Number One Dungeon Supplier

Chapter 39 I Can Look Pretty While Fighting?

Chapter 39 I Can Look Pretty While Fighting?

"It's right over there, near the stairs." Jin pointed out the inconspicuous glass panel door to her group of friends. The few customers that were hanging around after their recovery suddenly got interested too. They had been playing for quite some time and most of the customers thought the rewards were not yet shipped.

"Is that not some maintenance or storage room?" Jia Ying, one of Yue Wen's friend replied to Jin's direction.

"I thought the same too since the other side of the door seemed dark. I tried going near it, it was locked and there was no knobs or anything." One of the customers also commented that he assumed the same too.

"Nope, just open the door using your phone if you have the Pandamonium app else use your dog tags." Jin casually commented as he walked out of the bar counter, towards the glass door.

Jin was there to help troubleshoot in case Yue Wen was not able to go in. She placed her phone at the security port beside the door and the glass panel slides open. The lights lit up and on the other side of the door revealed a downward stairway.

"Can I bring my friends down too?" Yue Wen asked since she was currently the only one in her group that had the Pandamonium app installed and logged in.

"They can follow you but without the dog tags or Pandamonium, they will not be able to go into the next area." Jin replied to them.

"So much security just for reward redemption?" Jing Ru, another friend of Yue Wen complained about the unnecessarily complicated procedures.

"Well, I did tell you girls that the shop is slightly different from a normal dungeon supplier store. Let's just buy the dungeon instance tickets first. I promised it is worth it." Yue Wen put her hands together, as if praying to her friends to believe her just this once.

"You better not lie to us. Hahaha. Boss, one goblin..?" Shi Hui looked back at Yue Wen to confirm the dungeon instance and Yue Wen nodded her head happily.

"One Goblin Dungeon Instance for each of us." Shi Hui completed the order for the entire group.

Jin showed them to the credit port while Yue Wen stayed near the door. Some of the customers were interested but hesitated a little and pretended to lurk around for a little while.

"All done, here are your tags. You can now follow your friend down the dimensional space instance." Jin thanked them and he lead them to basement 1.

"Dimensional space instance? Are we not going to see the rewards?" Shi Hui wondered but she left those thoughts behind for the moment and subsequently entered the underground area with the group of girls.

"Oooh! Boss Jin, your panda pictures have the right amount of cuteness in them." Yue Wen appreciated the tumbling panda artwork as she walked down the stairs to the basement 1.

When they reached basement 1, they were immediately surprised by the three humongous cinematic screens on the walls. Each of the screens was showing advertisement of their own stores. At the moment, all of the screens were showing the kind of discounts they were having for the types of rewards they are 'selling'.

"Oh my god, this is amazing. I have never seen a dungeon supplier store so dedicated to fluffing up their reward redemption counter." Shi Hui commented while still in awe.

Jin was leaning at the side of the wall near the stairs enjoying the overwhelmed looks the girls had in their expression. Some of the customers from the 1st floor arrived at basement 1 and saw a drastic difference in the change of environment.

"How do I buy stuff?" Yue Wen saw something that caught her eye in the Panda Armoury advertisement.

"Go into the dimensional space. The dimension space port is located at the White Jade panda statues." Jin once again pointed it out to these clueless girls that were excited by the merchandise he offered.

"Come let's go!" Yue Wen signalled her friends as she placed her phone near the armoury panda statue and she was teleported away.

Yue Wen arrived safely in the dimensional space and she noticed her friends have caught up with her. However, she and her friends could not contain their excitement. The armoury store was in fact designed like a luxurious department store that does not have an end at sight.

The floors were marble tiled with certain areas carpeted. The clothes had legitimate brands like LoLoLemon, Zalola, Mike, Armano and many more that were similar to the real world. "The quality is the same!" Jia Ying screamed across the empty department store.

The girls quickly rushed to Jia Ying to verify the clothes. "In fact, this is of a better quality." Jia Ying was a student in fashion designs and she was trained to see if a product was a knock off. Hence, the girls readily trusted her judgement.

The girls walked around and their shopping senses tingled in the air. It had been a long time since they had an entire store to themselves. Yue Wen tried on one of the sports leggings and it was extremely comfy. "Hmm, there are no price tags on it, how do I even check?" Yue Wen looked around the leggings for a price tag and the section for the price list but to no avail.

"Eight Bronze Panda Medals." A small red panda came out from nowhere talking. "Oooh! So cute!" Yue Wen immediately grabbed the red panda and it responded to her cuddle by rubbing its nose on her face.

"Like a dungeon instance, you are the only group here in this store. This store's dimensional space will only close until you are satisfied with your shopping or browsing. When a new group wishes to enter, a new separate dimensional space will be created just for them." The red panda commented.

"However, when Jin, our big boss, wishes to close his shop, there will be a warning given for each and every store's dimensional space created to warn the users to exit the dimensional space in 5 minutes time. Else you will be forcefully kicked out of the dimensional space." The small red panda continued to speak to Yue Wen as she snuggled it.

In the Panda Armoury, several AI red pandas were created by Yun to help serve the customers within each dimensional space.

"I assumed this will be a true armoury store, you know those metal and leather armours etc. Instead, I found clothes that can be bought and perhaps according to my friend of a higher quality too." Yue Wen tried to question the viability of the Panda Armoury.

"This is indeed a true armoury store. Metal armours are available if you wish to have a look, I can direct you there. However, these clothes here are all enchanted with varying levels of defence inscriptions. In addition, the clothes sold here are manufactured and approved by the original company brands and they are of the highest quality ensured. Big Boss Jin did not compromise its quality and material because you can actually use this in combat." The red panda replied.

"If you are still wary of the product, we can show you the certification to sell said products and you can cross check it with the clothing company. The enchantment of inscriptions came from a different supplier and that, in Jin's words, is 'Trade Secret'." The red panda continued to clear Yue Wen's doubts.

"You mean I can actually look pretty while fighting?!" Yue Wen eyes sparkled like diamonds.



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