One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 26 - An Unfamiliar, yet Familiar Face

Chapter 26: An Unfamiliar, yet Familiar Face

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Seeing her tears flow nonstop, Mu Yazhe did not waste any more time. He lowered his head and fished out his wallet. Removing a few large banknotes from it, he gave them to her expressionlessly.

Problems that could be solved with money were not problems to him.

He just wanted to settle this accident as fast as he could.

Yun Shishi slightly raised her eyes. The hand holding a few banknotes had slender fingers with prominent joints, neatly trimmed nails, and a diamond ring on the ring finger. With one look, one could tell that this person had noble status.

Looking at the money in his hand, she could not help but be stunned. She even forgot to cry.

Mu Yazhe misinterpreted her silence as being discontented with the amount of money. His brows twitched as he asked, “Not enough?”

He had seen many greedy people before and thought that surely, the girl despised the amount he was giving her.

Not waiting for her reply, he lowered his gaze again to take out a few more banknotes from his wallet. He then gave them all to her. He did not have the habit of carrying a lot of cash with him, so his wallet only contained about 2000 dollars. However, this amount should be more than enough to patch up her wounds.

Yun Shishi was dumbfounded. She was naturally baffled by his actions. However, in his eyes, her behavior was seen in a different light.

The woman seemed to be greedier than he imagined.

Mu Yazhe smirked, his thin lips forming into a smug curve. He simply took out all the money in his wallet. Whether she wanted more or not, he no longer wished to waste time on her. He noticed that she did not have a pocket, so he folded the money into a roll, inched closer to her, and stuffed the money in her chest.

His chilly fingertips lightly brushed against her skin. Yun Shishi was stunned by the intimacy. She slightly lifted her face, and through the hair strands covering her eyes, she saw the upturned corners of his mouth. His smile had a totally different meaning behind it and it was not formed from happiness.

The man before her eyes had a towering height of 1.9 meters and a god-like facial appearance.

He had a body structure similar to those sculptures of deities, impeccable facial features, and deep-set, almond eyes that seemed to radiate the dignified aura of an emperor. With just one look, one could tell that this man had braved countless storms – a man in a commanding position that could control the life and death of others.

Even his smile was devoid of any warmth, as though it was only skin deep.

Gazing at her, there was only pity in his eyes.

Pity? Why would he look at her with pity?

Suddenly, all the bottled-up indignation and anger inside her overflowed and flooded out!

In the next moment, she watched the man take out a pen and flamboyantly leave a string of numbers on her chest. “If it’s not enough, then call this number.”

These invasive actions provoked the anger of Yun Shishi.

This action of his was an unintentional humiliation to her!

“Sir, what is the meaning of this? Is it because you are rich?” Her eyes were aflame with rage and her voice sounded sullen. “You injured someone, but you did not apologize. You think everything can be solved with money?”

Yun Shishi was not one to cause trouble without reason. She also knew she was at fault here for crossing the road without being mindful of her surroundings. However, his way of shoving money into her chest, which was akin to giving alms, truly enraged her! His attitude was just too overbearing and belittling.

Thus, she glared at him coldly without another word.

After all, she knew nothing about him!

Yun Shishi raised her head, took out the money from her chest, pulled the man’s large hand over, and smacked the money onto it!

She lifted her face and directly looked at the man with her pair of moistened eyes. Mu Yazhe’s chilling faint smile suddenly froze in place. His orbs constricted and then he squinted hard.

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