One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 3824 - A Perfect Match (16)

Chapter 3824: A Perfect Match (16)

“Ooooooh…” The actor rubbed his nose, searching his memory, then nodded. “Yes.”

Gong Jie broke into a wicked smile and said, “That’s easy. Find the girl, and if you both fall into the water again, you might be able to return to your respective bodies.”

Hua Jin’s lips twitched. “I’m not a good swimmer, and that girl is even worse. She could easily kill someone!”

Looking unimpressed, the man remarked, “I’d rather be dead than become a woman!”

“All you ever do is gloat. Hmph.” The actor snorted and extended his hand. “Lend me your phone!”

“Grab it if you can.” The man was still holding the phone high above his head.

The actor looked at the phone overhead. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of a stool. He walked over, brought the stool and placed it in front of Gong Jie. Climbing onto the stool, he snatched the phone from the man’s grip.

“Gong Jie, you’re so childish! Playing these tricks that only kids would play…”

Gong Jie raised his phoenix eyes slightly. When the actor wasn’t looking, he stretched out his long leg and hooked the leg of the stool gently with his toe.

The stool rocked and Hua Jin’s body swayed violently for a moment. He could not stabilize his center of gravity and actually fell backwards!

“Ahhhhhh…” He flailed his hands dramatically, trying to keep his balance.

Seeing that Hua Jin was really about to fall, and with the corner of the table behind him, Gong Jie was worried that he might get seriously hurt. He reached out and put an arm around Hua Jin’s waist.

The actor followed the momentum and fell right on top of him.


The actor fell hard against Gong Jie.

Even though his entire weight was on Gong Jie, the latter was steadfast as a mountain. He did not waver at all, and easily lifted Gong Jie to the side by his collar.

“Hurry up and make that call!” he growled at Hua Jin and sulkily kicked the stool aside.

Hua Jin was furious!

This Gong Jie was too evil!

Taking full advantage of the fact that he had become a woman to deliberately mess with him!


The actor fumed silently. All he could do was mutter and curse under his breath, then make a few snide remarks about Gong Jie before heading out to the balcony with his phone.

Hua Jin stood there in the evening breeze. The phone rang for a long time.

The call was finally answered. He heard a familiar voice coming from the other end of the line. It sounded somewhat timid.


Hua Jin was stunned for several seconds.

Human beings are strange creatures.

One would usually be very used to hearing one’s own voice. But hearing it as a third party, it felt rather unfamiliar. It was actually slightly different from the voice he usually heard.

“Liang Yin!” He called out her name, his expression full of fury. “Where are you now?”

“It’s you!” On the other end, Liang Yin, who was now occupying Hua Jin’s body, was clearly extremely angry as well. “You stole my body. Shameless!”

“Ha?!” The actor sneered. “Are you in your right mind? I stole your body? You have no breasts and a flat butt. You have no money and no looks. Why would I give up being a huge celebrity to become an unknown poor woman!”

On the other end, Liang Yin was infuriated. Any girl would be furious being criticized like this.

However, there was nothing terribly wrong with what he had said. She could not refute him. She only said angrily, “Pervert!”

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