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Chapter 41 Venus Four - Part 1

Chapter 41 Venus Four - Part 1

Customers might think that this group of girls were courting death for trying Normal+ mode in the Goblin Dungeon Instance. They could not believe a group of pretty girls fighting for the sake of clothes would have any chance against a single goblin.

Little did they know that the girls themselves have a few tricks up their sleeves and possibly might blow their minds. Regardless, some people started to gather around Station 6 to watch the show.

Stronger goblins were still goblins. They might be tougher, harder to kill but they were merely a type of monster with only limited intelligence. That means with good team combination and some decent preparation, Yue Wen's group might pass the dungeon.

For a good team combination, Yue Wen purposely chose these three girls for Boss Jin's dungeon because each of them had an identity not known to almost any in this store. They were all part of the national team of various sports from their university, the National University of Shenzhen.

Jing Ru, majored in Mathematics was a meek looking girl with short plaited hair which she had it dyed in light greyish pink. Despite her appearance, Jing Ru was the university team leader for air rifle and possessed a Grade 2 cultivation, the Gunning Giraffe Style. Her skills to shoot a target at 45 meters while moving was a skill no one in the team could perform. Do not underestimate her because of her demure attitude.

Jia Ying, the girl who majored in Fashion Design was in the university team for Wushu and specialised in the art of spear. Her long silky hair and well rounded bosom did not sullen her nickname, 'Zhao Yun' who was a famous general and spearsmen in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.. Her Sanguine Stag Style eliminated many of her opponents in the field of combat and it propelled her to Grade 3 at such an early age.

Shi Hui was just a student in Audio Engineering but she was known as the upcoming modern dancer in Shenzhen's field of performing arts. She also had the opportunity to become a dance choreographer for a music company despite her age when she was interning for her degree.

This girl always had hair with long outward curls and a smile full of sunshine made many suitors down to their knees begging for just one date. Her Shadow Swan Style complemented her dancing which was infused into her fighting skills making her a competent Grade 2 Peak cultivator.

Last but not least, Yue Wen, a Grade 2 cultivator who studied chemistry and had the Healing Maiden Style. Although she was not in any national teams, she was somewhat the clique's leader for this elite group of girls.

Her innate chi was so strong that she once studied at the Cultivation Centre in Recovery Arts (CCRA) for summer school and fared better than any of the students residing in the centre. She cultivated her own style with the help of a professor in the CCRA and created the Healing Maiden Style.

For the past week, she returned to the CCRA in search for the professor who aided her and within that short period of time, she managed to reach Grade 2 Peak, utilising the spirit force she received from Jin's dungeons.

These four girls were the best of buddies since Junior High and even went to the same High School. They were so well known in school that fellow students and classmates called them the Venus Four.

The Venus Four teleported safely into the Goblin Dungeon Instance. This time round, Yue Wen noticed that the atmosphere was slightly different. The sun was setting in the distance, giving the entire forest a warm amber glow. That also meant that the Venus Four may have to fight in the battleground with a reduced line of sight.

However, this entire situation did not deter Jing Ru. As a markswoman, she had borrowed and prepared a night vision scope in case they really had to fight in the dark. Yue Wen had indeed planned for the worse case scenario knowing Boss Jin's attitude towards a rich and deep dungeon experience. Jing Ru went up to a small hillside slope and prepared a few strings with bells in case goblins tried to ambush her from behind.

Jing Ru's stepfather was an accomplished police sniper who also happened to have survival training experience so when Jing Ru sought the advice of her stepfather, it totally made his day. He never thought his ever so quiet step daughter would approach him. The week before visiting Boss Jin's dungeon, Jing Ru learnt much from her stepfather and now applied what she had learnt to this Goblin Dungeon Instance.

She took out her Winterwolf 39 Caliber air rifle and placed it at the spot where she can cover her friends. She took a pellet out to infuse with a little bit of Chi and inserted it into the rifle. Jing Ru was locked and loaded.

Jia Ying, on the other hand, was trying to attract as much attention to herself so that the goblins will go after her instead. She took out her highly flexible waxwood spear and flaunted her skills in the small clearing. Jia Ying had the waxwood spear tip sharpened just for this dungeon instance. She also wore a Grade 1 inscription silk wushu uniform which she used for tournaments when she entered the dungeon instance.

Shi Hui wore a simple blue buttoned shirt with her sleeves rolled up and tied her hair curls up to a ponytail. She took out her War Fan and stay aside Yue Wen, since she was the only healer in the group.

Yue Wen knew the goblin dagger had poison coated daggers so she had her mates to carry a pill necklace with the poison antidotes on standby. If they got hit by the poison, they should immediately take the poison antidote from their necklace. However, it was not just a simple antidote. Her study in chemistry allowed her to do some modification to the poison antidote.

Similar to the ancient days, she used a modern cauldron which can stimulate the effects of pill forming. By putting an existing pill into the cauldron, it can calculate and show the formula out on a screen via an internet database. It then advised the user some recommendations on what kind of modifications will have minimum effect on the pill. Of course, the cauldron recommendations could be overwritten by the user but Yue Wen decided to play safe for now and made modifications in accordance with the recommendations.

She controlled her chi effortlessly during the pill making, allowing the cauldron to produce a poison antidote with some wound healing effect. In addition, due to her good control of chi, the quality of the pills she made was approximately 80 out of a 100 as deduced by the modern cauldron hence the wound healing effect in the poison antidote was strengthened.

With all the preparations, she only hoped that they could at least put up a good fight in this new Normal+ mode. Yue Wen initially wanted to do the dungeon instance for the challenge of a realistic dungeon experience and the spirit force but now she and her team had a new goal in mind.

For new clothes.



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