Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain

Chapter 826 - The Book is Almost Finished, Asking for Gifts

Chapter 826: The Book is Almost Finished, Asking for Gifts

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“Decisive battle? Are they crazy?”

In an extremely dark place in the Southern Heaven Region, two Immortals Leitian and Shuiyue opened their eyes wide as they incredulously looked at the Nine Regions army assembled outside the collapsed region.

Under the dazzling and exaggerated golden light of Golden King, the true appearance of the Nine Regions army was shown. The scale of this army was unprecedented. Golden King and his Western Continent army in the center, while Daoist Hetu presided over the Death to Immortal Sword Array. There were also the new Red Guards Army and Zaku legion led by Nine-Tailed Fox at the frontline. This was a powerful force that faintly made the Immortals feel afraid. Not to mention that behind this force was the indomitable Nine Regions Great Array, with Senior Gem Emperor and the remaining Earth Immortals as the core as well as the participation of cultivators from all over the continent, which together formed an invincible surging force.

In the frontal confrontation, even if the opponent was better than a first-rate Senior Immortal, he or she would still nurse grievances on the spot.

However, seeing this scene, Leitian and Shuiyue felt a heartfelt ecstasy after a moment of trembling. Leitian said, “Report to Senior Immortal and say that the people of Nine Regions are finally willing to die!”

No matter how the people of Nine Regions put together their strength, they simply could not compete with the Immortal World in a frontal battle.

Even if it was the Immortal World that was now scornfully called the Fallen Immortal World.

The Immortal World was indeed in decline. It simply could not be compared with its heyday. At present, the so-called Immortal World was nothing more than just a fragment of debris. The ever-victorious Immortal World army which once fought in thousands of worlds had withered. But now, the Immortals who could endure a war were only around a hundred and the Senior Immortal level was only around a dozen. Now a few of them had been chopped off and the Immortal King had not appeared in public for a long time.

However, regardless of all of that, Immortal World was still Immortal World. The dozen Senior Immortals alone were enough to turn the Nine Regions upside down. What’s more, beside the Immortals, there were too many treasures in the Immortal World. There were even several innate treasures such as the Against the World Dragon Pillar, which was the most valuable treasure ever.

In the previous battles, because the Immortal World worried too much and didn’t want to spend too much resources, they had back and forth battles with the Nine Regions. They were even repelled several times, which incurred considerable losses. But now that the Nine Regions army was gathering in front of them, the Immortal World could no longer have any room for concern.

After this decisive battle, the great purge could be launched, and then Nine Regions would truly fall into the control of Immortal World, and everything would have a turn for the better.

Thus, with joy, Shuiyue immediately returned to the Immortal World along the two worlds passage. However, when she set foot in the Immortal World, she saw a young man with a strange but handsome appearance standing there. She lost her mind for a moment and nearly bumped into him.

However, when she regained her senses, Shuiyue immediately sweated like a fountain and knelt down without hesitation. She said, “Greetings, Senior Immortal Xiaoyao.”

“Okay, no need to be so reserved.” The Senior Immortal named Xiaoyao raised his hand and Shuiyue felt an irresistible force hold her up and then fly her to a white jade palace tens of thousands of miles away. This was the frontier base of the Immortal World to launch the great purge. All of their resources were concentrated there.

“Tell the other Immortals the news while I verify it here.”

Shuiyue knew that she had no room to argue. Thus, she flew forward along with the Immortal Technique of Senior Immortal Xiaoyao, which covered the tens of thousands of miles distance almost instantaneously. However, along the way, she turned her head back and saw Senior Immortal Xiaoyao’s unprecedented concentration.

“Does he need to be this serious? They’re just a bunch of low lives. Even if there are more of them, they are basically just a mob…”

With a bit of doubt, Shuiyue arrived at the white jade palace. Inside, several Immortals had gathered together. When they saw Shuiyue coming in, each of them had different expressions.

The moment Shuiyue came in, the memory in her brain had been read by several Immortals, thus everything that happened in the lower realm was already clear to the others.

One of them, a big guy in a blood-colored war robe, squeezed his fist hard and said, “What a surprise, these bastards actually delivered themselves to us on a platter. It really saves us a lot of trouble.”

However, a woman with shiny silvery hair disagreed and said, “Fengyun, don’t think of the enemy as stupid. If they are that stupid that they are willing to go to the death’s door together, the great purge would’ve been carried out long ago. I think there’s something behind this, so it’s not the time for us to be too optimistic.”

Senior Immortal Fengyun laughed and said, “Senior Immortal Qingliu, you’re too timid. They’re just low lives from the lower realm, why should we restrain ourselves? If in the past when we opened the two worlds passage several times, we launched the Against the World Dragon Pillar, we would’ve crushed their whole army and Nine Regions would’ve long been conquered. I really don’t understand what is Xiaoyao worried about? Even if the Immortal World is withered, can’t it even take down a mere Nine Regions? Compared to the Burning Legion or the Na’vi that we came across in our outer world campaign, I don’t see how the Nine Regions is worth worrying about.”

An old man gasped and said, “Because Nine Regions is the foundation of our Immortal World. No matter how far we walk in the path of immortality, the starting point will always be the same. Since the land can give birth to Immortals, it can never be underestimated.”

Senior Immortal Fengyun spread out his arms and said, “Forget it, I don’t understand what you old people think.”

“You are among the generation who grew up and cultivated in the Immortal World, so you simply can’t understand the feelings of those of us who came here by way of ascending.” The old man said softly, “Many people say that those who could survive the Heavenly Tribulation and then ascend must be the best. But in fact, it’s a really big fallacy. Fifty thousand years ago, when I first entered an Immortal Cultivation Sect, there were countless others who were more talented than me. Even when it was my time to ascend, I still knew a lot of experts. They just didn’t want to take that step, not because it was impossible.”

“But those people were already dead long ago” Senior Immortal Fengyun still showed great respect for the old man. He scratched his head and said, “Without the purification of the pure Immortal Spirit, a cultivator’s life will not exceed ten thousand years. Elder Liefeng, you have been cultivating for more than fifty thousand years, even if your companions were more powerful, they were all just a handful of dead bones by now. What’s more, we have taken the law of the Main Path there once, so now it’s already broken… Hahaha, those ridiculous trash thought that it was the will of Heaven and called it the Age of Chaos. From the upper realm, they’re exactly the same as ants.”

“Since you’re that confident, then you take the lead in this battle.”

As they talked, Senior Immortal Xiaoyao entered the hall slowly and then, very naturally, sat on the main seat of the white jade palace.

Logically speaking, only the Immortal King was qualified to sit in this seat. However, when Senior Immortal Xiaoyao sat there, no one questioned it. Such was the status of Xiaoyao.

“This time, we will go all out.” Senior Immortal Xiaoyao set the tone when he opened his mouth, “I have observed that the army put forward by the Nine Regions is indeed their elite, and there’s no reservation there. This time, it’s a decisive battle, so we should strike them with the momentum of a thunderbolt and wipe out all their strength in one battle.”

The several Immortals were silent for a while. After communicating with each other in private by various means, they did not raise any objection.

Only Senior Immortal Qingliu asked softly, “How is His Majesty the Immortal King?”

“His Majesty is very good, of course.” Xiaoyao turned his gaze, “Why do you ask?”

Senior Immortal Qingliu said, “I’m just thinking. Since His Majesty is the number one warrior in the Immortal World and the strongest man who can fight, even if he is old, he would not be indifferent to such a good battle, right?”

“This is just the dying struggle of a group of arrogant and ignorant people. This doesn’t need His Majesty’s help.”

Senior Immortal Qingliu asked, “Really? I’ve heard that His Majesty has fallen into a plot and is seriously injured.”

“Nonsense.” Senior Immortal Xiaoyao’s complexion remained unchanged, his handsome face was as firm as a stone carving. He replied, “With His Majesty’s strength, who is qualified to hurt him, even if it’s a sneak attack?”

“I heard that the people of the lower realm had detonated a fragment of innate treasure.”

“Says who?”

Senior Immortal Qingliu lightly covered her mouth and said with a smile, “This is a woman’s secret, Senior Immortal Xiaoyao doesn’t want to find that out, right?”

“No need, as long as you do what you’re told to do.” Senior Immortal Xiaoyao said, and then turned to look at the others. “Do all of you wish to ask anything?”

The others naturally did not.

“Very well, then please lead your team out.”

After the meeting at the white jade palace was over, most of them immediately gathered their personnel to prepare for the battle in the lower realm. However, there were two people who were much slower.

Liefeng and Qingliu.

“Senior Immortal Qingliu, did you just ask those questions casually, or did you mean something else?”

“What do you think, Elder Liefeng?”

“Nine Regions is just a ringworm scab. The real problem still comes from ourselves.” Liefeng said unceremoniously, “If this was in those ten thousand Immortals days, how could it take so much trouble to clean up the Nine Regions? We even used the two worlds passage and the Against the World Dragon Pillar… This withered appearance, we can only blame it on ourselves.”

“If this was in those ten thousand Immortals days, the Immortal World had no need for foreign objects, and there was no need to carry out the great purge.” Qingliu shook her head and said, “Elder, what I want to say is… What happens to His Majesty? Like Fengyun, I’m also a younger generation Immortal who was born in the Immortal World. Since I was born, I rarely saw the Immortal King. Nearly everything that I saw was Senior Immortal Xiaoyao carrying out the Immortal King’s order on his behalf. Is there really no problem here? Today he said that the Immortal King would not fight. I really can’t understand this. Not long ago, the little princess fell down in Nine Regions. As a father, how could the Immortal King ignore it?”

Senior Immortal Liefeng was silent for a long time, and then said, “It’s better for you to ask less about this matter. Being confused will not do you any harm.”

“… Very well, then let me ask you one last question. Suppose you have to choose between Senior Immortal Xiaoyao and Immortal King, who would you choose?”

Senior Immortal Liefeng replied, “That’s a rebellious thought, I won’t hear it.”

“Okay, thank you for the answer. I think I understand. Now let’s go to Nine Regions and see what happens there.”


At the same time, somewhere far from Nine Regions and Immortal World.

Wang Lu concentrated on manipulating a flying sword the size of a needle to avoid small fireballs from all directions. The speed of the flying sword and the fireballs was extremely fast, especially those fireballs, which turned, accelerated, and blocked the way of the flying sword. After a while, Wang Lu’s flying sword was hit by the fireball and burned.

“Tsk, under the most difficult barrage, it has only persisted for such a moment, it’s really a bad omen.”

Before he finished speaking, another impatient voice rang, “Are you sick? How can you find a daughter-in-law if every day you play this kind of moronic game?”

Wang Lu chuckled and said, “Finding a daughter-in-law is still hard to tell, but the synchronization rate has been raised to about eighty percent… Don’t look at me with that bitter look, leisure is also a key factor in improving the synchronization rate. In the past fifteen years, I was so nervous that I hardly had a day’s rest.”


On the other side, Wang Wu, who was sweating like rain, gave him a sneer.

However, when she was ready to blast out a few words, all of a sudden, Wang Lu’s expression suddenly became grim.

“… What happened there in Nine Regions?”

Wang Wu noticed that his hands were slightly shaking.

“How could so many people die suddenly?”

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