One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 884 - : I will be around.

Chapter 884: I will be around.

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It was only for Xiao Xue that she decided to attend the class reunion. As for the others, she was unwilling to pay any attention to them.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you,” said Mu Yazhe.

Only then was she satisfied.

She was quite apprehensive, actually.

After all, she had no affection for those former classmates of hers. She only wished to become a wallflower and be ignored by them until the end, and then she would retreat after the meal.

Her main purpose was to keep an eye of Gao Nan. It would be best if she could find a chance for her friend to see the man’s true colors.

She returned to her room to select a dress, but the clothes Qin Zhou had people pick out for her were too eye-catching.

To keep a low profile, she purposely selected a snowy-white dress, matching it with a denim vest.

Changing in this dress, she stepped out of the room and walked up to him. She tugged at her dress’s hem unnaturally. “Look; is this dress okay?”

“So plain?”

He frowned, apparently dissatisfied. “It’s too plain and not nice.”

“It’s not a fashion dinner; it’s just a regular class gathering; there’s no need to be so fussy about the attire! Simple is good.” That was what she thought.

The man, however, disagreed. “Despite that, your clothes should look good, generous, and dignified. The one you’re wearing now makes you look… too young.”

At first glance, she looked like a high school student; it did not match her demeanor at all.

“The clothes in my wardrobe… are too revealing, though. They’re all selected by my manager for dinner parties; they’re not appropriate to be worn at a class reunion.”

He did not believe her and went to select one for her.

However, it turned out to be just as what she said; the clothes were all either revealing her back or her chest, and they were all fashion dresses to be worn at dinner parties.

Hence, he drove her down to the shopping center and went to the counter to pick a socialite style organza dress, which revealed only the shoulders.

The dress was form-fitting and showed off her figure.

Its wine-red color contrasted with her fair skin, making her look much slimmer. The dress was also low-key but still looked expensive; it would not stand out much in a class gathering but would also not be overshadowed in a bevy of well-dressed women.

She also found it to be appropriate.

The time was nearing six o’clock, and at this time, there usually was a traffic congestion on the road.

It was time for them to set off.

Thus, she proposed, “Shall we call for a taxi?”

“Why do we need to take a taxi?”

He was perplexed.

He drove his car out today, so why did they still need to take a taxi?

“You’re… driving a sports car.”

It’s too high profile.

The man broke into laughter. “Why do you need to be so careful?”


Her eyelids drooped, a flash of complexity appearing in her eyes, but she did not intend to hide it from him. “When I was in college, someone slandered me saying I’m a canary kept by the rich, so… I want to keep a low profile, lest I attract gossip again. I don’t want to be misunderstood!”

Even if she ostensibly cared not for others’ thought of her, but could one really not mind?

She still felt a little distraught at the debasement and slander she had suffered in university.

She really minded it a lot and was very much hurt by those gossips.

He was startled at this and reached out to rub her hair comfortingly. “It’s different now.”


“I will be around.” He gave her a gentle smile, his eyes filled with love. These mere four words made her feel greatly at ease.

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