could see what was happening in that dark corner. Ye Tian Xie turned around the corner, and his gaze carelessly saw the situation in that corner, his steps suddenly stopped.

They were separated by 100 meters of distance, but his vision cut through the veil of night and saw the terrified expression of a female child at that corner. From her face, he caught a hint of familiarity, and also, this sense was not at all a distant feeling, as if he had just seen her.

Instantly, he had already remembered where he had seen this girl, he somewhat cannot help but turn around and walk and mumble to himself, “Count yourself lucky, it seemed like you looked at your yellow calendar before you left your house.”

“Fu…….Hurry up! Those guards around her are not a simple character, if they are back, then it would be troublesome.”

“Heng! Those blockheads are completely lead around the city by their noses. Heng, what elites of dog fart’s Cheetah organization, with just a bit of distraction, we caught them just like a pig.” A person with black clothes all over his body said with a ferocious looks.

“Well, get in the van.” Said the man who was holding a cigar in his mouth.

Under the cover of darkness, the door of the black van was opened, and the little girl whose mouth was already sealed, was hauled inside the van. In her eyes, you could see a completely terrified expression, she was struggling to free herself and could only release a small whining sound.

Altogether, there were 4 individuals with black clothes, and you could easily see that those people were not good people. And from their clothing style, you could easily know that these people were from the underworld.

“Dark night, what a wonderful relaxing time, I don’t know where you four are intending to take this beautiful young miss in this marvelous night.”

All 4 peoples suddenly became serious and simultaneously turned around. It was dim ahead, so they didn’t realize that a single youth with casual clothing was standing there. With the help of this dim light, they vaguely caught the sight of a comfortable smile in the face of the youth, but that smile caused their hearts to violently beat.

With their high degree of alertness, none of them had noticed when this youth had appeared behind them. This person……………

The old man was the first to calm down after their brief moment of surprise, he threw the cigar in his mouth, and with eyes that looked like a fierce wolf released a stern light and in a cold voice, he said, “Dispose of him.”

“Wu wu………..” The female in the van tried to ask for help, and tried to open her eyes to look at the man who had suddenly appeared. She had nearly given up all her hope, but the sudden appearance of the man felt like she had just caught the straw and she tried her best to struggle.


A metal sound was heard, and within the hands of these 4 people appeared guns pointed towards Ye Tian Xie. And simultaneously revealed a cold smile.

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