One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 25 - Meeting Again

Chapter 25: Meeting Again

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Unsure whether it was the pain or something else, Yun Shishi’s eyes suddenly got filled with moisture. Tears soon rolled unabatedly down her cheeks and steadily dripped onto the ground. She was so upset that she wept.

From a young age, she had led a wandering life. Although she later had a place to call home, other than Yun Yecheng, no one welcomed her in it.

She was, all along, reliant on no one. With her job gone, she really did not know what to do.

Her deeply suppressed indignation finally burst out. The unforeseen events over the past few days had mentally and physically taken a heavy toll on her, and she was already at her limit of what she could endure.

On top of shouldering Yun Na’s debt, she also lost her job. At this very moment, she was without a penny to her name. What should she do now?

All this while, she was very resilient to the point of unyielding. Even when she was in a difficult situation, she fended for herself. No matter how tough or how tiring it was, with Youyou by her side, she thought that there was hope in life.

However, reality knocked her down into a mass of bruises!

Youyou had once told her that when things were difficult, she should smile and everything would be alright. Even a child knew of this principle, but why could an adult like her not follow it properly?

Thus, right now, she was unable to stop her tears from falling!

Yun Shishi, filled with grievances and bitterness, pressed onto her cheeks. She sat on the ground like this and heartbrokenly wept!

Not far away, the Porsche’s engine was turned off. Its door was pushed open, and a pair of expensive leather shoes touched the ground. Mu Yazhe elegantly stepped out from the car and casually closed the door behind him. In his line of sight was a lady in a white dress, stumbled on the ground, motionless. The expression on her face could not be seen clearly with her head hanging low, but one could hear her broken-hearted sobs, making her appear rather pitiful!

The lady seemed young, about 20 years of age, and frail. She wore a simple office dress. Her silky smooth hair cascaded on her shoulders slightly messily and hid most of her face.

Although she appeared bedraggled, it did not do injustice to her beauty. In fact, it only accentuated her stunning looks even more, making others feel sympathy for her.

Mu Yazhe’s eyes slowly narrowed, looking deep and far. This girl made his heart tingle. She seemed somewhat familiar, as though he had seen her before.

However, with her head hanging down, he could not see her looks.

His sword-like eyebrows slightly twitched. He went closer and gracefully half-squatted down in front of her. He slightly lowered his almond-shaped eyes to coldly examine the bruise on her knee. He noted that one of her pair of slender legs was smeared with blood. The blood trickled along the delicate curves of her leg.

He scanned her entire body and saw no other injuries besides that slight skin abrasion on her knee.

Her injury was fortunately not severe, but she was still weeping in grief, as though she had suffered a really big grievance. He really did not know what she was crying so pitifully for! Her current appearance was a little similar to an abandoned kitten!

Mu Yazhe noted that, but he showed no visible reaction toward it.

The frustrated feelings he had were somewhat aggravated. He had a habit of taking the car out for a ride in the mountains when he was feeling down. Just then, with his mind occupied, he had failed to notice her on the road. Perhaps, her frail frame and flimsy white dress made her inconspicuous as well. She looked so delicate, and he drove wildly on the road, so he failed to notice her until it was already too late. It was truly fortunate that nothing bad had happened to her.

Seeing her tears flow non-stop, Mu Yazhe wasted no more time. He lowered his head and fished out his wallet. Removing a few large banknotes from it, he gave them to her expressionlessly.

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