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Chapter 24: Ancient life ring

Chapter 24: Ancient life ring

With slight regret he kept this necklace in his inventory. Then he turned around to leave the Wolf valley and returned to the beginner village.

Right now it was already close to 8 o’clock in the evening, but as before beginner village was still bustling, and noisy with every kind of noise, whole beginner village was filled with variety of cries and noise coming from the surrounding stalls.

“Level 3 battle-axe, with attack +7, compared to the common white grade battle axe which have only +1 attack, it is much better, 2 silver only.”

“Level 3 robe, with spirit +2, best robe for novice priests, 1 gold coin only, or exchange with level 3 steel grade item for warrior………….”

“Highest quality straw sandal, adds +3 in movement speed, 8 silver, take it or leave!”

After killing Giant fierce wolf and Variation Blood wolf, with his 10 points in luck, right now in his inventory he had at least 10 items, among them at least 4 are steel grade items and even more all his equips were not below level 5. In this initial stage, a single piece of steel grade item was enough to make players fight each other, and if the player is wearing steel grade equips all over the body, then he would become focus point of all gaze and receive countless players’ envy and jealous filled gaze.

Although there is more than 10 items in his inventory which could make any players green with envy, but he didn’t have any plan to set up a stall and peddle…………… he already hold 100 gold coins and peddling here would get him some coins, nothing more.

Passing through the crowd he went straight to village head. Before he could open his mouth, the village head had clearly recognized him, and with a bright eyes he said, “Brave adventure, we meet again. Your expression tells me that you have accomplished the mission I gave.”

“Yes village head, these wolf fangs can prove that I have accomplished the mission.” He took out 100 wolf fangs and gave it to village head. Village head narrowed his eyes, nodded approvingly and said, “Well, as expected you are indeed brave, this is your reward.”


You have successfully completed the mission. Obtained rewards; 1000 experience points, 5 silver coins and level 5 steel grade war boots.”

“Thank you village head.”

“No need to be modest, this is reward for your bravery. Ha ha, you’re truly polite youngster.”


“Village head of 60001 beginner village favorability +1.”

Ye Tian Xie:”……………..”

Ai, this damn charm ah, his charm of 20 points already exceeds 2 times the normal players highest charm points is really at the level which defiance the natural order…………….he let out a complacent sigh with feelings, after that he took out the dazzling purple necklace and asked, “Village head, I found this on the body of Variation Blood wolf, do you know its origin?”

Village head slightly lowered his head, his pair of old half-closed eyes suddenly opened wide and his face suddenly freezed and didn’t respond for a long time. Finally he reached out his withered hand to that purple necklace, his whole body trembling, and spoke with a small trembling voice which was almost impossible to hear, “ This……this is……this is the necklace worn by my son before he died ah!”

Seeing the reaction of village head, he thought it was the sign of positive outcome, and the words ‘this was the necklace worn by my son’ let him know the origin of necklace. And he also thought, originally this was the necklace worn by the son of village head and when he went to wolf valley, he died there and left behind this necklace on the ground and after that Variation Blood wolf found it and it eventually fell in his hand.

Village firmly held the purple gem necklace, as if he wanted to embed it in his palm, and murmured in a low spirit, “This was the final gift my wife gave to my son, and also this was his most precious thing in his life. To see it, was my greatest wish after both my wife and son had died, but I believed that I would never see it again in my life……..Thank you, thank you youngster. Thank you for helping me to retrieve the belongings of my son. It feels like I am seeing his heroic appearance again…………..”

Village head put that purple gem necklace before his chest, his face was already covered with tears. He closed his eyes, and recalled his cherish memory of distant past of his dead son and wife.

Ye Tian Xie kept his mouth shut, he knew that now this old man needs quite, and even more knew…………if he waited here quietly then clearly, he would obtain a reward of hidden mission.

Finally after a long time he opened his eyes, he wiped all the tears in his face, and with a cool expression pat Ye Tian Xies’s shoulder and said, “You are brave not only in name but a true brave and kind person. I will always remember your kindness………..I have nothing to repay your great favor, but this ring which I had worn for many years, I’ll gift you. I wish its ability would help you in your adventures in the future. I’ll look forward to the time when you became a real hero and go to punish those demons who had brought disaster to the world that day.”

A simple and unadorned ring appeared in the hand of village head, and he placed that ring in Ye Tian Xie’s hand. He could see faint blue colored light appeared at the ring………..rings are incomparably precious type of accessory items, and blue light signifies…….this is unexpectedly a steel grade ring.

Ancient Life ring: steel grade accessory

Requirement: None

Village head of 60001 beginner village had luckily found this ring in the wilderness in his early days.

Origin: Unknown

Attributes: HP+100, auto-heal 2 HP per second.

The attribute of the ring had far exceed his expectation, he was surprised for a brief moment. In front of village head, he wore this ancient life ring in his finger, and sincerely said, “Thank you village head, this Life ring will give me a lot of help.”

“Ha ha, you can say that I’m very pleased.” The village gently nodded his head and said with a smile.


“You successfully complete a unique hidden mission ‘lost purple gem necklace’. Obtained: 800 experience, special item: Ancient life ring, and village head of 60001 village favorability +20.”


“The favorability of village head of 60001 village reached full confidence.”

In the world, NPC favorability towards the players also have a certain classification, roughly: absolutely irreconcilable (favorability -100 or less), displaying extreme anger (favorability -60 or less), will not spare a glance (-30 favorability or less), look cold and indifferent (favorability -10 below) and nothing out of ordinary (favorability -10 to 10), admire extremely (10 or more favorability), full confidence (favorability above 40), deeply grateful (favorability 100), have faith in (favorability above 170), start to serve as celestial beings (favorability above 250), worship (500 or more favorability).

The higher the degree of favorability, NPC will become more enthusiastic to help and guide the players, and simultaneously can receive more missions, probability of triggering hidden mission will be greatly improved. On the contrary, when the degree of favorability drops to negative, NPC’s will give cold shoulder to the players and even often give malicious guidance, or they would not give even a most common mission. When favorability dropped to -50 or less due to any reason, then there will be a certain probability of being attacked by NPC, lower the favorability, higher the probability of attacking, and when favorability is reduced to -100, then the NPC will attack you 100%, when they catch the sight of that player.

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