Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain

Chapter 825 - Academic Mad Dog

Chapter 825: Academic Mad Dog

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In the memory of Golden King, Yin Xuan’s name was stored in a very remote corner, almost no different from dust and grass.

If Yin Xuan didn’t have the title of a lead disciple of Spirit Sword Sect, Golden King would never remember such a trivial thing.

However, just like the so-called knowing somebody by their reputation couldn’t compare to meeting them in person, this time, Golden King found that his understanding of Yin Xuan was far from reality.

“This is the smell of the Fallen Immortal lackey, are you deliberately trying to provoke me?”

Yin Xuan said, “No, but… the identity of the Fallen Immortal lackey is more favorable to us at present.”

Golden King slightly tilted his head, indicating that he was still listening.

Yin Xuan then said, “My team and I were foreshadowed by Wang Lu fifteen years ago. When the frontal battle against the enemy in the future is extremely hard, we can disguise ourselves and strike the enemy from behind. Even though at that time it was just an insignificant idle work, we have been preparing for it for fifteen years. By now, all the preparatory work has been flawless.

Golden King was still silent. His blood-red eyes swept over Yin Xuan. Then he found that the true story of Spirit Sword Sect was indeed true. From top to bottom, from the inside out, this person was completely filled with the smell of Fallen immortal dog. Just like a meat slave who had been trained for ten thousand years, he was pure and without any foreign matter.

“As a dog, you’re quite competent.”

Yin Xuan said, “In fact, we indeed place our hope on a Fallen Immortal’s name. Without it, we can’t have this perfect disguise.”

“Canglan?” After Golden King came to Nine Regions, he had done enough homework. He thought for a while and then said, “Canglan has been lost in Nine Regions for a long time. Aren’t you walking right into the trap by borrowing his name?”

Yin Xuan said, “We are just borrowing Canglan’s power. As for the name, we need to borrow other people’s names. Do you remember the three Immortals who came to this world half a month ago when the crack in the sky in Cloud Region was opened?”

Aya added, “I led the crowd to fight with them. Later, Gil, you detonated the Golden City and blew up the two world passage and the Against the World Dragon Pillar. When they could not do anything, the tnree Immortals fled the scene. One of them, we finally managed to capture.”

Golden King said, “Did you deliberately let go the other two?”

“Yes, in the past half month, Supreme Hetu has firmly suppressed the two of them with the Death to Immortal Sword Array, but he has not made any public announcement. Except for a few people, everyone thought that the two Immortals were still lurking in the Nine Regions, waiting for the next opening of the two realms.”

“Hahaha, the bastards’ whim is indeed a bit interesting.” Golden King laughed and then said, “Do you plan to use their names to disguise yourselves as the lackeys to approach the Against the World Dragon Pillar? Well, since you guys want to throw away your lives, how about I give you a hand?”

Aya said, “We need you to launch a feint attack on the Southern Heaven Region… The people of the Royal Soldier Sect have already worked out the plan for the feint attack.”

The Golden King accepted the plan, and his blood-colored eyes changed slightly after a glance: “Is this a feint?”

At this time, Supreme Hetu’s voice came, “For most of the participants, this is not a feint attack, but a big decisive battle where we stake everything on the table. If this is not the case, we will not be able to hide it from the Immortal’s eyes and ears. If you want to cheat the opponent, you have to cheat yourself first.”

“And all of this is just to bring that guy back?” Golden King laughed and said, “Are you guys crazy? You want to put all your hopes on a half dead man? If you are all dead, even if Wang Lu comes back, could he save the desperate crisis? If he really has that ability, he won’t be trapped in the two-worlds passage by a scheme of a little Immortal!”

Aya said, “Gil, don’t you still trust him?”

“If I didn’t believe in Wang Lu, I wouldn’t have come back with you.” Golden King snorted, “But my trust has never been unconditional. No one’s trust is unconditional. You must have a reasonable reason to trust Wang Lu. Hetu, what is actually hidden at the bottom of your Nine Regions Map, now it’s the time to say it.”

Supreme Hetu was silent for a long time before his voice could be heard again, “Yes, at the bottom of Nine Regions Map, there is a great Immortal Technique that can reverse the universe. The Immortal Technique was excavated by Shengjing Sect from the ruins of Desolate Age, and after thousands of years of analysis and transformation from numerous cultivators, it finally came into shape with the help of the Earth Immortals. It could be said that it’s the condensation of the essence of the entire Nine Regions. Then, only Wang Lu can fully trigger this Immortal Technique. That’s why we must bring Wang Lu back no matter what.”

“This kind of Immortal Technique that can only be done by one person and no one else is ridiculous in itself…” Golden King disapproved of this very strongly, “But, now it’s not the time to tell jokes. What is your plan?”

Hearing the last sentence, Aya, Hetu, Yin Xuan… All of them were relieved. But then, a deeper sadness came up.

Because Golden King did ask a good question: Feint attack from the front and then outsmarted the enemy from behind. It was simple and clear, but how to actually do it?


“Are you sure? They really want to fight?”

On the Royal Soldier Sect, a white-clothed general somewhat impatiently questioned the messenger.

“Yes. Three days after this, the Union of Ten Thousand Immortals will launch a decisive battle in the Southern Heaven Region and uproot the largest stronghold of the Fallen Immortal in the Nine Regions. Once the Against the World Dragon Pillar in the Cloud Region was destroyed and the two-worlds passage was closed, it will be difficult for them to open a new one in a short time…”

“Enough, just tell me the exact time and place.” The white-clothed general’s eyes were bloodshot, which looked terrifying, “There is no need to listen to your nonsense, we just need to avenge Kuqin!”

The messenger who delivered the message silently looked at General Shenwei, the interim Sect Leader of Royal Soldier Sect. She couldn’t see the breath of a living person in his eyes. This person’s ambition to die was simply appalling.

Turning around and looking down the mountain, he could see that a group of cultivators from Royal Soldier Sect were in a neat square formation. They were the new Red Guards Army formed by the veterans of Red Guards Army and a large number of absorbed substitute forces. They were still the same Deity Stage cultivators and also had gone through extremely rigorous trials. Their strength was not inferior to that of the old army. These cultivators were dressed in shining armor, with pure white robes on the outside, and black scarves tied on their right arms. There was a sense of death and desolation pervading the whole Royal Soldier Sect.

As the saying went, the mourning army would win. And this most powerful army in Nine Regions had completely degenerated into a mourning army. Thus, the battle had to be won, the attack had to be taken!

However, the messenger only felt a deeper melancholy in her heart.

The prestige of Kuqin within the army was beyond doubt. In fact, most members of the Red Guards were not the old members of the Royal Soldier Sect, but were drawn from other sects. However, after the training from Kuqin, they became more loyal subordinates than the soldiers of the Royal Soldier Sect. Now, they would sacrifice everything to avenge Kuqin.

This was an army doomed to never return. In the formulation of the combat plan, they did not hesitate to identify their fate. And they seemed to have accepted their fate long ago.

“Understood… Good luck.”

The messenger, Hua Yun, nodded to General Shenwei, but her eyes had already turned slightly red.


“Decisive battle? Are you guys crazy?”

On Kunlun Mountain, Supreme Zhuri slapped the table and stood up.

“To march into battle, there must be a good time and the right place. With what we have right now, we dare to fight a desperate battle against the Fallen Immortal? If we are careless even a little bit, we will lose everything! What’s the purpose of taking such a huge risk?”

As the messenger, Daoist Master Feng Yin did not answer the question directly, but instead asked, “So, Kunlun Sect does not want to participate?”

Supreme Zhuri said, “Kunlun Sect… Is the sect closest to the origin of the Immortal Path in Nine Regions, which could be traced back to the Desolation Age. Kunlun Sect almost means the history of Immortal Cultivation in Nine Regions, and history is absolutely indispensable.”

Supreme Feng Yin smiled and shook his head helplessly. This result was not unexpected to him. He knew that Supreme Zhuri was such a person, and Kunlun Sect did have such a culture.

“In short, do you guys plan to put one’s own safety before matters of principle?”

“Someone has to put one’s own safety before matters of principle.” Supreme Zhuri looked at Feng Yin without backing down, “There must be someone who leaves a fire of hope for Nine Regions, even if it’s just the smallest trace. This is the way for Kunlun Sect to survive for countless years!”

“Absolutely disgraceful!”

The next moment, a strong gust of wind and thunder rolled up the Kunlun Mountain and a rickety old man suddenly appeared in front of Zhuri.

When Supreme Zhuri saw this person, the pupil of his eyes involuntarily contracted sharply.

“South Pole Immortal Weng?”

“Zhuri, just now you said that the way for Kunlun Sect to survive is to linger on and put one’s own safety before matters of principle? I don’t remember teaching you such nonsense back then!”

The next moment, the old man who had lived for nearly five thousand years suddenly swelled up and became a giant man. With one hand he slapped Zhuri down the mountain and into the deep valley.

“The longevity of Kunlun Sect is definitely not merely for survival! Do you remember what the ancestors of Kunlun Sect used to say? Kunlun Sect should always represent the fundamental interests of Nine Regions cultivators! This sentence was later interpreted and enriched, creating generations of Theoretical Classics! Remember, we as the ancestors of all Immortal Cultivators, are always at the forefront to protect our younger generations!”

In the valley, the roar of South Pole Immortal Weng raged for a long time.

“I… Understand.”

Supreme Zhuri could not hide the tiredness in his voice.

On the other side, Supreme Feng Yin cupped his fists toward South Pole Immortal Weng.


“What? Setting up an inspection group to the fallen area of the Southern Heaven Region? Asking us if we want to participate? Are you kidding me? Do you need to ask this question? Of course! The number of participants? Of course, it’s as many as possible! This rare academic feast will never be missed by any qualified disciple of Ten Thousand Arts Sect!”

“But the risks of this trip…”

“What kind of research could be done if we’re afraid of the risks? Okay, stop talking nonsense, we’re going to prepare the inspection equipment. Would you like to have lunch here? If not, we won’t send you out.”

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