One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 4728 - 4728 Never Too Late to Love (135)

Chapter 4728 - 4728 Never Too Late to Love (135)

4728 Never Too Late to Love (135)

Bai Sheng sucked in a breath of cold air. “Oh my God!” Her eyes widened in disbelief. “Is… is this true?”

“What’s wrong? What’s… on your mind?”

“It’s not about what I’m thinking.” Bai Sheng said truthfully, “Actually, I’ve never felt that… sexual orientation is a big deal. Men and women are the same. However, perhaps because he’s my idol, I was somewhat taken aback.”

“Idol?” This time, it was Gu Chengze’s turn to be surprised. “So Uncle Rong is your idol. You’re… his fan?”


“Yes. I used to like Hua Jin and another celebrity, but unfortunately, he’s no longer around.”

Gu Chengze suddenly stopped walking.

Bai Sheng took a few steps forward and was a little surprised when he suddenly halted. “What’s wrong?”

“No… nothing. Tell me, who is your other idol?”


Bai Sheng recalled seriously, “Gu Xingze…”


“Actually, my memories of Xingze are distant. I remember that he passed away in an accident when I was very young. After he announced his withdrawal from the entertainment industry, he encountered an accident. Later, when I reviewed this news, many people said that this was not a simple accident, but a conspiracy. At that time, they even said that it was Yun Shishi who was the cause of his death, and that she was his jinx. When I watched his movies and television dramas in my childhood, I only thought that this man was really handsome and liked him. When I grew up, I sought to understand him through various channels. I realized that he was really a childish idol. However, it’s a pity… He died young…”

Bai Sheng paused for a moment, then a thought struck her. “In any case, your names are only one word apart. Furthermore, the two of you look quite similar.”

No wonder she felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

Gu Chengze hesitated for a while before saying, “Actually… according to lineage, he’s my uncle. But, unfortunately, I don’t think… I’ve seen him before.”

“Your… uncle?” Bai Sheng was petrified and stared at him for a long time.

“Yes, he’s my father’s biological younger brother, but… in the Gu family, he’s an illegitimate son. Putting it in traditional terms, he’s the son of a concubine. Therefore, he’s been exiled. He’s never claimed publicly that he has a close relationship with the Gu family.”

Gu Chengze paused and continued, “My name was also given by my father to commemorate him. Didn’t you notice? My younger brother, Gu Xinghan, has the word ‘Xing’ in his name. It’s also… to commemorate him.”

“Xinghan… Chengze…”

“It adds up to Xingze.”

“Oooh…” Bai Sheng’s head spun and she could not react for a long time.

She lowered her head, suddenly at a loss for words. Her childhood idol was actually her husband’s uncle? Her husband was actually her idol’s nephew?!

What… What kind of fate was this?

No wonder!

Other than his name, his appearance and temperament were similar to Gu Xingze’s.

In fact, Gu Chengze looked more like Chu He, but he also resembled Gu Jinglian. And Gu Jinglian and Gu Xingze were half-brothers.

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