One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 33 - Lives Exchanged

Chapter 33: Lives Exchanged

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At first, when she became part of the Mu family, she was still slightly guilty and uneasy. After all, these things truly did not belong to her, but to that girl called Xiaoshi.

Happiness came to her so suddenly that everything seemed nothing more than an illusion. It was as if the moment she opened her eyes, everything would turn out to be just a dream.

However, when she did open her eyes again, she was still lying in the soft, big bed within the princess-like bedroom.

Mu Sheng sat by her side. His stern face could hardly mask the love he had for her. He was so very gentle to her, spoiling her rotten and doting on her with his heart and soul.

What she wanted, he would satisfy! Mu Wanrou had never experienced parental love before and had never known such a luxurious life, so she had immersed herself in this sudden delight once more.

However, the real reason she selfishly wanted all of this was the man.

Mu was a wealthy and influential family in the capital, and Mu Yazhe was a man many rich, young ladies desired. He was so outstanding that it went beyond people’s imagination.

Why was God only fond of him, blessing him with so much to the point of excessiveness?

He had a family that was so financially strong it could rival a country, a godly appearance, a noble and lofty status, and otherworldly talent and skills!

Any one of these would make others green with envy, yet he had everything!

She became greedy and obsessed. It was to the extent that she lost herself.

Although the title of the Mu family’s young mistress and future CEO’s wife was stolen from another person, God had actually never treated her unfairly.

A slight error in thought, and one’s life could unexpectedly change tremendously. She became the future wife of this huge business empire’s CEO.

She was uneasy and fearful at first, but she eventually settled down and enjoyed everything that did not belong to her.

However… fate seemed to love playing with people. She ironically did not have the ability to get pregnant – this was congenital. Although Mu Sheng had contacted many people in the medical field, none could cure her infertility.

What was more ironic was that the surrogate that Mu Sheng had employed turned out to be her… the true owner of that piece of jade.

Mu Wanrou was drenched in cold sweat, as she was filled with a sense of crisis.

After many years, they finally met again. Nine years ago, she snatched away Xiaoshi’s jade and took possession of everything belonging to her. Nine years later, Xiaoshi became her surrogate and gave birth to his children!

Somehow, an invisible bond seemed to tie the girl with Mu Yazhe, which made Mu Wanrou uneasy!

Mu Yazhe ordering this investigation on Yun Shishi – did it meant that he was starting to doubt Mu Wanrou’s identity and the legitimacy of her ownership claim over that piece of jade?


She had been meticulous in concealing everything for all these years.

In fact, when she was nearing adulthood, Mu Sheng once suspected her. He was in too much of a rush back then, so when he saw her in possession of the jade, he did not conduct any identity verification.

However, as she grew up, although she became more beautiful and refined, she did not look anything like that woman, and he grew suspicious.

Thus, Grandpa Mu secretly took some of her hair and sent it for DNA testing. She was smart, though. Sensing that something was wrong and learning of his intention, she secretly bribed every person in the Department of Genetics to falsify the results of the DNA test. As a corollary, Mu Sheng was thoroughly convinced of her legitimacy.

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