One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 181 - Guess Who is Getting Married? (2)

Chapter 181: Guess Who is Getting Married? (2)

Translator: Sissy That Walk

Just when they were in thoughts, Qin Rong showed up in the hospital with his son Qin Yunze, he looked so worried and anxious, he rushed towards Qin Rong when he saw her, “Yu, my daughter, how is your mom now, what did the doctor say? You just don’t worry, I’ll take care of you anyway, even if you lose your mom, it’s not the end of the world.”

“Enough!” Qin Yunyu screamed, she splashed the water in the bottle on him, she raised her voice, “I know how you and grandfather wished my mom died! Are you disappointed that my mother survived the accident? Qin Rong, how I wish all this was a bad dream, how I wish you were still the father that I thought you were! But no! You have turned into a pure monster! A madman! You insisted me marrying into Liu family regardless of my mother’s rejection, you said it was for our family, so I agreed, I didn’t say one single word to fight against this setup! After what I have done , now look at you, what have you done to my mother, you monster!”

She was closer and closer to a breaking point as she said this to Qin Rong, she felt she was about to throw up. She looked sideways and took a few deep breaths to calm down, then she looked at the young man standing next to Qin Rong, she said in a cold voice, “Ze, you are mom’s beloved son, my little brother, how can you be part of this! Don’t even put on a show like this in front of me, you make me sick! You are no longer mom’s child the second you decided to be part of Qin’s conspiracy! Get out of my face! I do not want to see you! Mom doesn’t want to see you!”

“Sister!” Qin Yunze yelled at her, and he swept a cold look at Di Qiuhe and He Bai who were standing next to them, “Have you lost your mind? What nonsense are you talking about? There are people here!”

Qin Rong also saw Di Qiuhe and He Bai, especially thinking about how prosperous Di Qiuhe was now and how things turned difficult in his own family, he was so envious and he yelled at them, “What are you doing here? This is family business! Fxxk off! Now!”

“They are my guests who you are talking to, and it was me who asked them to visit MY mother who was lying in the ward. It was you and Qin Yunze who should fxxk off, scumbags are not welcome here.” Qin Yunyu replied before Di Qiuhe and He Bai said anything, and she stood before Di Qiuhe and He Bai like she was protecting them, she glared at Qin Rong and Qin Yunze, full of disgust in her eyes, she gritted her teeth, “If not them, mom would have died in this hospital after she survived the car accident, I know what game you and Qin Mingqiang are playing, all the dirty tricks you are up to. I’m warning you, leave the hospital now, or I will make sure everyone knows what dirty business Qin Family is in.”

“Yu!” Qin Rong finally showed his true colors, he gave Qin Yunyu a warning look, “What have you taken me for?”

“A scumbag what you really are!” Qin Yunyu replied.

Qin Rong frowned, he raised his hand and about to slap her on the face.

He Bai frowned and was ready to stop Qin Rong’s hand.

“You bastard! What are you doing? I dare you!” A deep voice came from the other side of the hall way, it was Yan Hui’s father and mother, Qin Yunyu’s grandparents.

Seeing her grandparents, Qin Yunyu finally burst into tears she ran towards them and hugged them with tears pouring out from her eyes.

Qin Yunze joined and tried to fool the old couple.

Such a chaos in the hallway.

Di Qiuhe frowned, he took He Bai from the scene after he watched the paramedics to transfer Yan Hui to the ambulance. Now he took a breath of relaxation seeing Yan Hui transferred to a better hospital.

“Now the fallout between the Qins and the Yans is finally official,” sighed He Bai with complicated emotions. That was such a dramatic show taking place in the hallway of a hospital, father and daughter were so close to slap each other, husband tried to murder wife, in-laws were about to fight each other.

Di Qiuhe held He Bai’s hand and patted it as comfort, “Qin Mingqiang is old now, sometimes he made wrong decisions, like this accident. The Qins are doomed.”

If he had played the family card on Yan Hui, using her two kids to soften her, chances were things wouldn’t have gone as bad. Yan Hui might not divorce Qin Rong for the sake of the two kids.

Now the Qins made a deadly move by escalating the hatred outrageously. They were doomed.

Yan Hui made a phone call to Fan Da after she woke up, yet no one knew what she said to him. Not long after Yan Hui discharged from the hospital ,she reported the Qins’ tax evasion and defraud of revenue to the police, then she transferred her parents and Qin Yunyu overseas.

Liu family fully took this opportunity to hit Qin family when they were down, so did the Di family. It only took a fortnight before the upstart Qin family filed for bankruptcy. They no longer held a post in the upper circle of B City.

Meanwhile in a hotel in a film base in B City.

Di Qiuhe went back to his room after a day’s shooting, seeing He Bai sound asleep in bed, he walked towards him and felt He Bai’s forehead to see whether He Bai was still in a fever. Then he left the room and talked to Wang Boyi for updates of the Qin-Yan farce.

“Yan Hui is going overseas soon to reunite with her family, Qin Rong took the charge for Qin Mingqiang and now he was thrown into jail, while Qin Mingqiang took all his family to Di Bian and insisted Di Bian remarried Qin Li.” Wang Boyi reported all he had on his memo to Di Qiuhe, and he continued in the end, “Xing Shaofeng just called saying he will be back to B City next week.”

“Remarried?” Sneered Di Qiuhe with his eyebrow raised high, and he asked, “Has Di Bian tried to contact me today?”

“Yes he had.” Wang Boyi showed Di Qiuhe his phone, three calls and 10 text messages. Di Qiuhe could not believe Di Bian now was condescending that much to approach him. So pathetic.

“Keep ignoring him.” Di Qiuhe then asked the flight information of Xing Shaofeng and told Wang Boyi that he was free to go.

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