One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 3823 - A Perfect Match (15)  

Chapter 3823: A Perfect Match (15)

In the hotel.

Hua Jin stood in the bathroom, staring into the full-length mirror, wondering if he should lift his shirt.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Warily, he walked towards the entrance. At the same time, a woman’s voice rang out, “Hello, room service. We’ve got the lingerie you ordered us to buy.”

“I… I didn’t ask you to buy it.”

“It was ordered by the gentleman who shares your room. Mr. Gong.”

“…” Hua Jin was taken aback briefly, he opened the door to find the service staff holding out two exquisitely wrapped packages.

As soon as he saw the two black lace-edged bras in the wrapping paper, a tempest surged within his heart and he went crazy!

How shameful…

Resisting the urge to squirm, he held the bra against his chest, but he couldn’t bring himself to wear it.

After hastily changing into a fresh set of clothes, Hua Jin opened the door and walked out.

Perhaps it was because he had always been used to being a man. Even if he exposed himself, he would not feel ashamed at all.

After all, this wasn’t his body.

The actor had just opened the door when a certain realization came upon him.

A constipated feeling.

After all, this was not his body… Then, would Liang Yin, whose soul now was occupying his body, not cherish his body and did as she pleased with it?!

The thought of that possibility made his chest ache with anger.

He turned back into the room and, despite his great discomfort, pulled the underwear on.

When he came back out, Gong Jie was standing in the doorway with folded arms, gazing at Hua Jin’s ashen face and indulging in his own enjoyment of the other party’s embarrassment.

Now, he really believed that this girl in front of him who acted like a man and spoke in a tone that was similar to Hua Jin’s, was in fact the man.

He now believed that there was a thing such as a soul swap.

What a fantastical world.

Even now, there were many things that science could not explain.

Many people classified such things as “the supernatural”. In fact, many determined atheists firmly believed that there were no ghosts in this world.

Still, Gong had always been in awe of phenomena that science could not explain. One could choose not to believe, but one ought to be awed. Because humankind is so insignificant. Science is only a conclusion that humankind has developed. It is not so vast that it can encompass the entire world and the universe.

Perhaps many things that seemed absurd really existed.

Bracing himself, the actor stood in front of Hua Jin and held out his hand. “Can I borrow your cell phone for a moment?” he asked.

“Whatever for?”

“I’ll call my cell phone.”

Gong Jie dug around for his own phone and waved it in front of Hua Jin. The latter reached for it, but missed it as it was quickly raised out of reach.

“What are you doing?”

“You haven’t answered my question.” Gong Jie replied, “I’ve asked you before, where is your body now?”

That was an awkward question!

The actor licked his lips and replied, ‘If I’m not wrong, I’m… no, my body should be at the filming location still!’

“Filming location?”

“Yes, we fell into the water together. Later, I was taken to the hospital. But in the process, I had a little consciousness. I saw her being escorted back to the hotel by my assistant. She should be fine.”

“I see!” Gong Jie came up with an important piece of information. “In other words, you switched bodies only after you fell into the water.”

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