One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 39 - Applying for the Position of an Artiste Assistant

Chapter 39: Applying for the Position of an Artiste Assistant

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Yun Na urged again, “Dad! Even this day and age is chaotic! Bad people are lurking at every corner, and everywhere is a mess! If I were slightly stronger, do you think I would still be afraid to walk on the crooked path?”

Li Qin chimed in, “Yecheng, what our daughter said makes sense! It is good that she is being filial and is trying to earn money to take care of us. Our daughter has the thought, so shouldn’t we support her?”

Li Qin, who was yearning for the grandeur, invested all her energy on to Yun Na. She was eagerly waiting for her daughter to catapult to the top, climb up the social ladder, and find a wealthy partner.

Although Yun Na was not exactly similar to Li Qin, as mother and daughter, they were cast in the same mould, so she was also superficial and vain. She was only willing to go through the good times and not the bad times.

She usually followed the headlines of the entertainment news. Ogling at the dazzling female movie superstars walking down the red carpet at the Global Film Festival, they took her breath away!

She would often read and see news of female celebrities marrying into wealthy families, subsequently elevating their social statuses in life; she was filled with envy!

Deep down, she was thinking that as long as she could step foot in this prestigious industry, she would have wealth and status!

Yun Yecheng sighed time after time. “Fine! If you like it… then go ahead! You are not a child anymore. Since you have your plans, then go ahead and try them out. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you! That industry is a tiger’s den to a child like you who has no social experience! I’m old, and I don’t have the ability to protect you whatsoever! Therefore, don’t blame me for not helping you.”

It was late at night.

When Youyou climbed into bed, Yun Shishi sat in front of her computer and searched for job vacancies online. She initially wanted to declare her university major as Finance, yet she accidentally majored in Arts instead. She, however, was quite talented in the field of Arts and had an advantageous physical appearance. Even if she were to be compared with the top-rated female celebrities, she would not necessarily be inferior to them.

Coincidentally, she clicked into the official website of Huanyu Entertainment. Sliding into her sight was a gorgeous looking website. Notice about the nationwide audition for the female lead of the movie ‘The Green Apple’ occupied the headlines.

Many had invested in this movie, so if one snagged the female lead role, her rise to fame was guaranteed. Her road to stardom would be magnanimous in the entertainment industry.

A magnanimous road to stardom meant that one could have a high income.

It was not that Yun Shishi was unmoved, but when she looked at the noticeboard and actually saw that the company was hiring for an artiste assistant, she made up her mind on what to do.

A few days passed and she received her identification card. She sent Youyou to the kindergarten in the morning. Hiding her completed résumé inside her clothes, she took a cab to Huanyu Entertainment.

At dawn, the morning rays of the sun shimmered, and a light grassy fragrance lingered in the air.

As she reached Huanyu Entertainment, she saw a long queue at the entrance. Yun Shishi was somewhat stumped at this scene. She had never seen such an extraordinary sight before. She was shocked but did not let it show. Was there such a tight competition for the position of an artiste assistant?

After asking around, she then understood that her interview coincided with the first round of auditions for the female lead of ‘The Green Apple’. It was a large-scale event.

Besides those girls who were there to audition in pursuit of fame, many hard-core fans of Gu Xingze were also present. He was already confirmed to play the male lead. As for the female lead, the director decided to cast a fresh face, thus the production team started conducting nationwide auditions. The movie’s promotional short that was shot at Jinghua University was released, and it created a huge sensation.

Even if one excluded the abundant resources set for the movie, with Gu Xingze’s popularity alone, quite a number of students applied for the female lead role.

Although the audition was held on a weekend, upon learning that the superstar Gu Xingze would personally make an appearance at the venue, all his die-hard fans came. There were even quite a few devoted ones who came from faraway places.

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