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Chapter 42 Venus Four - Part 2

Chapter 42 Venus Four - Part 2

The system's dimensional space system worked in mysterious ways that no man could ever deduce. When Jin activated a portal station at the Panda Port, the System created a clone of the real goblins along with the current living environment, which the System provided for them as the dungeon instance, at that particular time and date.

When Jin activated Station 6, the goblins were having their meals in their dimensional home. The system copied the entire environment system to Station 6 as if the goblins themselves were experiencing a butterfly effect in their particular timeline.

Whether the goblins managed to kill their opponents or not, they would gain experience and the experience of the cloned goblins would merge with the current goblins through the workings of the System.

When Station 6 was activated, the cloned goblins heard a loud alarm coming from the north of their hideout. It was an environment wide alarm which they believed was a spell their master had placed to alert the goblins of enemy cultivators to be teleported into their current dimensional home.

The goblins hurried to pick their worn out weapons and pieces of cloth for their armour. All ready to run and hunt their opponents within minutes.

As they were about to leave their hideout, a red pigeon came flying to their hideout, signalling a message from their master. According to the message, the goblins were able to remove their restrictions and fight at their best for this particular encounter.

In addition, their master authorised them to wear the latest armour and weapons that they were bestowed. All of the goblins were dancing with joy since they had been wanting to try them ever since they got it more than a week ago.

The new leather armours and alloyed-iron weapons they had been keeping in their hideout could not be worn because of a restriction given by their master. Unless told to do so, they would not be able to don the new equipment and there was a powerful spell binding on their abilities.

With the arrival of the red pigeon, it not only gave the message to the goblins but also cast a spell to temporarily remove those ability restrictions.

The goblins placed their old items aside and helped each other to put on the new equipment before they head out.

"It's too quiet for far too long. Are they really waiting for night to approach so it will be easier to strike us?" Jia Ying walked around impatiently without straying too far from Jing Ru's protection.

"Speak of the devil." Through a walkie talkie, Jing Ru whispered she saw some movement from the south east and started to adjust her scope.

Jia Ying noted and raised her guard for any attacks. To her surprise, a goblin came out from the bushes, wielding a spear. Yue Wen was startled by the change of appearance by the spear goblin.

It was wearing full leather armour with some metal pieces as compared to cloth rags it used to wear. The spear it was carrying had a humanoid skull attached at the end of the pole, assuming the goblin used it as a counterweight.

The goblin raised its spear towards Jia Ying as if it wants a proper duel. Yue Wen immediately informed Jing Ru to be on guard for the dagger goblin. It was the same trick they used on Bu Dong.

Jing Ru acknowledged and continued to survey the surrounding with her scope but oddly enough, two other goblins came out to the open as well.

They were not ambushing them like they had been doing in Normal mode and this made Yue Wen a little anxious. "Could they be thinking that they are a match against us in a proper duel or is this a ruse? Is there a different goblin waiting for us?" Yue Wen started to panic at the goblin's sudden change in attitude towards fighting fair and square.

The sword goblin eventually raised its sword at Shi Hui and spoke angrily in goblin language as if it wanted to pick a fight with her. Yue Wen nodded her head when Shi Hui looked to her for guidance and she went forward to face the sword goblin.

Meanwhile, Jing Ru had her sights pointed at the dagger goblin at all times. However as she was focusing on it, the goblin seemed to realise her presence and actually smiled back at her.

Jing Ru was totally confounded. "Did the goblin really know my position or does it just happen to smile at me?" The thoughts started to give her cold sweat. While it was true that she was a marksmen, all she had been doing was hitting items that did not retaliate back. Still, she gritted her teeth and maintained her calm using one of Gunning Giraffe's skills, the Stoic Giraffe.

By initiating the skill, Stoic Giraffe, she maintained her emotions with her pulse and breathing stabilised. Fortunately, Jing Ru was able to keep her calm in time as a dagger came flying towards her. With a skillful shot, her pellet came in direct contact with the flying dagger. The dagger recoiled from the mid-air collision with the chi-powered pellet and it dropped onto the ground.

"So he does know where I am located." Jing Ru exhaled a heavy breath and reloaded another pellet into her Winterwolf rifle. She knew that what the goblin did was to warn her not to have any 'smart' ideas against the two duels as it was watching her closely.

"For goblins, they seem quite honourable for this fight." Jin casually commented which made almost every customer in the store puke blood.

"Boss, if you know what they did to me, you will reconsider your words..." one of the customers replied.

"I once had a nightmare about goblins and Boss, the goblins were from your store. I think I will not see goblins the same way ever again." Another customer added.

"Boss, do you have a fever when you said that? If so, please take your medicine." Almost every other customer tried to reply sarcastically to Boss Jin but their eyes never left the screen as the duels between the Venus Four members and the goblins began.

Jia Ying gave a straight strike towards the goblin to test its abilities. Sometimes, a play of strength was all that's needed to conclude the fight but the goblins are only that honourable in their word to fight solo.

The spear goblin slides its spear along Jia Ying's strike the moment her hand was extended and decided to attack her rear. "Hmph! You indeed have skills to foresee my play of strength was actually a feint! Yue Wen might be right after all! I could be able to find a more worthy opponent with monsters than men."

The straight strike was indeed a feint as a blast of energy from the spear was released at the tip of the spear. If the goblin had head on against Jia Ying, the energy blast would have gotten him and knocked him back.

Even if he could have resisted it, it was enough to give Jia Ying an attack of opportunity to deal additional damage to the enemy.

Jia Ying responded to the goblin's counterattack by going with the flow of the straight strike. Her spear pulled her forward to evade the attack from the goblin.

Unfortunately, the goblin was not fast enough to respond and she got away to the other side of the clearing. The battle got even more intense from here on.



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