One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 40 - A Large-scale Audition

Chapter 40: A Large-scale Audition

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Although the audition was held on a weekend, upon learning that the superstar Gu Xingze would personally make an appearance at the audition venue, all his die-hard fans came. There were even quite a few devoted ones who had come from places far away.

The production crew did not expect his popularity to be over the top. Even with the presence of security to maintain order, it was still not enough to hold back his aggressive fandom.

As big a building as the Huanyu Tower, it was instantly filled with a huge crowd. Fan-support slogans hung on walls and tree branches outside the building.

It was as if the entire Huanyu Entertainment was trampled over by Gu Xingze’s fandom army.

At the posh entrance of Huanyu Entertainment, several luxury cars were parked.

Among these was a nanny van; in it were three men in casual attire gazing at the bustling crowd, which was mainly made up of female university students, by the building entrance.

They were all here for the audition. Each of them wore glamorous outfits to draw the director’s attention to them as much as possible.

“Director Lin! I say, these female students look good! Look at that one wearing a white dress, she has quite the feeling. She has a little innocence of Yin Xiachun in the original work, right?

“Oh, oh! Look over there; the female in a black gown. She actually did her homework. She must have read the original work! In the novel, Yin Xiachun is wearing such a gown in her first appearance on the school stage.”

“That young lady has good looks, but… she isn’t tall enough… ”

The assistant stuck himself onto the car window and looked in the direction of the building entrance. Just like the person in-charge of selecting the emperor’s harem in historical times, he babbled about and gesticulated. Turning around to look at the man in a white shirt, he saw that his head remained lowered as he busied himself with flipping through the application forms and skimping through the two-inch colored photos. Still, he seemed to have little interest in all these.

“Boring,” Lin Fengtian emotionlessly remarked. He threw the list of names aside and did not bother to look at it again.

“Directior Lin, what’s wrong?”

Lin Fengtian dipped his head, smoked a cigarette, and replied monotonously, “There’s no one I want.”

“Huh?!” His assistant was shocked silly. Lin Fengtian was second to none when it came to producing youth movies. The films he had directed were always moneymakers.

One of his past notable works, ‘Heard that Love Returned’, was a classic film; it could even compete with Hollywood blockbusters.

His passion and dedication to his work was why he had many classics under his belt.

Nowadays, in the entertainment industry, movies were no longer a form of art. Due to business considerations, many directors had slowly shifted from the main theme of a movie; Lin Fengtian was different.

Others in the film industry knew how careful he was when choosing his casts and how particular he was when it came to selecting a movie to produce.

Previously, he had spent a hefty amount to acquire the rights to make a film adaptation of a famous novel. With regard to the novel’s storyline, he was absolutely mesmerized.

‘The Green Apple’ depicted the deep-rooted story of forbidden love. The female lead, Yin Xiachun, and the male lead, Yin Dongyu, were blood-related siblings. The two grew up together and eventually developed feelings for each other, which was forbidden between brothers and sisters.

A road of love and hate intertwined – the feelings that they had for each other were agonizing.

Yin Dongyu was to be played by Gu Xingze. Lin Fengtian chose the man not only because of his mounting popularity but also because of his somber aura, which was absolutely similar with Yin Dongyu’s.

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