One Useless Rebirth

Chapter 180 - Guess Who is Getting Married? (1)

Chapter 180: Guess Who is Getting Married? (1)

Translator: Sissy That Walk

It was New Year holiday not long after He Bai went back to university, he was pestered by the matter of Yan Hui visiting Fan House and the talk, with that in mind, He Bai went back home first day on the holiday, Qiuhe was not home, so he made a visit to Fan House in a rush.

“It’s you, little Bai, how pleasant.” Hu Zhao greeted him immediately he opened the door for He Bai, seeing He Bai was covered with snow flakes, he brought a towel for him. Hu Zhao took a glimpse outside the window and frowned, “looks like the snow is not going to stop any time soon.”

Taking the towel Hu Zhao brought for him, He Bai whisked the snow flakes on his coat and he replied, “The snow is not going to stop until tomorrow, Uncle Hu, have you seen Qiuhe? I just called him and couldn’t reach him.”

Hu Zhao closed the door, he took over He Bai’s coat and scarf and hang them well, after that he fetched a pair of indoor slippers for He Bai, and asked in confusion, “Couldn’t reach him? Qiuhe left early in the morning saying that he is going to have a work meeting with the director for his new drama, he won’t be back till evening.”

Director for his new drama? Was it Director Lin Mo that he was referring to?

Hearing what Hu Zhao had said, He Bai nodded, then he checked the time, it was five o’clock already, would not be long till Qiuhe came back.

With that in mind, he walked in the hall and saw Fan Da who was browsing his old photos, he walked towards him and started talking to him.

Fan Da had grown a genuine affection towards He Bai after several meetings with him, he showed his intimate side to He Bai while he was polite and rigid towards He Bai, sometimes they would talk in a more intimate way than he talked with Di Qiuhe.

Fan Da was sharing his stories while looking at his old photos, listening to He Bai’s reactions, he asked He Bai, “looks like you are very familiar with this mountain in the photo, have you been there too?”

“No, shame I have not, I’m just keen to pay a visit for the sun rising scene there, been meaning to go there for ages”, with great regrets in his tone he continued, “Hopefully I can pay a visit soon.”

“I will take you there for our honey moon.”

The photo appreciation duo turned back to where the sound came from, Qiuhe was walking towards them, he greeted Fan Da with a big smile and he stopped by He Bai’s side, he bowed down and gave He Bai a kiss on the cheek, “what a pleasant surprise, you are visiting grandpa today, I’ve been thinking picking you up from your uni tomorrow.”

He Bai blushed crimson by Di Qiuhe’s intimate behaviors, he gently pushed Di Qiuhe further and looked at Fan Da who was beaming, He Bai replied after he cleared throat, “we finished early this afternoon, so I figured why not come visit grandpa. How was your meeting with Director Lin Mo? How long is this new drama shooting?”

“It went great, the drama will take roughly four months and a half, not an awfully long time.” Di Qiuhe stepped back since he just came from outside, he was concerned his body was still cold from the snowflakes, he did not want his puppy to get cold. Then he looked at Fan Da and said, “Grandpa, Yan Hui contacted me today, she said she would pay a visit here the day after tomorrow.”

Hearing what Di Qiuhe had said, Fan Da’s beaming smile went a bit flatten, he touched the photo album in hand and said nothing.

He Bai sighed in the heart, he poured a cup of hot tea for Fan Da trying to make him feel better, then he asked Di Qiuhe who was sitting across him on the couch, “how come I could not reach you?”

“My battery is dead.” Di Qiuhe took his phone out and charged it, when he was about to tease He Bai, asking him questions like have you been missing me and such, he got a phone call.

He Bai poured a cup of hot tea for Di Qiuhe as well, and he asked casually, “who is it?”

“Yan Hui,” frowned Di Qiuhe. Then he put her through, and his face changed completely after he heard what came from the other side of the phone, he answered briefly and hung up, then he looked at He Bai and Fan Da, saying anxiously, “Yan Hui had a car accident, it was her daughter Qin Yunyu who just called me. Yan Hui is now in the emergency room, I gotta go check on her in the hospital.” Then he asked Hu Zhao to get him a car.

He Bai was utterly startled, “I’m coming with you.”

“Kids,” Fan Da stopped them, and he said in a serious manner, “don’t panic, drive safely, keep me updated when you get there, I’ll see what I can do.”

He Bai nodded in silence, and he left with Qiuhe.

Seeing the two left the house, Hu Zhao walked in and looked at Fan Da with concern written all over his face, “Uncle Fan, what if Yan Hui… if we knew better, we should have met her earlier.”

“It’s not gonna change anything.” Fan Da put away the photo album in hand, “It’s all designed from the moment Yan Hui decided to divorce, if we set our meeting time earlier, Yan Hui would only have this car accident earlier, maybe other accident, if not a car accident. What a scumbag Qin Mingqiang is!”

Hearing that, Hu Zhao was shocked, “This accident is designed?”

“Most likely.” Fan Da lowered his head and touched the edges on the album, his voice became deep, “There is no such coincidence in the world.”

It turned out this was no accident indeed, the brake system on Yan Hui’s car was tampered. The good thing was she was not driving at high speed when the accident happened, and she drove to the buffer area instead to the traffic, she was not severely injured, she was diagnosed with a fracture on her right leg and a mild concussion.

“Thank God it’s snowing today and mom was not driving at a high speed,” said Qin Yunyu with a touch of hatred in her tone, poor girl was trying so hard to not cry out while her eyes were so red-rimmed, “My grandpa went to the length to murder mom to silence her! I’ve had enough! I’ve had enough!”

She was shaking and finally she cried out while saying that, poor girl who grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth, had a wealthy and an uneventful life, she was falling apart seeing what happened to her mother.

He Bai felt so sorry for this little girl, he gave her a tissue.

Qin Yunyu took the tissue, wiped the tears and she said thank you to He Bai. She then took a deep breath to suppress the tears from pouring out, yet she started to hiccough from all the suppressed emotions.

He Bai sighed and he handed her a bottle of water to her.

Di Qiuhe now came back from the conversation with the doctor, what met his eyes was the scene that his puppy comforting a beauty in tears. He felt something odd in the heart, he marched forward and pulled He Bai into his arms and looked at Qin Yunyu, said with his eyebrows sightly knitted, “I’ve arranged a better hospital for your mom. Have you reported this to the police yet? What had they said?”

Seeing Di Qiuhe’s clouded face, Qin Yunyu seemed scared, her hiccough turned worse and she shook her head, “Yes I have, but they only said it’s the car that was not maintained well, it was not tampered… My grandfather had this designed already, the police won’t tell the truth.”

What a shrewd old fox!

He Bai frowned.

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