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Chapter 38 Panda Yawning Technique

Chapter 38 Panda Yawning Technique

Xiong Da eventually fared better after the increase in grade which made it easier for him to kill the goblins and he even got to face the eight legged boar. This type of training not only helped Xiong Da, it actually increased the proficiency of the goblins too. The Sword Goblin managed to upgrade to Grade 2 and it inadvertently raised the difficulty bar of Normal + mode.

It's too bad no one had tried such Normal+ mode yet since most of the cultivators who participated in the normal goblin dungeon did not complete it. In addition, not every cultivator who bought Boss Jin's dungeon instance was happy when they were killed so quickly in the goblin dungeon.

As days went by, there were people who supported such dungeons like Xiong Da, Se Lang and Deng Long. Most of the other customers who managed to defeat at least a goblin or two eventually realised that there was a small amount of spirit force within them, making it stir their cultivation.

It became an open secret to people who participated in Pandamonium chats. However, there were also disgruntled cultivators who always complain that they want their money back after losing badly to the goblins.

Of course, Boss Jin refused adamantly to their complaints. He insisted his goods were not pegged to a higher difficulty unless they chose to do so. Thankfully, no cultivator was stupid enough to make a move on a dungeon supplier because the suppliers were backed by the consumer's law and China's Dungeon Supplier Union.

"Why are they complaining so much especially when they are so incompetent?" Yun casually asked Jin during one of the more peaceful afternoons.

"Well, from what I know, they are just being spoiled by dungeon suppliers who made them feel superior. The dungeon supplier in the central shopping district, King's Monster, for example, have a package that includes an AI instructor that literally held the cultivator's hands throughout the whole dungeon instance."

"Most of the unhappy ones felt fear when they fought with the goblins as they could not handle how life threatening it is to them." Jin drank a cup of the Black Ivory coffee and felt awake almost immediately.

"Heh, even though they will just be unconscious?" Yun made a cup of coffee for herself too.

"They were probably scared of getting injured or could not endure the pain. Anyways, its like what I have said before. Not everyone becomes a cultivator because they need it. They do it because of the minor benefits. After enjoying peace for so long, people start to take things for granted." Jin put the cup back into the dishwasher.

"Yea, I got that. Especially after the Dantian modification, the modern society abides by another set of rules. Still, it does not hurt knowing how to defend oneself. Look what I had become, I am a living example." Yun scoffed at her perfect young body as she sipped her hot coffee but Jin was at a loss of words. He did not know how to comfort Yun since she was killed by the rogue cultivator that uses forbidden techniques to permanently destroy someone's Dantian.

"Last I heard, Dad made sure that his dead body is in the deepest confinement of a max military security prison island. All the culprit can do now is to rot like a mummy." Yun realised the silence coming from Jin so she tried to move the topic forward a little. However, she actually dug a bigger hole for herself.

"Wait, what? I thought the media said he was not given a chance to be incarcerated but sentenced to a permanent death with immediate effect. Why did Grandpa not kill and incinerate him?" Jin was curious about the situation.

"Oops, what I just told you was supposedly top secret." Yun pondered for a while and decided to tell Jin since she knew Jin would pester her sooner or later.

"Please do keep it to yourself. They wanted to extract information from his brain through certain military cultivation techniques that were specialised for interrogation. However, the rogue cultivator shut his life force into his Dantian and he was considered 'dead' at that point of time."

"Dad wanted him to be cut into pieces and have his solidified Dantian incinerated in the cauldron of Nine Heavenly Flames but the higher ups still wanted to extract information and he could not do a damn thing. That was partially the reason why he retired." The predicament of Grandpa Ming was appalling to Jin even though he was a well-known two star general back in the army.

"Anyways, you should continue with your new technique as part of the mission objectives." Yun went up the stairs to take a look at the customers that had fallen unconscious about 10 minutes ago.

Jin recently took up a new mission to learn a new technique in order to increase his repertoire of skills. The technique associated with Grade 3 was called the Panda Yawning. All he had to do was to learn how to yawn as readily as he could so he can use the skill at his will.

The cultivation manual in his phone stated that he did not necessarily need be tired to initiate the skill. What Jin could do was to breathe in deeply through his mouth so he could feel the air hitting the back of his throat.

While he exhales, his shoulders had to relax a little. "When the yawn comes, reach into it and extend as long as you can. During that period, stretch the jaw muscles." Yun said in his head.

The first time he succeeded in trying it, he managed to gather chi within his mouth. However, the chi gathered was not strong enough.

"Practice till you feel that the gathering of chi in your mouth becomes natural," Yun added further explanations.

Jin wanted to get this mission done as soon as possible mainly for one reason. Panda Yawning technique was one of the few ranged attacks he could learn in the Nineteen Lazy Astral Panda cultivation manual. Once he was able to master this, he would be able to garner enough chi to shoot a beam of Yin and Yang chi out of his mouth.

There was some small illustration on the manual on how the attack looks like but Jin remembered those old Godjilla movies where Godjilla fired a purplish blue beam. Yun said that was the closest resemblance of Panda Yawning technique.

Separately, it had been a few days since the opening of the underground floor yet no one bothered to ask about the glass panel door that was near the stairs. Jin deduced that the customers thought it was some sort of maintenance room, server room or even a simple storage room so they did not ask about it.

Coincidentally as he was thinking of the underground stores, an old customer had come back to visit Jin. "Hi, Boss Jin! I brought a few of my friends here to play with you!" Yue Wen, a Grade 2 cultivator that uses the Healing Maiden Style which aided Bu Dong and his team to bag the first dungeon clear.

"Is the reward redemption using those Panda Medals up yet?" Yue Wen remembered Boss Jin's answer was that shipping required some time. Little did she know, she was up for a surprise.



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