One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 32 - Wealthy Status Snatched

Chapter 32: Wealthy Status Snatched

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Afterward, a wealthy-looking elderly man came to the welfare center and summoned her over.

The elderly man took out a keepsake similar to the jade she was holding. When the two were put together, they actually fit perfectly.

She was unaware of the jade’s importance and simply lied that it was something her mother had left for her. The elderly man believed her words and brought her back to the Mu residence, naming her Mu Wanrou and quickly setting her as Mu Yazhe’s fiancée when he was fourteen…

Back to the present, in the CEO’s office, Mu Wanrou weakly dropped down on the sofa. She supported her forehead with a palm as cold sweat drenched her back.

She tightly gripped the documents in her hand, her fingertips shuddering out of her control. She was very flustered.

She could not guess why Mu Yazhe had someone investigate all this. Could he have noticed something unusual about her origin, and he started to cast doubt on her real identity despite her being brought back by Grandpa Mu personally back then?

Her heart jumped once she considered this possibility.

In actuality, she did steal that piece of jade from Yun Shishi. Growing up in the welfare center, because she looked sweet and well-behaved, she was deeply loved and highly regarded by everyone.

She was still young back then. She had never seen anything good. Therefore, when she saw the girl’s beautiful piece of jade, she was overwhelmed with greed and took it on impulse.

After that, Xiaoshi — Yun Shishi — realized that her jade was stolen. Seeing it on Mu Wanrou, she went to confront her. Unfortunately for Xiaoshi, within the welfare center, not one soul was against Mu Wanrou. With this ‘framing’, Xiaoshi took a beating from the director instead, and her hands were hit by the teacher’s ruler as punishment. It was so painful that she cried for a few nights.

However, Mu Wanrou had never imagined that the piece of jade was actually entangled to such a twisted family background.

Fifteen years ago, under the layers of misunderstanding, she was brought back to the Mu residence by Mu Sheng, the Mu Group’s chairman, also the head of the Mu family, and her name was then changed.

As for the jade’s origin, Grandpa Mu never did divulge anything about it. The only piece of information he cared to share with her was that it was her mother’s relic.

Upon their arrival to the Mu residence, Grandpa Mu took the piece of jade from her and kept it along with the other half. From time to time, she would see him lost in thought while staring at the jade, as if he were reminiscing about someone.

Only when she was a little older did Mu Sheng tell her bits about that woman. This was when she realized that the woman was someone he had adopted in his middle age. Still, he only said this much about that woman, as if he were hiding something from her intentionally, and mentioned nothing else.

She then became the Mu family’s young mistress and grew up surrounded by this love. Eventually, she was betrothed to his grandson, which was Mu Yazhe.

From start till end, she did not tell the truth about how she came to be in possession of the jade, concealing it intentionally. She knew that if she were to come clean about it, then everything that she had right now, wealth and family, would be gone in a flash. She would lose her position as the Mu family’s young mistress and she would lose… Mu Yazhe.

She… was not reconciled to this! She was unwilling to let go and she did not plan to return all these to its real owner as well!

She admitted that this was selfish of her. It was too unfair for that girl. However, she did not regret doing this. Lavishing in all of this, she somewhat lost herself in her greed.

At first, when she became part of the Mu family, she was still slightly guilty and uneasy. After all, these things truly did not belong to her, but to that girl called Xiaoshi.

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