Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven

Chapter 18: You knew too much!

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Online Game Evil Dragon Against The Heaven, Chapter 18: You knew too much!

Even the novice players would have their crime points increased if they PK-ed someone in the wild. If the initiator of PK killed an opponent, then his crime point would be increased by +1, and if the other party counter attacked and killed the initiator of the PK, then his crime would not have increased. The higher the crime value, the greater the death penalty. The crime value would automatically get reduced by 1 point, every 5 hours in the wild. If the crime value was above 10, then that player would have become wanted in major cities, and once he entered the city, he would be caught by the authority and placed in prison. And in prison, the crime value reduced automatically by 1 point per hour. Also one could pay money in order to reduce the crime: 1000 Gold coin per 1 crime point.

There was no level reduction penalty at the time of death for the players who were below level 10, but there was a chance to drop some equips and coins. Ye Tian Xie didn’t directly charge to attack the novice guardian from the front, rather he rushed and passed through the space between the novice guardian and the novice warrior with his strange steps and attacked the novice magician who was about to cast a magic bullet. As the length of eternal destiny of moment plus his hand was spread to 2 meters, the unprepared novice mage could only see a black shadow and only felt a slight sting on his throat, the digit ‘-196’ floated above his head. His 90 points of HP bar was emptied in a single attack, and he slowly fell on the ground.

Sudden attack, and critical hit!

Insta-kill! Unexpectedly even at the beginning phase of the game, insta-kill appeared! The remaining 3 players drew in a huge breath. If this was in the late stages of the game, then the gap between the players’ strength would already be opened by some degree. So at that time insta-kill could occur, but insta-kill occurring in the beginning stages of the game, no one could believe it. But they had seen that sight with their own eyes.

At the time when they were shocked, he attacked again. A single sword simultaneously swept at both the novice warrior and the novice guardian. This caused both of them to awaken from their shock, and they directly used their attack skills towards Ye Tian Xie’s body. That huge damage of almost 200 had frightened them, but it also caused their greed to increase even more in their heart. This kind of attack power at this beginning stage could only be regarded as abnormal, and there was no doubt that everything was happening because of that extraordinary weapon.

As if he already knew about the attacks of those 2 players beforehand, his body slightly moved backwards and at the same time he withdrew eternal destiny of moment. A single two-handed sword and one-handed sword, at the same time almost stabbed him in his chest, but there was still a fine line distance between his chest and those swords. It was perfectly calculated. And also at the same time, an arrow whistled past his ear side.

His reaction and perception were several times higher than that of the average players. Even if he had not deliberately raised his vitality, he could contend against others in close combat. Because of his high perception and reaction speed, he could immediately dodge most of the attacks. Once again he swept his eternal destiny of moment causing 2 blood red digit to float in the air above the 2 heads. The HP bar of the novice warrior was completely emptied and he fell on the ground and disappeared. Seeing this, the face of the novice guardian became pale and he retreated one step hurriedly. When his leg had just moved, a shadow of Ye Tian Xie appeared before him, after that the pupil of his eyes enlarged and shortly afterwards the notification of his death rang in his ear.

With a simple attack, in a flash, again two players had died under his hand. The novice archer who was hiding behind the stone was dumbfounded and didn’t move from that location for a few seconds. And after some time he awoke and finally when he started to escape, Ye Tian Xie was already near him and that massive weapon was going to strike him………….


A very exaggerated, horrible shriek caused Ye Tian Xie to stop his attack. The novice archer was already paralyzed on the ground with fear and with his pale face he said, “Spare me………big brother spare me, I will give you all the equipments I have. So please don’t kill me.”

Such an exaggerated response made him a bit interested, and with a pondering look he said, “You are afraid of death? Just now I saw you shooting an arrow with a very HAPPY face.”

There was no level reduction penalty for death and even if there was a level reduction penalty, he was only level 3 now, and within half an hour he could easily level up, so he didn’t have to be afraid to such degree. But sadly, this miserable player had entered the game for the first time after a long period of time and in order to simulate 100% reality, this brainless idiot had set pain tolerance at 100%. If Ye Tian Xie attacked him here, then it would be no different than attacking him in the real world with a knife. When he first entered the game he had already started to regret it but in this destiny world there was no chance to start again…………….

He interestingly observed the novice archer being afraid and slowly brought eternal destiny of moment near him and said, “Well, actually I am a very compassionate person, although you all didn’t keep your promise and attacked me. I am not that ruthless………well, let me ask you a question, if you can give me a satisfactory answer, I’ll let you go.”

After hearing this, the face of the novice archer eased somewhat, and hastily nodded his head, “Thank you brother……..Anything I know, I’ll tell you.”

“Am I handsome?” He casually asked while playing with eternal destiny of moment.

“Ah……..handsome! You are the most handsome man I have ever seen.” The novice archer hastily nodded his head, now even if Ye Tian Xie was a pig, he had to violate his conscience to give the answer which pleased him.


As the weapon ripped through him, the novice archer released a blood-curdling scream like a pig who was about to get slaughtered. Another spectacular critical hit digit floated in the air. After screaming, the body of the novice archer fell on the ground and turned into a white light, and like his other unlucky party member he also returned to the beginner village.

Ye Tian Xie stood up, looking towards the dislocated north, he let out a sigh and said, “You knew too much.”

He walked towards the dead body of the wolf and picked up 3 recovery potion and scattered coins. When he counted the number of coins, he couldn’t help but be shocked……….this 3* BOSS dropped 50 silver coins, equivalent to 50 cent of Chinese currency.

He put all these money in his inventory, and finally took 3 equips that were also dropped by the giant fierce wolf and started to browse its attributes.

Boots of ferocious wolf: Level 5

Grade: Steel

Requirement: Close combat vocation

Because it is the boot made from the skin of giant fierce wolf, it is tough and flexible.


Defense +5

Movement speed +3

Shoulder pad of ferocious wolf: Level 5

Grade: Steel

Requirement: Close combat vocation

Because it is a shoulder pad made from giant fierce wolf, it has good defense.


Defense +10

Strength +2

Knee pad of ferocious wolf: Level 5

Grade: Steel

Requirement: Close combat vocation

Because it is a knee pad made from giant fierce wolf, it has good defense.


Defense +8

Vitality +2.

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