One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 2526 - Replace Medicine with Folic Acid.

Chapter 2526: Replace Medicine with Folic Acid.

The driver appeared extremely surprised because the young man’s Italian sounded too fluent to be true. If not for his handsome oriental face, he would think that it was a native speaking to him!

“Distinguished sir, I’m not sure.”

“We’ve stalled for five minutes; what’s happening in front?” Mu Yazhe suddenly turned to the hotel manager in the passenger seat and said, “Go down and find out what the situation is.”

“Yes, sir.”

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed hotel manager immediately got out of the car and went to check the situation!

Yun Shishi was sitting at the back of the car. As the time stuck in this traffic jam started to stretch, she could not control herself from yawning as sleepiness set in.

The man looked askance at her and asked, “Are you feeling sleepy?”

“Yes, a little…” The woman blushed involuntary and muttered grouchingly, “We didn’t rest well last night, did we?”

The energetic man had worked her until midnight before caving in. She did not know where he got his strong physique from. He had gone to bed later than her, yet he was in better spirits than her, not showing the slightest sigh of fatigue.

Was it perhaps because she had poor stamina?

Her constitution was not considered weak, but it was nothing worth mentioning when compared to this non-human beside her.

Her husband could not help smiling as he asked in return, “Are you blaming me now?”

Her face blushed even redder and she snapped, “Who else is there to blame besides you? It’s all because of you!”

“You’re also very passionate last night, and you obviously wanted it so much; I was just physically satisfying you,” rebutted the man with a straight face.

Her face had turned so red by then that it looked like it was about to drip blood. She protested in agitation, “What do you mean… What do you mean by saying that I was also passionate? You’re clearly the one…”

Seeing how hesitant and embarrassed she was to discuss their tryst last night, it made him even more eager to listen to what she had to say. Drawing close to her, he asked seductively, “I was clearly the one? What did I do?”

“I’m not talking!”

“Why aren’t you talking now?” He was out to tease her. “What was clearly the thing I did?”

She glared petulantly at him with her expressive eyes on her delicate face!

What’s wrong with this man?!

Why is he pressuring me in this way?!

He’s deliberately teasing me to embarrass me!

Last night, he was clearly the one who wanted more action. Several times, she had begged him for mercy and had repeatedly requested for him to stop, indicating that she was tired, but he persisted tirelessly, eventually wearing her out in a few rounds of copulation!

In the end, she collapsed on the bed, limp and unable to move, all thanks to him!

How could she say all these out loud, though?

Full of resentment, she could only glare at him again.

The man, on the other hand, had been secretly working on his plan. If he were not to ‘sow his seeds’ more diligently, how else would he have a daughter that he long wanted?

He was hoping that her womb would show results by bearing a daughter for him, and for this end, he had put his plan into practice.

The man’s most devilish attempt was that he knew his wife would take contraception beforehand, so he surreptitiously replaced her long-acting pill box with folic acid.

Folic acid, also called vitamin B9, was a water-soluble vitamin that pregnant women needed four times more than normal. Many women would take it in advance when they were preparing for gestation.

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