One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 2525

Chapter 2525: Smokescreens are around all the time.

“You’re spoiling them!”

The man was still in a depressed mood!

After losing three sets in a row to his son within ten minutes of each, he naturally was not in the best of mood!

“It’s true that they’re a bit clingy.”

He told his wife, “Hurry up and let them find their partners, so that they don’t have to stick with you.”

His wife turned speechless as the corner of her eyes twitched violently for a moment. “Are you serious about that?”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“They’re only seven!”

Isn’t this akin to looking for child brides?

She suddenly walked over to the sofa, sat down beside him, and circled her arms around his shoulder.

“The director called today to ask when I’ll be back on set. It seems that the wedding shoot has taken up more time than expected. I only took five days off, but it turns out that a five-day leave isn’t enough for our tight schedule.”

Mu Yazhe gently stroked her hair and replied leisurely, “There’s no rush to be back on set. No matter what, taking wedding photos is much more important than shooting a scene!”

“How about you? Is your schedule tight as well?” she asked with some concern. “Your schedule should be more packed than mine. There ought to be something at Shengyu which needs your presence, right?”

“I made arrangements in advance. If there’s anything, Jinyu will take care of it.”


Yun Shishi pondered for a long time before saying, “Today, I watched the news and saw that Mu Yancheng had officially taken over the position of the president at Disheng Financial Group; do you know about this matter?”

Her husband looked indifferent. “It’s not a matter of much concern.”

“I’m worried that the Mu Group will take a bold step to target Shengyu next and launch a series of counterattacks.”

“The business world is often full of smokescreen. One more enemy or less doesn’t make a difference. Besides, my second uncle is the one holding up the family now, and he’s too exhausted to try any more tricks, so I’m telling you: There’s no need to worry much!” The man leaned over, gave her lips a gentle peck, and asked with a smile, “You’re here to take wedding photos; why are you worried over this and that?”

“I’m worried for you.”

“I know what I’m doing. What I’m unsure of, I will not put into action. Me leaving the Mu Group is because I’m confident that I can trample them under my feet.”

After saying that, he looked at her with gentleness in his eyes. Under the warm lights, her delicate face was giving off a radiant glow, which stirred the deep passion lying inside him. He could not help moving closer to her. Placing his thin lips upon her pretty mouth, he started to work his charm, his predatory instinct well disguised under his tenderness.

The woman had just returned his kiss instinctively when he suddenly hurled her into his arms and made his way to the spacious bed.

The next day, the family flew directly to Italy on a 9-AM flight.

This was the last destination for the wedding photoshoot, and the place that Yun Shishi was most looking forward to.


She was full of joyful anticipation as she waited to board the plane.

After arriving at the airport as scheduled, they got in a car, which was sent by the hotel to pick them up after they arrived in Italy.

However, halfway through the ride, the road got congested sans warning. Italy’s traffic condition was usually convenient and smooth, but on that day, it was so bad that their vehicle could hardly move half a meter.

Mu Yazhe casually glanced at his watch and looked rather unhappy.

“Why is there a traffic jam?” he asked in fluent Italian.

The driver appeared extremely surprised because the young man’s Italian sounded too fluent to be true!

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