One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 883 - I want to go, too.

Chapter 883: I want to go, too.

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Qin Zhou deliberately frightened her. Pausing, he curiously asked, “Why did you mention this person all of a sudden?”

“Nothing; I’m just asking.”

“Once Gao Nan has his eyes on a woman, he will use all sorts of means to get her. Shishi, being in this industry, you must know how to protect yourself. There are all sorts of people in showbiz.”

He gave her another piece of advice.

She thanked him.

After the call, she leaned against the sofa, lost in her thoughts.

According to her manager, Gao Nan’s reputation was very lousy in the industry.

He had many women around him, so why was he with Xiao Xue?

‘To me, women only have two roles: One is a well-matched woman for marriage to expand our family’s power, and two is a woman like you to fulfill my physical needs!’ These words suddenly rang in her mind.

Could it be that Xiao Xue was the first type?

Did he merely pick her for the sake of a family union?

She could not sit by idly and decided to convey this properly to her friend.

She must, at least, let her see his true colors!

She did not want to attend the class gathering on the next day.

After all, it was meaningless to her.

What of the class monitor leaving the country?

Did she have an obligation to fulfill his wish just because he wanted a reunion before he left?

At the thought of her university days when she was slandered by those gossipmongers and was treated with indifference and suspicions, she felt no geniality for her peers. She had even forgotten most of their names.

However, at the thought of Xiao Xue and Gao Nan attending it together, she was worried and decided to attend the gathering, too.

The appointed time was seven o’clock in the evening – dinnertime.

While selecting a dress from the wardrobe, Mu Yazhe arrived.

Opening the door, she found him lazily reclining by it and was slightly surprised. “Eh? What are you doing here?”

“Can’t I come?”

His long legs strode past the door. Upon realizing that she had applied makeup, something which was unprecedented, he gave her an overall glance. “Are you going out?”


“Where are you going?”

“A date—” she unconsciously blurted out.

His face darkened in an instant.

She immediately corrected her words. “It’s a class gathering.”

“Class gathering?” He was apparently still doubtful. “Based on your character, you’re not the type to attend such boring events.”

She was stumped.

Had this man fully understood her character?!


“I’m going with you.” The man spoke in a voice that brooked no argument.

Her mouth twitched. “What are you going for?”

“To accompany you,” he replied succinctly.

In fact, he did not want her time to be occupied by any matter.

It was rare that he had free time, yet she wanted to go to a so-called class gathering.

If she must go, then he would follow her.

“It’s gonna be boring there; aren’t you afraid of boredom?”

He smiled and reached out to lift a lock of her hair on her shoulder, sniffing it. “As long as you’re around, I won’t be bored wherever I go.”

“Alright…” It did not matter much.

Since Xiao Xue was bringing her boyfriend, it was nothing for her to bring him, too.

“If you go, I have a condition.”

“What condition?”

“Keep a low profile.”

“Oh?” He raised a brow. “How do I do that?”

She was silent.

“Anyway, don’t be an attention-seeker; that’s it.”

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